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LATE MISS OLIVE TALBOT. An Impressive Funeral Ceremony at Margam A obey. The concluding portion of the Burial Service ever the remains of the late M.i-8 Oiive Talbot was read at Margam Abbey Church at noon on Thursday- The sacred edifice was tilled prior to the commencement of the service with a sympathetic congregation. The choir and clergy, together with the Bishop of Llandatf, marched in procession from the vestry up the aisle of the church, the organist l iaving the "Dead MarchD in "Saul." After the choir, the clergy, and the bishop had taken up their positions in the chancel, thu hymn, "Let Saints on Earth in Concert iMng, &c., was very feelingly sung. The Burial Ser- vice was then proceeded with. The Rev. D. \V. Jenkins (rector of Oxwich) read an lmpres-ftv-e lesson from Corinthians. Another hyi.'n, "Pleasant are Thy Courts Above was next sung, after which the coffin was taken to its last resting-place—the family vault—where already the remains of the late Mr. C. 11. 1M. Talbot, M.l\, his wife, Lady Charlotte Talbot, Mr. Theodore M. Talbot, and three other relatives have been laid. Whilst the coffin was being removed from the choir to the vault the choir sang a Psalm to a plaintive chant. After the corpse had been laid to rest the Bishop of Llandaff read the collect commuting the hl;dy to the grave. The remaining portion uf the solemn ceremony was read by the vicar of Margam (the Rev. Z. P. Williamson). A hymn, "For Ever with the Lord." was next sung, and his lordship pronounced the Bene- diction. after which the choir and clergv re- formed into procession and vassed down the aisle of the church into the vestry. Mr. H. Seat on playing the solo (from "Elijah,'), "The Lord is Mindful of His Own." The following, amongst many others, sent wreaths :—Mies Talbot, with the touch- ing words, "From her Sister Emilv"; Mrs. Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Leightun, Miss Gwladys Fletcher, Lady Emily Hankev, the Countess of Stanhope, Mrs. Leighton Lord and Lady Swansea, a large wreath from the eight Churches i" the Parish of Llangynwvd, th1* Rev. T. and Mrs. Melville Jones (Pyle), st-rvr.r ts of 3, Cavendi-ih-terrace, London; officials and members of the Margam Institute, MJSS Holton. Lady Margaret Charteris. Mr. and Mrs. J. Muir, Mr. and Mrs. D. R. David, Mr. and Mrs. Seaton, the Rev. Z. P. and Mrs. Williamson, Mr. M. A. Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Preston, Cecil and Alice (Lady Char- teris's children), Mrs. Stecrfall, Miss Ealev, "FordDanimer," Miss Ethel Holton. Mr. Theodore Seaton, servants of Penrice Castle, &.c. Aniongsct the mourners present were Mjss Talbot (Margam Park), the Misses Evelyn, Kathleen, Gwladys, Ella, and Mary Fletcher (nieces of Miss Talbot), Mr. Fletcher, of Saltoun (brother-vlaw), Cantain Meaking (10th Tiussars), Mr. f-ayton. Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn (Swansea!, Colonel Franklen. Mr. T. M. Franklen. Mr- >T. Nicholl (Merthyr Mawr), Mr. William Llewellyn, and Count CcJman a^.d we noticed the following, amonp-^t otheis. who were! in the church:- Mr. Edward Knox, Mr. ,T. Muir, Mr. J. Ftltfiu, Colonel Wright- Mr. Benjamin Daniel, the Revs. C. R. Knight, Stephen Jiirkscn (Lla.ngy.'Hvyd), and Stephen Nicholl (1,lan- dnvgh), Major D. R. David (Rromhilll, Mr. .1. M. Smith (Aberavon), Mr..T. Preston (Taibnoh), and Mr. R. L. Merrendei; (Port Taibot).


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