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Jjusmtes aiiiiitssss PHIL PHILLIPS,- JEWELLER, Ac, 24, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. TO BE GIVEN AWAY, TWENTY-FIVE (25) NICKEL-PLATED TIMEPIECES, WITH MESSES. JOTHAM AND SON ADVERTISEMENT ON EACH W Ji CLOCK. 19 The HOLDER of any of the COPIES fflf 1l « 5/\ of the EYENING EXPBESS for WEDNES- -==3; DAY, January 3, bearing- the following f/f ly numbers will, on production of the Complete ill Q Paper (within Three Days from To-day) atPHlL il o W' 4 JcSS PHILLIP'S PLATE DEPOSITORY, 24, ST WAO ty&mw -•?**>* MARY-STREET, CAEDIFF, he PRESENTED 0 £ §) -with one of those handsome TIMEPIECES in Exchange for the Paper. -WA.RBA.NTED FOR ONE TEAR. 233,083 237,103 238,044 239,120 241, 50:! '>33120 237,211 238,111 239,3«0 241,8;70 234330 237.321 238,228 240,204 242,1»0 235.120 237,6o0 236,714 240.977 242,488 236.999 237,747 238.809 241,150 243,t>06 v R E E DMISSIONJ j-tL TO THE JJEADERS OF THE EXPRESS' FJTHEATRE JJOYAL, ARDIFF The Grand Christmas Pantomime "BLUE BEARD." -1' MR. EDWARD FLETCHER will PRESENT to the HOLDER of WEDNESDAY'S. EXPRESS which bears either of the following aumbers a DOUBLE TICKET, to admit two ta the PIT of the THEATRE ROYAL In FRIDAY. 233,499 238,990 223,920 239,466 234,509 241,318 235,420 241,707 237,477 242,010 238.480 242,350 238,481 242,632 The Evening Exp-rrts bearing either of the tfeove numbers cfvn be exchanged at the Pay Bex for a. Double Admission Ticket to the Pit ef the Theatre Royal, Cardiff. pBEE ADMISSION Jc A TO THE LHAMBRA, ARDIFF (GRAND THEATRE), FRIDAY EVENING. r The MANAGER will PRESENT to th. Holders of WEDNESDAY'S EVENING EXPRESS Bearing Either of the foslewing Numbers :— 233,607 239,084 234,064 229,628 234,681 241,404 235,500 241,787 237,568 242,101 238,532 242,404 238,606 342,688 A DOUBLE TICKET Admit Two ) for th Pit »f the ALHAMBRA an FRIDAY. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. JL Jt-COMPLETE SET ONE GUINEA SINGLE TOOTH 2s. 6tl. Five Tears' Warrant' Prize Medal. GOODMAN AND CO.. 10, DTJKE-STREET, ai«I 56. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEETH PAINLESSLY FITTED 'by Atmospheric Suction, at one-third their usual charges. No Extraction* ascessary perfect aud per- manent life-like apjRarance: special SOFT PALATES for Tender Gums; perfect for Mastication and Speech. COUNTRY PATIENTS Supplied in One Visit, and Railway Fare allowed. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO REPAIRS, EXTRACTIONS, .STOPPING, &e. TESTIMONIALS. Dr. ANDREW WILSON (lata R.N.) says "lean recommend Mr. Goodman as a very skilful and humane Dentist. His reasonable charges should attract to him all classes." Mr. E. VYSE, of Plaistow, says;—" I am very well ■p'e sed with the attention I have received from you. 'be Artificial Teeth supplied have given me perfect as a previous Set I had from another entist. were by no meallfl comfortable. I am indebted a Dr. Andrew Wilson, editor of Health, for recom 3p.noing m" to your establishment." 'Consultations Free. jpecialitv in WHITE ENAMEL and GOLD FILL NGS, AMERICAN DENTISTRY, and PLATELESS PALATES. Before entering look for the Name- GOODMAN &CO., 10, DrKE-STftEET, and 56, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. Hours 10 to 8. Attendance EAST BARRY every TUESDAY. a Mrs. Boyes, 25, York-place; and PONTYPRIDP WEDNESDAYS, at Mrs. Pritchard, 25,Taff-street. NEW HIRE SYSTEM FOR PIANOFORTES fJlHOMPSON & gJHACKELL,J^ IMITED NEW TJIRE SYSTEM FOR AMERICAN ORGANS T HOMPSON & gHACKELL, IMITED NEW tJIRE SYSTEM. FOR HARMONIUMS npHOMPSON & QHACKELL.t IMITED QUEEN'S BUtLDINGrS, OAROIFF. .Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT. MERTHYR, GLOUCESTER. PONTYPRIDD, AND PENARTH. jararest and Best Stock out of London to Select from All Instruments warranted and exchanged if not approved. It;RMS—From 10s. Monthly, on NKW HIRE SYSTEM NB.—N ew Catalogue with Photographs and full •tailed p,i,rwcaiaM"ssu!; rosr fuss on app Iication ■^1 VRSH AND ^JOMPANY. ADULTS' FUNERALS. ADULTS' FUNERALS. 1, with Lest Hearse and Cone1. ÜJl (lie most »)■ princq-le, with a i«iir of w811-101o,11 Flemish >■: to ertch. one-inch Elm polished Cotliu ) irered Fnmitnre, with elaborate name-plate »; fine satin trimmed robe, and self atten- £ 5 5 n i. m! Co.'s 2nd Class ditto ditto '1 4 O! jSi ,.l[ ('o.'s 3rn. with ij¡'J"'H'e<1carrjn![>! 3 3 (i: ftiurst: .ni'i Oo.'s 4tl», ditto ditto 2 10 C CHILDREN'S T'T'KMRAT, ) Iiicbidiiis-pair Flemish-bred Horses, modern Coach, .iP, ::il the latest improvements, Polished Coffin, Jii• <■ ■: v. ii!' tine flannel, and attendance :— V ■■e year £ 1 7 3 T M> years 1 8 0 1 -.ree years I 10 0 years 1. 12 0 "IV, ve years 114 0 0" e inciudiiig cofiiu covered 'i; or polished, lined with ¡".i. modern coach, and attendsir.ee:— Under six months 0 16 0 V;i ?er one year 0 18 0 t'nder two years 1> 0 0 Viidef tliree years 110 J't,r y- 1 i 0 i And so on in proportion. 1 Haiid.soijie Car, Carved or Plain Hearse, Mo:u-i(iu3 I .4 1. !»,• i ;■ 11, „ Ost rich Plumbs, i. Address—oiSC'.ST. ^VKY-STREET.CATiDIFF j 'ANUFACTLTiF.B. Horsforth, Oiters Jyj ()ivn Goods directfroin M j viz •— Series Fanoics, hnieres, Beiges. Melton. Mantle Oier.hs Patterns on application. I' Stive all mediate profits. Special ta I'i*e«>3 Meltons, u!i siiadess. at 4d 4 lkr yard. Address: MAN UFA CT UKEE, Ii 0IIS F 0 KT H II C2 Neae. LEEDS' JYU.. JG'ROWN'S 0OUGH ^OL'TLE DR. BROWWS 0OUGH jgOTTLE JQR. BROWN'S COUGH B OTTLE IS A COMPOUND OF HONEY, HOREHOUND. ANISEED, SQUILLS, IPECACUANHA, CHLOfiO DYNE, PAREGORIC, TOLU, And several other Healing Balsamic Ingredients These are recommended by the entire Medical Profes ion for the Care of Courtis, Colds, Bronchitis, Con sumption, Asthma, and all Diseases of the Chest LmiKS, Bronchial Tubes, &c. DOSE.—One teaspoonful every four honrs, and two teaspoonfuls at bed-time. A dose lna, he taken when- ever the cough is troublesome. Children under twelve years take half doses. This medicine must not be give. to children under SIX years. Experience teaches that JQR. JGROWN'S £ 10LTGH JGOTTLE JJS. |3E0WN'S QOUGH GOTTLE J^R, GROWN S 0'JUGH JGOTTLE Is the only reliable Cough Cure, and our friends should keep it handy. DE B BOWN'S ^OUGH ~GOTTLE Warms the Cbest. J^R, JGROWN S ^°UGH "|^OTTLE Cuts the Phlegm. J^JR. "gEOWN S 0OUGH jg OTTLE Promotes Expectorsition JJR. JGROWN'S ^NOUGH 'GOTTLE Clears the Head. "|"yi. JGROWN'S ^JOUGH I^OTTLE Is Successfully Prescribed for JJE. "GROWN'S ^JOUGH JGOTTLE Coughs and Colds, JJR. "GROWN'S ^JOUGH "GOTTLE Influenza, Coryza. and Catarrh, J~JE JGROWN'S ^JOUGH "GOTTLE Bronchitis, Asthma. and Consumption, and Irritable, Inflamed, or Disordered Condition of the Chest, Throat, Lungs, and Bronchial Tubes. JYN. JGROWN'S ^JOL'GH GOTTLE Is a Good Thing jy JgROWN'S COUGH BOTTLE For a Bad Chest. JJR. ^gROWN'S ^SODGH "gOTTLE Manufactured Only By JESSE WILLIAMS AND CO., PARK HALL BUILDINGS, CARDIFF, Price One Shilling, or Post Free Fifteen Pence. DR. jgROWN'S COUGH (BOTTLE (JESSE WILLIAMS AND CO.'S), PRICE ONE SHILLING. Can be obtained of the following agents:- ABE RD ARE —Mr. W atkin Thomas, Chemist. ABERASAN—Mr. M.S. Jones, Chemist. ART-IRAVOS—Mr. Evans, Chemist. BLAENAvoN-Messrs. Davies and Co., The Stores. BLAENOAEVT—Mr. J. Davies, Post-officc. BRIPGETCD—Mr. W.Powell, Grocer. CARDIFF—Messrs. Jesse Williams & Co.. Park-hall buildings. Mr. F. "M/iltward, Chemist, Woodville-road. „ Mr. Clark, Chemist, Col-uru-street. Mr. Edwards, Chemist, Mackintosh-place. Hr. Furnivall, Chemist, SpW.j-rond. Messrs. Fletcher and Co., Borough Supply Stores. Pru3t, Chemist, Clifton-street. Messrs. Coleman and Co., Chemists, High-street. Messrs. Duck Son, Chemists, St. John- square. „ Mr. Yoratli, Cbeniist, Cowbridge-road. Mr. Thomas. Chemist, Penarth-road. DOWLAIS.—Mr. R. P. Rees, Chemist. L-LWYXYPIA.—Mr. Richards, Chemist. LLAJTELLY.—Messrs. Gwilym Evans and James, Chemists. MAEP.DY.—Mcssr Jones & Co., Grocers. MERTHYR TYDVIL.—Mr. T. Jenkins, Chemist. Mr. Jones, Chemist, Victoria- s(|are. MOUNTAIN ASH.—Mr..Tones', Chemist. NEATH.—Mr. ,T. Griffith Isaac, Chemist. NEWPORT—Messrs. J. Phillips and Son, Chemists, 92, Commercial-street. PENARTH—Mr. Proctor, Chemist. PONTYPOOL—Mr. Ford, Chemist. Mr. Roderick, Chemist. PONTYPRIDD-Mr. W. H. Key, Chemist. Mr. Davies, Chemist, Mill-street. Mr. Matthews, Chemist, Arcade- STROUD-Mr. S. J. Coley, Chemist. PottTH— Mr. T. Davieg, Chemist. 11 Mr. R. M. Evans, Chemist. SWANSEA-Messi-s. Davies Bros., Chemists, Oxford- street. Mr. J. Davies, Chemist, High-street. Mr. Thomas, Chemist, Castle-street. T.urll"s WELL —Mr. Evans, Post office. TONYPA:-mY-:l'd:r. T. Davies, Chemist. TREORKY—Mr. Prothero, Chemist. YNISHIR.—Mr. Evans, Chemist. 25862 So j^lndrews AND SON, I FURNISHING UNDERTAKERS, | Every Requisite for Funerals of ad classes. OPEN CARS, HEARSES, BROUGHAMS, SHELLIBIERS, Belgian Horses, &c. CHIEF OFFICE 30 & 31, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite the Monument). Branches The Mevis, Castle-road, oath, and 'Bus OiBee, Glehe-street, Penarth. Telegraphic ttddress :— | 1^ "OMNIBUS," CARDIFF. | UNANIMOUSLY PRAISE IX GWILYM EVANS' QUININE gITTERS The Perfection of Medicinal Preparations. IT IS A PURELY VEGETABLE REMEDY, AN EFFECTIVE REMEDY, A SUCCESSFUL REMEDY, THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE. IT 13 PRESCRIBED BY PHYSICIANS. RECOMMENDED BY ANALYSTS. APPROVED BY CHMISTS, DEMANDED BY PATIENTS, AND PRAISED BY ALL WHO HAVE TRIED IT. SWILYM EVAXS' BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. S|>eciailv Recommended for NERVOUSNESS. INDIGESTION, and WEAKNESS, Aad is a Kpecilic for J N F L U E N Z A Send for pamphlet of testimonial. CAUTION. Avoid imitations. Seethe name Gwilvm Evans" j ',11 I'liol, stamp, and 1JOUle. Take no other, Sold '0.7 dl Chemist. ill Is. 14d., 2s. 91., and 4s. 6d. botties, or ■•ost free for above prices direct from the Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS M A.NUFACTURING CO. (LttVL), LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES, American Depot Mr. R. D. WILLIAMS, Plymouth, Pa. [26184 SESSIONS AND SONS 3 IMPORTERS AND KANUFACTURZaS OF IIMBER. SLATES, CEMENT, BUILDING MATERIALS, L!HIMNEY PIECES, RANGES. GRATES, TC. SHOW RooMS: — PKV a RTij.ROAD. CARDIFF. [031^ i)u9íntøø In order to Attract Notice to the Sub- joined Advertisement, and with the Object of !1Ü,infl fhl! Public a Specimen (If the Products Sold at their Establishment, DAVID JONES AND Cr). (LIMITED) Will Give A SAMPLE Mb. øp THEIR CELEBRATED 1s. 8d, TEA. To any Person Producing at their Shov in Whtn-tstreet ( within THREE DAYS) A Copy of the. EVENING EXPRESS of WEDNESDAY, January 3, Bearina I one of the foiloivin$numbers, printed in col o ii red ink upon the front page:— t 233,301 238,303 233.400 238,901 233,720 239,200 233,809 241,080 i 234,407 241,241 I 235,301 241,600 ¡ 237.392 242.277 237,855 242,560 237,940 242,591 TJpHERE JS ]|3EST JJUTTEE AND T' T ? BEST BUTTER! DON'T FORGET THIS WHEN BUYING. "JJAYID JONES AND £ JO (LIMITED), WHO ENJOY AN UNIQUE REPUTATION AS BUTTER SALESMEN, ARE NOW SELLING THEIR VERY FINEST QUALITY WHICH MEANS THE BEST BUTTER THE WORLD PRODUCES? AT PER I.S. 2D, LB. Y!D JONES AND £ iO (LIMITED), WESTMINSTER STORES, WHARTOX-STREET, OiLi 011 F> i In Order to Attract Notice to the above Advertisement, and with the Object of givhif! the Public a Specimen of the Products Sold at their Establish- ment, DAVID JONES AND Cfj. (LIMITED) Will Give A SAMPLE \lb. •f THEIR CELEBRATED 1s, Sd. TEA. To any Person Producing at their Shop in Wharton-street (withiu T'HBEE DAYs) a Copy of the EVENING EXPRESS of WEDNESDAY, January 3, Bearing one, ot the following Numbers, printed 1.11 coloured inh upon the front pa,ge:— 233,301 238,303 233,400 238,901 233,720 239,200 233,809 241,080 234,407 241,241 235,301 241,600 237,392 242,277 237,855 242,560 237,940 242,591 i Business X STOP ONE MOMENT! X Oh, dear doctor, must my darling die?" There is very little hope, but TRY ONE OF THE MOST REMARKABLE REMEDIES OF THE AGE, rjlUDOR "^yiLLIAMS' J>ATENT £ "gALSAM OF HONEY. Thousands of Children have been Saved' from. an Untimely Death by the prompt use of Tudor Wil- liam' Balsam of Honey. No Moth ?r should neglect to keep this Infallible Remedy 111 the house ready for any emergency. Remember that it is wiser to check a slight Congh at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a lingering complaint. Ask distinctly ior Tudor Williams's Balsam of Honey, and see that you get the rig-ht article. Thousands of Children Cured from Whooping Cough and Bronchitis when all other Remedies fail. Persons suffering. from Difficulty of Breathing should give it a trial. J^ARGEST SALE OF ANY COUGH MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. 0VERWHELMING TESTIMONY ACCOMPANIES EVERY BOTTLE, JpROVING this to be the GREATEST j|/j^EDICINE EVER DISCOVERED. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS. CURES -^EXCEPTIONALLY BAD CASES. EXCEPTIONALLY BAD CASES. ii. EXCEPTIONALLY BAD CASES. READ ON FURTHER. I SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. Sir,—My wife (Ie sires me to say that yc-ur Tudor Williams's Balsam of Honey hn" prove a most valu- able medicine in our larse family (eig-ht chil(œen) As soon as a cough or a cold. makes its appearance a dose of Tudor's Balsam is at oncc administered, and its treatment ill followed np until the cold disappears. Before using the Balsam in our family the children have boen prostrate with colds for sev¡:'1'R.I weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem to suffer very litt1c inconvenience. During the short time the I cold is upon them the action of the Balsam is marvel- lous, and the little ones take it readily and ask for more.—WALTER J. BRETT, G.M., Headmaster Severn Tunnel School. March 16th, 1892. Sold by all Chemists and Stores all over the World in Is. lid., 2O. 9d., and 4s. 6d. bottles. Sample bottles sent (post paid) for Is. 3d., 3s., and 5s. from th« Inventor— jQ rjlUDOR "ILLIAMS, MEDICAL HALL. ABERDARE. E3078 jg-EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES "94, Commeroial-road. Peckham, July 12, 1889. "Dear Sir,-I am a poor hand at expressing my feeiinps. ,mt I should liko to tUiiuk you. Your lozenges iia.re done wonders in relieving my terri1:>le cough. Since I had the operation of • Tracheotomy' (the same as the late Emperor of Germany, and unlike JÚm, thank Gorl. I ana still alive) performed Ilt St. Bartholomew's Hospital, no one conlc1 possibly have had i more violent gh; it was so bad lI.t times that it quite exhausted me The mucus, which was very eotÙmH and hard, lin. been softened, a.nd I have becn nble to got rid of without difBculty.-I am. sir, yoin" -,rnl"J. HILL. UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. T'he above speaks for itself. From strict inquiry it appears that the benefit from using Keating's Cough Lozenges is understated. The operation was a 8]Jeoi.ally severe one. and was performe<1 by the specialist, Dr. H. T. Butlin, oÏ St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Since the operation the only means of relief is the use of theseLozen^es. So successful are they that one a.iforc1s immediate benefit, although from the nature of the case the throat irritation is intense. WEIGHT IN GOLD. Under date Sept. 8, Mr. Hill writes:—" I should long since have been dead hut for your Lozenges— llicj aie icorlh their Kelfiht in yo!d. I will gladly see and tell anyone what P. splendid cough remedy they are." Keating's Lozenges are sold in tins. Is. ljd. each. The unrivalled remedy for COUGHS, HOARSENESS and THROAT TROUBLES. IG H E S T liON OURS JH. JLl I P T O N S JJELICIOUS nnEAS Have Gained THE HIGHEST AND ONLY AWARD IN THE BRITISH SECTION At the WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO. These famous Teas are to be had at all Lipton'a Branches and Agents. NOTE THE PRICES. RICH, PURE, AND FRAGRANT PER JS. AND 1 S. 4D. LB. THE FINEST TEA THE WORLD CAN PRODUCE AT PER J^S. I^D. LB: NO HIGHER PRICE. LIPTON, TEA AND COFFEE PLANTER, CEYLON. Ceylon Tea and Coffee Shipping Warehouses Jfaddema Mills, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo. Ceylon 01fice: Upper Chatham Street, Colombo Indian Tea Shipping Warehouses and Export Stores Hare Street, Strand, Calcutta. Indian Offices Dalhousie Square, Calcutta. GENERAL OFFICES. BATH-STREET, CITY ROAD, LONDON, E.C. LOCAL BRANCHES :— CARDIFF. High-street and St. Mary-street. SWANSEA Arcade-buildinga, High-street. LLANELLY 9, Stepney-street. BRISTOL 22, Wine-street. NEWPORT 4, Commercial-street. MEETHYR Market Square Building*. Branches and Agencies throughout the World. BERRY AND £ JO.'S JD 0HRISTMAS TO A Z A A R NOW OPEN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THEIR ESTABLISHMENT. TEN THOUSAND NOVELTIES FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD TO SELECT FROM. THE BEST DISPLA Y OUTSIDE LONDON CUSTOMERS WILL OBLIGE BY AN EAltLT INSPECTION, TO AVOID THE CRUSH LATER ON, AT 34 QUEEN. STREET, CARDIFF, THE WELL-KNOWN HOUSE-FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. e2925 public Notices. ARDIFF INFIRMARY BALLS. fflThe ANNUAL BALL in Aid of the CABDIFF INFIRMARY will be held at the PARK-HALL on JANUARY 10th, 1894. Dancing Eight to Two. Lady's Ticket, 10s. 6d.; Gentleman's Ticket, 12s. 6d.; Double Ticket, £1 Is. The CHILDREN'S FANCY DRESS BALL in Aid of the CARDIFF INFIRMARY, at the Same Place, on JANUARY 11th, 1894. Dancing Six to Eleven. Tickets, for Children or Adults, 5s. each (Costume on Tickets) Family Tickets for Five £118. Balcony Tickets, 2s. 6d. May be had of Mr. Lewis, Duke-street; Members of the committee, and the Hon. Secretaries. 3V £ .T. fSROEW, Catliedral-road, i Hon 96M^jr. 6TK>- ^AS^aa-Chaxles-street, jf,Secs .s •■.

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