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Family Notices

Family Notices

DEATHS. "TXIKS.—On the 28th inst, at Havre, France, Haydn eldest son of Frederick Atkins, Mus. Bac. Oxoii, of Cardiff. C"-TEp.On the 26th inst., Emma Louisa. Cater, of 102, Albany-road, Roath, Cardiff, after a long and painful illness, aged 46. Davies.—Dec. 31, at 8, Despenser-gardens, Riverside Cardiff, aged 45 years, Drary Ann, dearly-beloved wife of David Davies, pilot. ■DAVIES.—On December 26th, at Lambetliery Farm, near Cowbridge, Margaret, widow of the late Mr. George Davies, aged 64. PI&LTON.-Oit 29th December, at Covrbridg-s, Thomas Felton, aged 56 years, for 30 years postmaster at Cowt)ridge. Cr. 4. gT0NE AND £ j° o s -ul, NDEITTAKERS, SSTABLIriHED OVER 30 YEA At the Old and Only Address— 10, 11, AND 12, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF, AND UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF MISS STONE, Assisted by an Efficient Staff. j Telegraphic Address—" STONE, Undertaker, 9 CARDIFF. 21503 j ?a^a*"TniiiBiiiiiiiNiTTn—orrTrra«TfrigTiiiwrwriiit mil ■ < nT—"—rr L- i1ígp011al. I^RIKD Fish Shop to L?'; (foirfg- good trade week on trial allowed.—Apply Harris, 15, Lower Meyvick BoffSu R<LT^IROTI5 VW'I UWFRFCJFA JL with Kennel. Cheap to good liome—106, Pearl g*rQ8t- _ei4 iHoiup, MONET Advanced Daily from C2 to £ 300~^t~i JXJL few hours notice.-Apply to the Imperial Advance Bank, 9, Senghenydd-road, and 1, Mundy-place, "Cathays Cardiff. e",983 .L :Bm>rlr& MORRIS BROS.' UYULE WORKS, PONTY PRIDD.—Over 100 Cycles to be Cleared Regardless 2 Vost.—Send for special lists, pos' free.—Repairs of all executed in a superior manner promptly. "Kl^YtLE Bargains. — Entire Stock of Safety Bicycles must be sold retiring from the bu-i- ness; offers invited for any machine in stock; lamps, orus, and accessories about half usual prices to clear.— rarr-y and Co., Cardiff Cycle Works, Westgate street, e31g7i!0 & £ )0t aiiS~J5mt57 FOUND, Terrier Dog brown spots. Not claimed ~h. Three Days be Sold.—N 17, Express Office, Car- jg- 3087i3 T^OUND, Terrier Bitcli. If not claimed in thres daj a "f.. WI" be sold.—P 14, Evening Express Office, Car- "^vawMMnnnn»aa»HBH«nMSBaeamgwEGa i)annug. A Class is hold at Colonial-ball every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Admission Si. ea-iiv. gangs s Band. e310616 MRS. GEORGE'S Private Class every Tuesday at Colonial-hall. Ladies, 6d. Gents, 9d. Best iloor Colonial-hall. Ladies, 6d. Gents, 9d. Best iloor iilatnwamaL #APE Farmer 'Englishman) Desires Wife; will pay passage otit; domestic .experience preferred to pod icoks or money—Address, in confidence, A 31, _nvcia street, Bath. el884i7 ]\'| ATRIMON y Orphan, living in rural dis- ir- n T?nd household property, •wo £ 5,000 —Address Miss Huntington, Advertiser «ffice, Bristol. 3105i6 JHisrellaitwws* CJPRING Mattresses Made to Order, from 15sl I Upwards; made by experienced workmen; save gSiortionate paoflts.—3, King's road, Cardiff. [e3130ilO T\ALE'S Gold Medal Dubbin makes Boots and Har i v, nets waterproof, soft, and wear three times longer lows polishing; 17 highest awards —Sold by Boot fgggerg, Leathmseilers, Ac., tins 2d.. bd„ and Is. [E298 OR at Gover's Wharton street, Cardiff, Two new Hauling and One new Spring Cart, suitable oncers. Also Spring Truck. e311Si8 ^0W'S Cured Roup, Snuffles, Cramp, Chills,for v;„ One Penny recipe, 9 stamps.—William, 68, TafE Pontypridd e310iii5 at Messrs. Roberts and Sons, 35, Royal Arcade, Cardiff, Two beautiful specimens of at^lsr Work, enclosing mirrors suitable for gj^ving-room. e30'j2i3 CHiPWRIGHTS- Tooh, Large Tool Chest, and good s Cal'venter's Bench for Sale at a sa.crince -Apply, Ca.ri'-«'x any cvenitlg, at 17, Richards-street, Cathays, e3167ig Jl^IREWOOD.—Sawn Blocks, Is. 6d. Ready Chopped Is. 9d. per cwt., delivered.—J. Banbury, 8, Covenv 3088i3 _A Whisper.—Gentlemen'^ Reliable Sanitary "Prc- 5g. 6d. per dozen, or seven stamps each, ,ttee-Address Brett's Agency, St. George, ristol. e3040i9 C COTCH Whisky.—A Sample Bottle of Fine Old r~~ Craigmore Whisky forwarded, carriage pa' 1, on eeeipt ot postal order for 3s. 6d. One of the finest Tj slues Scotland produces."—Tide Press.—T. 0 yoyack. Portobeiio. N F{ JJ. Hand-ciit Virginia, fragrant and lasting in •fnii'n. Pe' had in loz., 2oz., and 4o.. Tins obacconists Ei.91d $ct, E Bedroom and Sitting-room suit one or two ■hiV ?etv men • good neighbourhood comfoitr, v?ry moderate.-AppJy O 27, Express Cardiff. e3111i8 JV/F ARRIED Couple (middle age, no encumberanee) Want Situation as Caretakers in Offices at Docks gg-* erred. Address N 47, Express Office, Cardiff. [e3100i J^RONT Bedroom, Back Parloui^t^I^VUliiuriVisheT. -31, Fitzhamon embankment, Cardiff. e3086i2 OFFICES. STABLES, Ac.. 'I^TV'O-STALLED Stable, Coach-house, and Loft to 31, Fitzhamon embankment, Cardiii. [e3085i2 TO BE LET OR SO-Lii-. To 37, Plasturton Garriens.—For particulars r~ aPPly 21, Hamilton street, Canton. e3131il0 ft Machen place, Riverside, Cardiff, at 128. 6d. weekl.v, tenlOmt paying water rate, an I undertaking nottOM,blet,andtokeep same in good condi- Aberkeriht'^ 8" Harr.v. 27, Park terrace, Tondu, "DtiTE DOCKS.—Dwelling-house to Let.—Apply Cardiff Jolms. J» Patrick street, Bute Docks —— 1 TO be Let, 27, Oakfield street; immediate possession For particulars apply present occupier, between <Mee and five p.m. e3091i3 Clfrkg anti JBanagfers;. A Yoting Scandinavian Boarding Clerk"Required by a i ohipping Firm at a port in the Bristol Channel.— ^PPly to Q 2X. Western Mail, Cardiff. 26791 ftHOBTHAND Clerk.—Wanted, experienced Younfr referenees.andsaIarv—O _Western Mail, Cardiff. 4651L3 YS7"ANTGD, experienced General Clerk (Shorthand tauT. Writer) also Junior Engrosser.—Apply, statiner cipwitnce, Solicitor, Wenteru Ma^l, T AW —Wanted, Engrossing and General Copying JLi Clerk.—Address, stating salary, N 13, Western Mail, Cardiff. 26692 LAW Clerk (admitted) Wanted; able to manage office in absence of principal; advocate pre- ferred.—Salary, references, &c., to R., care of Waterlow Bros, and Layton (Limited), 17, Quay-street, Car- diff 4640i8 WATIE Clerk Wanted, by Firm of Ship Repairers, at Newport.—Address, stating particulars, to No. 6,626, Locke and Phillips, Advertising Offices, New- port. 4709i4 WANTED at once, a competent Clerk to Under- take, under supervision, the Management of an Office connected with a Merchants' Protection Associa- tion bankruptcy investigation and status inquiries special features.-Address N 44, Western Mail, (Jar- dlff. 26726 WANTED, a well-educated Junior Clerk; must have had at least two years' experience at doubly-entry book-keeping.—State salary expected O 19, Western Mail, CardiT 4638i4 JUNIOR Clerk Wanted wages 7s. to 10s. week.— Apply, in own handwriting, with full particulars, O 46, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4843i5 WANTED, respectable Youth for Office must write shorthand and b? quick at figures none without these qualifications need apply.-Address, by letter, to No. 6,625, Locke and Phillips, Advertising Offices, New- port. 470814 WANTED, an active Office Lad, Who Can Write Well, and is Accurate and Quick at Figures good chara cter required.—Apply to 0 25, Western Mail Office, Card iI. 4668-4 WANTED immediately, for a Merchant's Office at Bute Docks, an Office Boy preference given to one who can write shorthand and had some experience in similar office.—Apply P 16, Western Mail, Cardiff. [i6 NORWEGIAN (27) Seeks Re-engagement with Coal Exporters as Correspondent and-or Traveller, perfect English, French, German, corresponds also in Spanish; shorthand-writer; experienced book-keeper; highest references.—O 34, Western Mall, Cardiff. [472Si8 \T7ANTED, Situation in Accountant's or Merchant's Vl Office, by Boy, 16, just left school; Bridgend dis- trict preferred.—F., 109, Wood-road, Pontypridd. [4386i6 REQUIRED by Young Engineer, Situation as junior Draughtsman seven years' practical shop experience.—Engineer, Western Mail Office, New- port. 4613i6 AS Confidential Clerk shipping business preferred moderate salary; highest references.—N 36, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4419i4 CLERK (24) Desires Situation; thorough French, shorthand (150), correspondence, book-keeping, typewriting, experience; good references; moderate salary.—R. Wade, Chulmleigh, Devon. 4372i4 BESSEMER Steelworks Manager Disengaged wide. {Se. 4i fcr. could put down new plant, if necessary.—N 20, Western Maii. Cardiff. 4306i3 HOTEL Clerk Requires Situation; five years' experience first class reference.—H., 28, Brook- st.reet, Riverside, Cardiff. 4821i5 SHIPBROKER'S Clerk (21), experienced, Requires Situation; willing to invest moderate sum.—Apply Investor, Western Mail Office, Swansea. 4826i9 JUNIOR Clerkship Wanted in Solicitor's Office six yews' experience; can write shorthand; small salary accepted—Address 0 45, Western Mail, Car. diff. 4829i9 ENGLISHMAN, 24, Wants Situation as French and E Spanish Correspondent in Coal Exporter's Office shorthand 100.—Address N 10. Western Mail, Car- diff. 426914 ———mamm»———■—mm* warn mini i mi fèhop HAIRDRESSERS. Good Gent's Hand and Board Worker. Also Apprentice good opening for a smart yeuth; small premium both indoors.—Apply Marsh, Ha.irçlresser, Tobacconist, Barry Dock. [e3190 GROCERY and Pro\isions.—Good Hand Seeks Situa- tion seven yearn' experience steady and respec- tahle; good references disengaged.—Apply Edwards, Pentwynmawr, Newbridge, Mon. e3110i8 WANTED at once, to the Grocery Trade, a good Junior; also an Improver; must be quick and Harris, Grocer, &c., Tredegar. [4889<6 GROCERY and Provision Trade. — Wanted an Apprentice must know Welsh.—Apply William Harris, 144, High-street Merthyr. 4866i9 rpiEA Trade.—Vacancy Now Open for an Apprentice X to Learn the Art of Tea Buying and Blending premium required,—Phillips and Co., Teamen, Car- diff. 4463i5 DRAPERY.—Wanted, Several Assistants for our Sale personal application preferred.—Evans and Allen, London House, Newport. (4713i8 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, good, pushing Hand for Gene»al Drapery; good window-dresser; Welsh.-Apply, stating full particulars, C. M. Williams, Aberystwith. 453li6 DRAPERY.—Wanted, an experienced Young Lady to Serve must speak Welsh.—Apply Thomas Yorath, Draper, Swansea. 4732i8 DRAPERY.—Wanted, a Young- Lady; about three D years' experience; state salary and references.- Arthur Miles, 2, Bute- street, Cardiff. 4383i4 DRAPERY.—Wah ted, a good Junior Young Man Welsh.—State age, salary, experience, with refe- rence, &c., William Isaac, Draper, Maesteg. 44-1,415 DRAPERY and Millinery.—Wanted,. respectable Young Lady Apprentice.—Apply Pryce and Co., Drapers, Church-street, Monmouth. 4762i9 OUTFITTING.—Wanted a Good Pushing Hand.— 0 Apply, with full particulars in first letter, Williams and Co., Drapers and Clothiers. Treorehy. 4868i5 LEWIS Lewis and Co., Swansea, have a Vacancy for a Young Man for Clothing Department (Welsh). 4920ifi SMART Junior Wanted for Hats and Hosiery.— Frank, 8, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 4648i4 STATIONERY and Tobacconist.—Wanted, a Young ^Person; good references indispensable,.—Apply N 32, Western Mail, Cardifl 4399i4 IRONMONGERY.—Wanted, Situation as Junior or Improver; three years' experience in general ironmongery good references.—Morgans, 9, Rhosmaen- street, Llanù1!o. 474li4 WANTED, a Junior Assistant to Attend to Iron- monger's Warehouse; must be strong and active.—«3vans Bros., Morriston. 4534i6 active.—«3vans Bros., Morriston. 4534i6 WANTED at once, a trustworthy Person to Manage Greengrocery Business.—Address, with copy references, P 5, Western Mail. Cardiff. 4906i5 A Lady Assistant, for Pork Butcher's Shop. Required immediately; good references comfortable home. —Mrs. Stocif, Clarence Pork Shop, Broadwas Car- diff. 4934i5 diff. 4934i5 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, Situation as Junior in Cardiff, Swansea, or Newport; dis- engaged five years' exoerience.—N 42, Western Mail Office, Cardiff. 4459i5 GROCERY.—Wanted Situation as Improver; two X years' experience; abstainer and non-smoker; good references.—Apply 0 36, Western Mail Office. Car- diff. 4738i4 rriO Grocers.—Advertiser desires Engagement as JL Manager nine years' experience first-class refe- rences; abstainer — M., Western Mail Office, Newport, Mon. 4616i6 '188II1II8 ,jIDrtgglnaktrg, &c. D Parr.v and Co., Merthyr, Require a good Stylish • Milliner by the 16th.—Apply with full particulars in first letter. 4917il0 MILLINERY.—Wanted, an experienced Milliner! M Welsh.-Apply, seating full particulars, to William Isaac, Draper, Maesteg. 486li9 MILLINER (good). Wanted town experience able m to through pennanency.-FuI1 particulars first letter, Martin and Co., Drapers, New Tredegar, fi9 "TXT"ANTED. Second Hand Milliner; ab!e to seive VV also a Manageress state full particulars.—City Millinery Company, Portland-street, Swansea. 4730i3 DRAPERY.—Wanted, a good Millinei- one able to D serve through.—Apply to W. Charles. Castle-road, Cardiff. 4655i8 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, experienced nil- D liner: Welsh able to serve occasionally.—Apply, with references and salary required, D. R. Morgan and Co., Llanelly. 4391i4 RESS a*d Mantis Making.—Wanted, respectable Girls as Apprentices (outdoors).—Apply Whitaker and Jones, 19, Westbourne-crescent, Cardiff. 4424i4 DRESSMAKING.—Experienced Hand, Good Fit, Wishes Engagements in Ladies'Houses, Evening Dresses, Cloaks, Jackets, &c.—O 44, Western Mail Office. Cardiff. 4e2419 jftisrdlnsifijug ^ttuatJons* TO Painters.—Wanted, a auick Brush Hand.—Apply H. Scott, Pantre, Rhondda. e3132i6 ANTED, smart Youth, about 16 make himself generally useful.—Apply Great Eastern Hotel, Metal street, Cardiff. e311218 ITTERS.—Wanted, experienced General Fitters, .JLI competent to make and fix all rod, of engines and machinery (small power chief.j •• ,;te:.e age, wages, qualifications, and reiereuces U. Davies, Lion Works, AbotM*eau?< tSl55 j WANTED, a Married Man as Gardener; to live at lodge more than one child an objection must understand management of a wall garden; no plass except cold frames: good character indispensable; wages 18s. per week.—Apply Mrs. Parkinson, Sunny Bank, Crickhowell, South Wales.. 4893i4 WANTED, a steady, experienced Man as Groom and Gardener good wages.—Apply, stating age and references, Jones, Glantaff House, TroedyrhiwR.S.O. [i8 WANTED, Wagoner indoors must be good ploughman, with good reference.—John Rad- cliffs, Naut Brane, St. Lythan's, Cardiff. 4543i6 WANTED, a Young Man (18 to 20, to live in) Able "V ■ to Milk and Assist with Horses. -Apply J. W. Stark, Ty-Fry Farm, Rumney, Cardiff. 26756 YOUTH, 14 to 16, Wanted at once to Look After Y Horse and Make Himself Generally UsefuL-Eagle Hotel, Ynyshir, Porth. 4445i5 WANTED, strong Lad to Take Care of Horse, Cows Poultry, Garden to live in good character indis pensable.—Apply Roctor, Gelligaev. 4510i5, WANTED, situation as Footman under a butler height 5ft. Sin. good character.—Powell, 18, Chippenham Gate-street, Mi nmouth. 4723i8 WANTED, Re-engagement Bailiff or Manager Home or Unlet Farm wife dairy; iniddle-agad, with- out family; good testimonials.-Harrison, Kingcote, Usk. 4883i6 LAD Y Recommends her Coachman rides and drives well; understands hunters.—Mrs. Braddell, Bulli- ford Villa, Teignmouth. 4764il5 YOUNG Man Wants Situation used to horses and Y driving single or pair.-Address F. F., 44, Machen- place, Canton, Cardiff. 4629i6 LAD Seeks Situation as Groom, under Caachman or Otherwise: aged 19 good character.—J. Probers, Almeley, Eardisley, Herefordshire. 4561i6 WANTED, Situation as Groom, or Groom- Coach man, experienced; excellent character; aged 23.— Apply Henry Miles, Shirenewton, Chepstow, Mon. [i5 WANTED, Situation as Coachman or Coachman- Gardener married two children ajed 29 three character.—Apply Morgan, Stationer, Ystradgunlais, Swansea. 451215 GROOM, or Groom-Gardener (21); abstainer: ride drive understands stablework, also garden, green- house, vine3 excellent character.—O 6, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4560i6 G1 ARDENER.—Good Single-handed all-round Maii' r used to glass, milking cows, &c., also be generally useful; married; ten years' character.-Apply Gardener, 10, Edwin-street, Newport. 4717i4 GARDENER, Head Working or good Single-handed well versed in all branches; aged 35 married excellent references.—Gardener. 67, Monk-street, Aber- dare. 4833i5 GARDENER (Head or good Single-handed) tho Toughly experienced in vines, peaches, melons cucumbers, tomatoes, stove and greenhouse plants, flower and kitchen gardening; highest references.- Gardener, Carmina, Wolfscastle, Pembrokeshire. [4584i6 ARDENER, thoroughly experienced in all branches \J[ Seeks comfortable Situation married; good references: please state wages.—Address N 25, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4382i4 GARDENER, Head Working; experienced in al branches; seven years' excellent reference'from last employer.—N 11, Western Mail Office, Car- diff. 4284i4 CLERGYMAN Can Recommend his Gardener; single C handed, or where two are kept; good references.— Apply 1. Green, Devonport-place, Watlington, Oxon. riG PAGE and Billiard-marker.—Youth, undeniable refe- rences, Wanted.—Esplanade Hotel, Penarth. [26850 WANTED, Young Man, to Make Himself Generally Useful; one who understands billiards preferred. Royal Oak, Broadway, Cardiff. 4797i5 WANTED, respectable Young Man (18), to Look After Stable and Make Himself Generally Use- ful.—Colliers'Arms Hotel, Pontypridd. 4760i9 ANTED at once, Head Boots (single) must be W sober, industrious, and thoroughly understand his duties; personal application,—Black Lion Hotel, Aberdare. 4636i6 BOOTS Wanted at once for the Crown Hotel, Hay B must understand driving, also billiard-marking and have good references.-Address Manageress. [26792 BOOTS, 10s., indoors, Restaurant; Billiard Markers, 6s.; Page Boys, Post Boy, Plate Boy, Others Wanted. Rare chances.—45, Charles-street, Cardiff. N.B. —Barman disengaged. 4952i4 WANTED, a thoroughly practical and experienced Colliery Engineer for a Large Colliery in South America; knowledge of Spanish desirable.—Application, together with testimonials and salary required, to be addressed to Coal, care of J. W. Vickers, 5, Nicholas- lane, London, E.C. L10826 WANTED, for a Tin-works in Italy, a First-class Roll-turner.—Apply, with references, Box 69, Swansea. 4624ilO COMPOSITORS.—Wanted, clean, swift Compositor picce; also smart Btonehanà; must be competent mnker-up.-S. Williams, Leader, Swansea. 4733i8 TAILORS.—Wanted immediately, a good Cutter, competent to Take Charge in absence of Principal. -Terms on application, Roxburgh, Tailor, Aber- gavenny. 484li5 WANTED, Several competent Plumbers and Gas fitters.—Apply, letter only, W. H. Allen and Co. Plumbers, Cardiff. 4400i4 BUTCHERS.—Wanted, a practical Slaughterman must be all round man; good wages given.—Apply N 48, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4176i5 N 48, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4176i5 TO Butchers.—Wanted at once, strictly sober Young Man to Slaughter, Assist in Shop, Make Himscil Generally Useful; Welshman preferred.-Mrs. Thomas, Werngaiiol, Nelson, Trcliarris. 4493i5 rriO Butchers.—Wanted a Man to Slaughter a Little, JL and Assist in Shop must be able to do small things.—Apply Jones, Butcher, Commercial-street, Aberdare. 4742i4 -n S&lfci&terMMr. turd JO Cutter Up.-Apply A. Phillips, Pontlottyn, via Cardiff. 4834i5 BAKERS.—Wanted, by good Hand, Management, or good Second knowledge of smalls; good refe- rence abstainer.—Jones, 290, Neath-road, Landore. [i4 COACHBUILDER.—Wanted at once, a good All Round Hand.—Apply Cross Bros., Coachbuilders, Bridgend Yard, Aberdare. 4875il0 MASON, Foreman, to Take Sole Charge of Cottage Work near Cardiff; regular wages £ 2 2s., and train fares weekly.-Give full particulars P 8, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4%1;6 WANTED at once, experienced Foreman for Whole- sale Wine, Spirit, Ale, and Stout Trade must be a thoroughly competent man.-Apply, stating wages expected, and sending copies of recent testimonials, to David John and Co. (Limited), Brewers, Pentre, Rhondda Valley. 4254i4 CELLARMAN.-Wanted immediately, a competent ) Man (35 or upwards) as Head Cgllarman in an Old Established Wine and Spirit Business in Glamor- ganshire.—Apply, in own handwriting, stating expe- rience, wages, and reference to 0 39, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4751 i5 WANTED, an experienced Swage Sawyer constant work.—A. Deacon, Box and Packing Case Manu- facturer. Barley Mow-lane, Canton, Cardiff. 4791i5 LABOURERS.—Wanted, Three steady, respectable L Men; wages 4s. per day.-Manager Abercrave Works, Ystradgynlais, near Swansea. 4427i7 WANTED, energetic, sober Young Man for Out- door Work with Horse and Cart; guarantee as to honesty and good conduct indispensable.—Apply, with references, Walter Powe, Confectioner, High- street, Swansea. 463vi4 WANTED, a steady Married Man as Driver and Salesman for Mineral Water Trade.—Apply, per- sonally, 32, Castle-street, Merthyr. 4411i4 sonally, 32, Castle-street, Merthyr. 4411i4 WANTED, strong Youth, about 17, to Deliver with Horse and Cart and Assist in Shop.—Particulars to Jones, Grocer, Pontycymmer. 4395i4 GROCERS.—Wanted immediately, a quick and trustworthy Young Man to Look After Horse and Deliver; indoors preferred.—R. Williams, Caerphilly. WANTED, a sharp Lad.—Apply 84, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 4820i5 A Thoroughly Practical Engineer is Open to Engage- ment Charge Man or Any Position of Trust; refe- rences, &c.—Apply Alpha, Western Mail, Merthyr. i9 MASTER Confectioners.—Advertiser seeks Situation as Second or Forehand; experienced in all branches of the trade.—C. Bebe, 12, Blue School-street, Hereford. 4756i9 TO Pastrycooks and Confectioners.—Wanted, Situa- tion as First, Second, or good Single Hand.—Apply W. S., 42, Crwys-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 4840i5 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted at once, a N-K Young Man as Haulier; personal application prs- ferred.—Apply to E. Morris, Penrhiwceiber. 4594i6 WANTED, by Married Man, Engagement as Drivar for Grocery Stores or Warehouse four years, testimonials. -Addross O 8, Western Mail, Cardiff, [is WANTED, by Married Man, .Engagement in Stores &c., as Timekeeper, Watchman, or Porter good references.—Address O 7, Western Mail, Cardiff: [i6 rrUMEKEEPER, Watchman, Storekeeper, Gateman rrUMEKEEPER, Watchman, Storekeeper, Gateman X any Place of Trust, Wanted by Pensioner Sergeant good testimonials and character.—O., Church Park Mumbles. 425Si4 prunes Crabelto, &c. WANTED; thoroughly energetic Man as Traveller good address; Welsh indispensable.— Apply stating agn, salary, business experience, Palmer, Asri cultural Merchants, Haverfordwest. 4936i6 GROCERS.—Persevering, clever Soliciting Hand' drive country journeys and sell tea photo salary out.—Rampore Tea Companv, Commercial-street, New- port. 493 li5 WANTED, experienced Traveller for old established Brewery, who has good knowledge of the Trade stato age, experience, and salary, with references.—Apply Secretary, Penydarren, Mertbyr; marked Traveller' application." 4867i5 WANTED, a steady Man as Traveller in the Malt, Beer, Wine, and Spirit Business to Represent the Vale of Glamorgan Brewery, Cowbridge.—Apply, with reference, L. Jenkins. 4767i9 WANTED immediately, a Traveller for a Local Brewery; knowledge of agency and family trade ndispensable.—Apply, stating salary and commission expected, together with references as to experience, character, and ability, which shall be treated as confi- dential, to 0 28, Western Mail Office, Cardiff, [26800 MESSRS. R. W. MILLER and CO. (Limited?, Stokescroft Brewery, Bristol, are Prepared to Appoint Purchasing Agents in all unrepresented districts for their Prize Medal Ales and Stouts. Liberal te-ms. These bsers have been awarded Prize Medals ai.d Diplomas wherever shown, and are the finest values obtainable. 25761 WINES and Spirits in Bottle.—R. W. Miller and Co., Limited, Wine and Spirit Importers, Stokescroft, Bristol, are Prepared to Appoint Agents 111 all districts for their Celebrated Brands of Wines and Spirits. Whole or part licence paid, according to arrangement. 25762 ANTED, Salesmen and Collectors in Cardiff and YT Distiict none but energetic men able to give good references need apply.—The Singer Manufacturing Company, 4,St. John's-square, Cardiff. 4406i4 a Month can be made with £ 10.—Address cX'OO H 8, 82, Coleman-street, London, E.C. [il2 WANTED,bya Manufacturer, anAgentto Sell Mats, Matting, Hearthrugs, *e., on Commission.— AddressJBox O 9, Western Mail Office, Cardiff. 455Si6 WELL-KNOWN Firm of Brewers in Worcestershire W producing high-class Pale and Stock Ales, Desire to Establish Buying Agencies in the South Wales Dis- trict—Address N 27, 'Western Mail Office, Car- diff; 26762 AGENTS Wanted, to Sell White and Other Sewing Machines; salary and commission.—Apply Bt-aoey, Windsor-road, Neath. 4633i8 AGENTS Wanted, to Sell Bibles (Welsh and English); good commission; Neath and district.—Aoply Bracey, Windsor-road, Neath. 4684iS AGEN'TS Wanted, to Sell Pianos, Organs, and Musi- ca4 Instruments ea'sry and commission.—Apply Bracey, Windsor-road, Neath. 4635i8 AGENTS Wanted to Canvass for Furniture, Pianosj Organs, Sewinsr Machines, and Mangles.—Apply Bracey, The Stores, Wmdsw-road, Neath. 4632i8 CCREDIT Drapery: Wanted, Young Man for J Soliciting: t.o lire in. A" >ly, with to D. O. Mollis, lp9, 4feli» CCREDIT Drapery: Wanted, Young Man for J Soliciting: t.o lire in. A" >ly, with to D. O. Mollis, lp9, 4feli» £ >nljants, Barmaids, &c. WANTED Immediately, a General Servant good I character indispensable.—Ajiply 73, Conway-road, Cardiff. 3119i8 YOUNG Woman Wants Work Washing, Cleaning disengaged beginning and end of week; good reference given.—Write O 33, Western Mail Office, Car- diff. e3117i8 WANTED at once, a good General, with good character good wages given; no washing.— Apply Anchor Restaurant, 31, Custom House street, Cardiff. e3115i8 WANTED, a Young Girl about 17 as Nurse.—Apply 73, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. e31ASi6 WANTED, a General Servant, able to wash an- iron no family.—Apply Mrs. Jones, 100, -.lewep lyn street, Pentre.3103i5 COOK, General, Nurse, Housemaid Wanted expe- rienced.—Lowther Registry, 69, Cranbrook street, Cardiff. e399614 WANTED immediately, a good Plain- Cook; small dairy no kitchenmaid assistance given.—Ad- dress Castleford, Chepstow. 4940*10 WANTED, a thorough good Cook; must have good references.—Apply Mrs. Bowker, Cwmbran House, Pontnewydd, near Newport. 4712i8 GOOD Plain Cook and House-Parlourmaid Required for Penarth must be early risers small family ho washing. Replv, stating full particulars, io N 37, Western Mail Office, Cardiff. 4430i4 WANTED, a good Plain Cook for a Small Family must have very good references.—Mrs. Bythway, Warborough, Llanelly. 4392i4 PLAIN Cook Wanted; aged not under 24; baking; wages, £ 16 to £ 18 —Apply to B., care of Mrs. Hamer, Llanyre, Llandrindod. 4375i4 ANTED, good Plain Cook, or General who can Cook also Young Girl as Housemaid where parlourmaid is kept.—Apply, with full particulars, 1\1rs. Trayes, Maindee Hall, Newport, Mon. 4602i6 WANTED immediately, a good Plain Cook.—Mrs. Hibbert, 39, Park- place, Cardiff. 42S3i4 WANTED immediately, a good Cook.—Apply stating age, wages, references, and all particu lars, to Mrs. Kirkhouse, Brynbedw, Tyloritown Pontypridd. 4289i4 W" ANTED, Mrs. Pedler's Registry, 22, Charles- street, Cardiff, experienced Cooks, House- Parlourmaids, Laundrymaids, Nursemaids, Generals, Town and Country Job Cooks, immediately. 4618i6 COOK.—Wanted, by January 6th, a good Plain Cook understands baking and butter-making.—Mrs. Langley, Peterstone-super-Ely, Cardiff. 4550i6 WANTED, a good Plain Cook. Also House-Parlour- maid small family.—State wages and references, Westfield House, Walter-road, Swansea. 4499i5 WANTED, good Plain Cook; country place three in family; no dairy, baking, or washing.—Mrs. Gray, Stone Hall, Wolfscastle, Pembrokeshire. 4690i6 WANTED immediately, good Cook General, 24. Also House and Parlour Maid, 21 early risers good characters.—Mrs. Davies, Aberceri, Newcastle-Emlyn.[i6 ANTED Five OooksT Six Cook-Generals, Five Hour-Parlourmaid s, One Housemaid, One Nurse, Three Nurse-Housemaids, One Kitchenmaid, Twelve General Servants.-Miss Crockford's Registry (late Mrs. Browse), Fancy Bazaar, 115, Queen-street, Cardiff. 4825i9 WANTED, good Cook also House-Parlourmaid.-— Apply to Mrs. F. E. Williams, 1, Uplands-cres- cent, Swansea. 4853i9 "VTTANTED, strong, active Kitchenmaid who cau V? milk; must havs been out before and have good cliaracter.-Apply to Mrs. T. M. Franklen, St. Hilary,, Cowbridge, Glamorgan. 4838i9 WANTED, thorough Single-handed Kitchenmaid •' strong, willing, and early riser state wages and length last character.-Write Mrs. C., St. Pierre, near Chepstow. 4330il0 PARLOURMAID (experienced) Wanted January 13th Gentleman's Family in Cardiff understands lamps; good reference required.—Apply 0 42, Western Mail Office, Cardiff. 4795i9 \\TANTED, Young Girl as House-Parlourmaid.— TT Address Bryncothi, Nantgaredig, South Wales. 4532i6 OUSE-PARLOU JRMAIDS, Parlourmaids, Nurses! Generals, Cooks, Kitchenmaids, Laundress, Page Boys, Male Servants Wanted; splendid chances just now.—Davies's, 45, Charles-street, Cardiff. 4626i6 OUSE-PARLOURMAID Wanted.-Mrs. Home, Coedsaeson, Sketty, Swansea. 4690i4 WANTED, a good, experienced House and Parlour Maid; age, 25; wages, from £ 14 to £ 15 good refe- rences required. Also a Kitchenmaid; must be strong and accustomed to plenty of work: age, 18.—Apply to Mrs. Davey, Woodside, Briton Ferry. 4752i6 WANTED, a House-Parlourmaid for very Small Family must be respectable and of good charac- ter. —Apply Hayman, Butcher, Richmond-road, Cardiff, for further particular*. 4462i5 WANTED, at Llandaff, a good Parlourmaid.—Apply to Mrs. Waldron, The Green, Llandaff. 26781 WANTED immediately, good Housemaid.—Apoly Mrs. Howell, 21, The Walk, Cardiff 4645i8 YOUNG Housemaid Wanted, to Assist in Nursery.— Mrs. Fell, 25, Westbourne-road, Penarth. [4794i9 WANTED at once, respectable Housemaid for Bus- iness House. — Apply, full particulars, Mrs. Phillips, Friendly House, Buto-road, Cardiff. 4505i5 Phillips, Friendly House, Buto-road, Cardiff. 4505i5 WANTED, thoroughly good experienced House- maid not under 25.—State wages and all particulars to Mrs. Brook, The Croft, Tenby. [4658i4 URSE-HOUSKMAID Wanted immediately- one little boy not under 19.—Apply, with reference, 10, Windsor-place. Cardiff. 4492i5 WANTED, General Servant as Plain Cook baking, dairy washing put out; house-parlourmaid kewt. ■—Apple Mr-riaslfAtter.ipi. Se-vporfc, M^ -M8K.5 WANTED, clean, active, General Servant capable of plain cooking, and early riser.—Mrs. Dovey, Llanishea Vicarage, Cardiff 4842i5 WANTED at once, experienced General Servant.— Apply Mrs. Hill-Male, Penycoedcae, Ponty- pridd. 4345i9 WANTED, Young Servant (farmer's daughter pre- ferred) for Tynycaia Farm, Whitchurch.—Apply Mr. Wadley, St. John's-square, Cardiff. 4814i9 WANTED immediately, experienced General Ser- vant, or Plain Cook.—Apply Mrs. Nancarrow, Trefula, St. Thomas, Swansea. 4327i9 WANTED immediately, a quick, active Girl, aged 18 to 20, as General.—Apply, stating waijes, to W ilde, Osbaston, Monmouth. 4768i5 WANTED, thoroughly experienced General Servant for Family of Two must be good plain cook.— Apply 46, Plasturton-gardens, Cardiff. 4750i9 WANTED General Servant; clean and respectab Ie good character indispensable aged about 18.- Apply 27, Ruthin-gardens, Cathays, Cardiff. 4763i9 WANTED, General Servant; about 17.—Apply, with references, stating wages required, Mrs. Payne, Cowbridge. 4740i4 A Thoroughlyexpenencgd General Servant Wanted A also younger Girl as Nursemaid, to sleep out,- Apply 12, Miskin-street, Cardiff. 4726i8 WANTED, a General Servant: must be able to do plain cooking.—Apply 25, Gold Tops, New- pore. 4707i4 WANTED, good General Servant,-Apply 32, Iligh- street, Cardiff. 4698i3 ANTED/a Girl (15), in Small Family— Apply^by letter, O 3, Western Mai], Cardiff. 4822i5 WANTED, thorough General Servant two in family: no washing; good references.—Mrs. Charles Biggs, Belle Vue House, Briton Ferry. 4687i8 WANTED at once, a good General Servant.—Appl y 7 35, Wellfield-road, Roath, Cardiff. 4644i8 WANTED, strong Girl for Housework Daily, not Sundays.—18, Claude-road, Roath. 4643i4 WANTED, Generals and Others; disengaged. Work- ing Housekeeper, Plain Cooks, House-Parlour, maid, Mother's Help, and Others,-Select Registry, 10 King'g-road, Cardiff. 4642i8 WANTED at once, clean, active Girl; must have good character.—Apply?, Partridge-road, Roath, Cardiff. 26793 WANTED at. once, a good General Servant.—Apply 9, Ruthin-gardens, Cardiff. 4669i4 WANTED, a General Servant, aged about 20, with Good References.—Apply 5, Edwards-terrace, Cardiff. 4677i4 WANTED, good General Servant; must be able to wash and cook well early riser small family nurse kept.-Apply 59, Plymouth-road, Penarth. [4675i WANTED, General Servant in the Country (Near Cardiff) Who Can Cook.—Apply O 30, Western Mail, Cardiff. 4673i4 WANTED, General Servant references required.— Apply at 22, Moira-place, Cardiff. 4693i4 WANTED, Geneial Servant; good character indis- pensable three in family no washing.—Apply, first, Rheubina House, 93, Cowbridge-road, Cardifi.r452li6 WANTED immediately, a good General Servant no washing or baking.—Apply Mrs. Thomas, Bedwas Rectory, Caerphilly.. 4744i8 WANTED, good General Servant not under 23 small family good wages no washing.—Apply Mrs. Crone, 5, Victoria-road, Penarth. 4538i6 ANTED, a good General Servant for a Business House; good wages given.—Apply 81, The Wptton, Brecon. 4593i6 WANTED, strong Girl as General Servant, about 17, in Business House.—Apply B., Stamp Office, Abergavenny.. 4590i6 WANTED immediately, an experienced General Servant, not under 25 must be good plain cook. —Apply Mrs. John Evans, Penybryn, Pontypridd. [463516 WANTED, by end of January, in a small family, good General Servant, about 20; must understand plain cooking.—Apply, before January 8th, at 20, Albany- road, Roath, Cardiff. 4266i4 MI1S. FUl^NTV'ALL'S Select Registry, Cardiff — Good Cooks (country), House-Parlourmaid and Cook (London) also Laundrymaid teliable oliaracters indispensable. Experienced Nurse Disengaged. [4436i4 WANTED, thoroughly good General Servant.— Apply Mrs. Lloyd, 5, A 'hert-crescent, Penarth. [i5 WANTED, good General Servant.—Apply, with refe- rence, to Mrs. Lewis W. Jones, Settrington, Dynas Powis, near Cardiff. 4495i5 WANTED, experienced General; able to cook and iron not under 25 boy to help.—Apply, first, 9, Clifton-street, Cardiff. 4494i5 A General Servant (good references) Wanted small family nurse kept washing given out.—Phillips, 24, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 4273i4 WANTED immediately, General Servant, aged about 17 good reference.—Apply Mrs. Cadle, 52, Plasturton-avenue, Canton, Cardiff. 4386i4 WANTED, a good General Servant Able to Do Plain Cooking and a Small Dairy aged from 25 to 30.—Apply to Mrs. John, Caer Cady, near Cow- bridge. 43%i4 WANTED, good General Servant for Gentleman's Family of Three another kept; good wages.— Apply Madam, The Bungalow, Clytha Park, New- ¡Jort.. 4430i4 WANTED immediately, a good General Servant good wages to a suitable girl.—242, Newport- road, Cardiff. 490916 WANTED immediately, a good General Servant i" able to wash and iron and do plain cooking Also a good Housemaid; good character absolutely necessary.—Apply- stating wages, &c., Mrs. Davies, the Ash Grove, Pontypridd. 4856i9 GENERAL Servant Wanted must have good charac- ter.- Apply Plasturton-gardens, Cardiff. [i6 WANTED, as General Servant, clean, active Girl, about 18, with good character.—Apply, Hall, Grocer, Craddock-street, Cardiff. 4890:6 WANTED for the Country, capable General Ser- I" vant; two ill family wages £ 12— £ 14.—Apply, by letter, R., Rose Hill, Newport. 4433i4 WANTJ5D, respectable General Servant; good wages to suitable girl must have satisfactory character. —Apply Mrs. Creed, 147, Commercial-road, New port. 4918i6 ANTEDT"General Servant; lg io 20.—Apply"55] SUcejr*o»di Boatb, CardiS, *S99i* WANTED, a good General Servant able to Cook.— 62, Oakfield-street, Cardiff. 4747i9 WANTED, Nurse and General Servant; references, required.—Apply 47, St. Helen's-road, Swan-1 sea. 4676i8 SUPERIOR Nursemaid; 17; strong, active, and accustomed to children able to sew reference* required.—Mrs. Nance, 5, Plasturton-place, Cardiff. fi6 MERTHYR General HospitaL-Wanted, immedi- ately, a Good Laundress.—Apply, with full particulars, The Matron, General Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil. 4865i9 LADIES Wanting Servants, Servants Wanting Situa tions—Write Mrs. Davies, Private Rsgistry, 161 Treharris-street, Roath, Cardiff. 4653i8 LADIES Wanting Servants, Servants Wanting Situa- tions of all Classes, apply to Miss Morgan's Registry, 3, Frederick-street, Cardiff. 4727i8 LADIES Suited with All Classes of Servants. Situa- tions Secured for Servants. Fee Is.—Miss Walters, 30, Page-street, Swansea. 4608i6 WANTED, Situation as Plain Cook.—Address 21, Cliftou-terrace, Bridgend. 4754i4 WANTED, by respectable Person, Situation as Cook; thoroughly experienced wages £ 25 to £ 30.—Apply O 32, Western Mail, Cardiff. 467Si4 SITUATION Wanted as Parlourmaid, where house- O maid is kept; good references.—Address E. B., 19, Evan-street, Barry Dock. 4408i4 WANTED, Situation as Housemaid in Gentleman's Family aged 20 four years' character.—Address B. Lewis, Railway Cottages, Cinderhill-street, Mon- mouth. < 4882i6 AS Second Housemaid, in a Gentleman's Service country gir] good character aged 23.—Apply C. Davies, White Lion, Aberycrych, Boncath R.S.O. [15 SITUATIONS Wanted, as General Servants, for Twenty strong Country Girls; English and Welsh excellent characters.—Mrs. Coster's Registry Office, Gloucester. 4562i6 TRUSTWORTHY Young Person Wishes Situation as Domesticated Help or Care of Child.—J. Bailer, 166, King's-road, Canton. 4671i4 BARMAIDS (sScvsral); rare chances Waitresses. Chambermaids, Cooks, Kitchenmaids, Laundress, Housekeeper, Generals, Nurses, Cashier, others Wanted. Davies's, 45, Chares-street, Cardiff. 4951i6 WANTED at once, Young Lady for Hotel Bar, with slight knowled^ of Booking—Apply Mrs. Tun- bridge, Royal Hotel, Swansea. 26819 WANTED, Young Girl about 18 for Bar Work and to Make Herself Generally Useful, with good character.—Apply O 14, Western Mail, Cardiff. [i6 BARMAID Wanted at once experienced good character.—Peach, Greyhound, Pontypool. [i4 WANTED, Barmaid, Accustomed to Colliery Dis- trict, to have Sole Charge aged 30 to 35 two servants kept; must have good references.—Apply W. D., care of Jenkins, Beaufort Arms, Beaufort, Brecon- shire. 4262i4 REQUIRED, an experienced Waitress also good Housemaid; good characters indispensable.—Apply Tredegar Arms Hotel, High-Ptreet, Newport, Mon.4314i3 WANTED at once, a Second Waitress, experienced. —Apply Mrs. Tunbridge, Royal Hotel, Swan- sea^ 26813 WANTED at once, an experienced Cook for a First" class Commercial Hotel.—Apply Crown Hotel' Pontypool. 4939il0 HOUSEMAID Wapted by 23ih inst.-Housekeeper, -tLJ'L Westgate Hotel, Newport, Mon. 4928110 WANTED, clean, strong Girl as General Servant.— Apply Mrs. Hart, Foresters' Arms, Blackwood, Mon. 4769i5 WANTED, good General Servant.—Apply Mrs' Williams, Junction Hotel. 4414i4 WANTED at once, good Gsnerai Servant; able to wash and iron; ?ood character; used to children. —Apply Ynyshir Hotel, Ynyshir. 4288i4 WANTED, Two General Servants, one as Plain Cook.—Royal Oak, Broadway, Cardiff. [479Si9 WANTED, Strong Girl for Kitchen Work.—Applv Bute Dock Hotel, Cardiff. 4694i4 WANTED at once, Pantrymaid.—Apply Mrs. Tun bridge, Royal Hotel, Swansea. 26817 WANTED at once, a thoroughly experienced single- handed Chambermaid; also Strong Girl as Housemaid.—Apply, County Hotel, Ebbw Vale. 4452i5 ffuftlir gimumimttsu CARDIFF. rjlHEATRE ROYAL. LESSEE AND MANAGEK Mr. EDWARD FLETCHER. SPLENDID COMPANY. Magnificent Scenery, Superb and Costly Dresses, All the Latest Songs of the Day, Doors Open, 6.30; Pantomime at 7.0; Stage Door at 6.0. TO NIGHT, January 4th, 1894, and Every Evening- until further notice, at 7.0, the Magnificent, Bright and Tuneful, Kight-Bang-Up-to- Date Pantomime, JJ L U E BEARD, 4th, CKBAP HOLIDAY EXCURSION TRAIN for PANTOMIME will Leave SWANSEA for CARDIFF 2.15 p.m. Return 11.10 p.m. MORNING PERFORMANCES Every SATUR DAY until further notice at, Two o'clock. Doors- open at 1.0. Book?.?* OIT -p,, T '0n ^r,d W;c, 4 (Limited). Telephone No. 521. 26755 THE E M P I R E Manager OFFWALD STOI L. TO-KIGHT! The Feature of the Season! THE MIRROR DANCE, BY MISS MARIE LEYTON, Of the Tivoli, London. This dance is now produced for the First Time in the Provinces. THE OTTAWAYS, Speciality Entertainers. GEORGE NENO, The Eccentric. FLORENCE SMITHERS AND CO. In Hard Lines." Florence Smithers his been designated "The Female Dan Leno." CHARLES DREW, Funny Character Impersonator. PATTIE THORNHILL, Serio-comic Vocalist, GERAGHTY AND GILLIGAN, Eccentric Comedians. THE DOG MUSICIANS, A full Band formed of Little Dogs I A Striking Novelty, introduced by the famous French Clown, LOUIS LAVATER. A L H A MBRA" ONE PERFORMANCE NIGHTLY. MDLLE. MARF A ILA'S TABLEAUX VIVANTS, Direct from the Oxford, London. Great Success of Christmas Spectacle, CHRISTMAS CHIMES. And Other Noted Artistes. Popular Prices:—Is. 6d., Is., 6d., and 3d. Half- price at Nine, Is. and 6d. [26654 Managing Director GEORGE HARRINGTON A DIP IN THE LUCKY TUB. A TREAT FOR CHILDREN THIS DAY AND DURING THE WEEK AT D'ARC'S GRAND WAXWORKS JU VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY ST., Cardiff. Every Child (under 12) will be presented with a Ticket for ONE DIP IN THE LUCKY TUB. A« usual, from Three to Five and Seven to Ten, "LEILLAH," the SPANISH GIPSY, Will hold her Receptions in hig-h-class scientific Palmistry. Don't forget the price-3d; Children, 2d. ie31041 LAST WEEK, Å JQREAM OF LOVELINESS A w A K E N E D" PAINTED BY S. J. SOLOMON. Exhibition of this picture at Mr. BRITTON'S, 79, QUEEN-STREET -a (opposite Charles-street), Cardiff, Closes on Saturday, next 6th January. Eleven till Ten o'clock, Sixpence. e3184 ^alrs. i))*> :clurtioiu CAXTON HALL, 15, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. MR. R. HARRIES will SELL bv AUCTION, on FRIDAY, January 5, 1894, at Eleven a.m., a quantity of UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, Pledged during 1891, 1892, and 1895 with Mr. T. S. Bomaih, Queen-street; L. Barnett and Sons, Caro- line-street; F. Yreydberg, System-street; J. Abra- hainson, Splott-road; Shibko, Broadway; Fligel- stone, Cowbridge-road H. Barnett, Heathfield- street, Swansea; H. Harris, Penarth Shibko, Fern- dale; Messrs. Jacobs and Co., Blaenavon; S. Abra- hamson, Newport; and M. Pollock, Pontypridd. e3125i4 ———CTanwnnm—'——■■II mil IIIIIH NSBMAAMAWA giitjlir jiottfcs. PUBLIC MEETINGS will be held at MARINE ENGINEERS' INSTITUTE, 55, James-street, Docks, Cardiff, January 9th and 16th, 1894, to ELECT A REPRESENTATIVE for LOCAL MARINE BOARDS. All Sea-going Engineers are invited to attend to Record- their Votes on behalf of one of the Candidates nominated :—JOHN TOD. President Cardiff Branch M.E.U., M.I.M.E., and A.S.E.; A. J. KIDD, Past President and Past Secretary Cardiff Branch M.E.U. Voting commenc- ing at Eight p.m. each night. T. B. LAING, 3129i4 Secretary. THE TECHNICAL SCHOOL OF THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF CARDIFF. EXHIBITION OF ART WORKS. A LOAN COLLECTION from South Kensington Museum, together with WORKS of the Students of the Cardiff School of Art, will be ON VIEW at the CARDIFF SCHOOL OF ART, Dumfries-place, from January 3rd to 10th. The Exhibition will be Open from Ten a.m. to Nine p.m. Admission Free. IVOR JAMES, Secretary. University College, Cirdia, Jsmuwjr&tl, 1894.. E3193

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