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EXPRESS SANTA CLAUS FUND. The Second of Our Dorcas Meetings. LADIES ARE INVITED. Work Awaits their Deft Fingers and All Will be very Warmly Welcomed. Santa Claus begs his lady readers in form. ing their engagements not to forget the all- important Dorcas meeting which takes place every Friday afternoon at half past 'three. Rolls of material are awaiting the scissors this week, and deft indeed will be the fingers if half the work pie- pared for Friday is completed by teatime. Santa Claus" hopes that as many ladies as possible will come in good time on Friday after- noon to No. 15, Tudor-road. "Ajfriend of little children" has this morning forwarded a postal order for 5s., and Mr. Stevens (Dorothy) has quite humbly implored Santa Claus" to lay down his instructions, and they shall be carried eut. I will aid this kind scheme to the best of my ability," said Mr. Stevens, only tell m what to do." LIST OF PRIZES. The following money prices will be given for ^ie best JE s. d, 1. DRESSED DOLL 1 0 0 2. CHILD'S FROCK 1 0 0 3. KNITTED, CROCHETED, or FLANNEL PETTICOAT 10 0. 4. FLANNEL SHIRT for Boys. 010 0 5. CHILD'S HOOD, any Material.. 0 10 0 6. PAIRof KNITTED WOOLLEN STOCKINGS 0 10 0 7. KNITTED MUFFLER, not less than 4ft. long and 6in. wide 0 5 0 8. PINAFORE (not too fine), Plain or Coloured 0 5 0 9. APRON, Plain or Coloured 0 5 0 i 10. BABY'S WOOL BOOTEES 0 5 0 SPECIAL PRIZES. 11. ASSORTMENT of OLD TOYS 1 0 0 12. ASSORTMENT of CAST-OFF CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. 1 0 0 13. MATERIALS for Boys' or Girls' CLOTHING 1 0 0 Of course, all articles sent in, whether they win a prize or not, are to belong to the Fund, and are to be distributed among the poor children at Christmastide. No articles sent in after Saturday, December 16, will be admitted to the Prize Competition. It is important that every artiole should have the name and address of the donor attached to it, so that its receipt may be acknowledged. Money donations will be gratefully acknow- ledged in these columns, and the sums so received will be administered as judiciously as possible in furtherance of the objects of our fiacta Claus Fand. We may add that all-toys and things will be carefully stored away till the day of distribution. On that day the whole of the gifts will be laid out and exhibited in some large, suitable hall, and if the money will run to it the children will be given a feast of tea and cake to bring them into a fit mood for an interview with Santa Claus All gifts should be addressed :— SANTA CLAUS, EVENING EXPRESS OFFICE, ST. MABY-STBEET, CARDIFF. Postal Orders, Cheques, &c., may be made payable to Mr. D. W. Thomas, Western Mail- ] buildings, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. ] If it is not convenient to send a parcel, we < will on the receipt of a postcard send a messen- < ger or a conveyance to fetch it. We ] think our readers will assist the scheme with gifts of money and clothing and toys, ] and so for once give the poor child an advantage over its richer neighbour, for while the latter has to wait the coming of the Santa Claus of blessed memory, the Evening Express Santa C aus will search out his recipients and, if hopes and expectations are realised, load them with Christmas presents. LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Proprietors of the Evening Express. 5 0 0 Mr. Lascelles Carr 1001 A Lover of Little Children 1 0 0 r Three Monmouth High School Girls 0 12 0 May Davies 0 5 0 Mr. Archibald D. Dawnay 010 6 1 Mrs. Archibald D. Dawnay 010 6 ] Odlwr Bychsn 0 2 6 i Dorothy 0 5 0 I Father's Boy 0 1 0 1 G. E. S. B 0 2 6 Mr. F. Raper (Singer & Co.) 0 5 0 Biffey" 0 1 0 1 "Mrs. Gumption" 0 10 6 Morgan and Co., The Hayes. 0 2 6 Councillor Brain 010 0 ] Alderman Carey 0 10 0 Madge, per Mr Lewellfin Wood, J.P. 0 10 0 i Gwen, per Alderman Matthias 010 0 Mr. David Williams, Henstaff 0 10 0 Maude, 5s. Nellie, 5a., per Mr. J. E. Gunn, Tredelerch 0 10 0 Lover of Young Girls 0 10 0 1 "Morien" 010 0 1 Mr. Da.vid Morgan, Woodland House, Penarth 0 5 0 Mrs. Heald o 2 6 i Mr. L. J. Williams, Llandaff Mills 0 5 0 Mrs. L. J. Williams, do. 0 5 0 1 Miss Birdie Williams, do. 0 2 6 1 Master T. Williams, do. 0 2 6 1 Master L. Williams, do. 0 2 6 1 Gertie and Edie, per Mrs. Box 0 10 0 ] A Friend 0 10 0 Mr. James Lemon, Mayor of South- ampton 1 1 0 Madam Clara Novello Davies 110 Royal Hotel Proprietor, Southampton 0 10 6 i P. J. F. H. A. R 010 6 i W. B. Hill, Jun 0 5 0 A. Blackman 0 5 0 Lewis Septimus Bickley 0 2 6 i Mary Ann Bickley 0 1 0 1 Arthur Bickley 0 0 6 1 May Bickley 0 0 6 j Llewelyn Bickley 0 0 6 Edward Tolfree 0 6 0 < Mr. Hogge 0 5 0 Mr. D. Davies, Llwyn-yr-Eos 010 0 Dr. John Williams 0 10 6 Mr. J. Davies. 0 4 0 Mr. W. Lloyd Herbert 0 3 0 Miss Nellie Griffiths 0 1 0 Miss Bessie Evans 0 10 i Miss Mabel Griffiths 0 10 Miss Minnie Evans 0 2 6 Mr. Hugh Owen 0 3 0 Miss May John 0 0 6 Miss A. Brind 0 1 6 Mr. Perkins 0 3 0 Mr. D. Llew. Davies 0 2 6 Miss Theresa Rees 0 2 0' Miss E. Pritchard 0 1 0 Miss G. Drinkwater 0 1 0 Miss M. Symonds 0 1 0 Miss Edith Edwards 0 1 0 Miss Esther Williams 0 10' Miss M. Williams 0 10 Mr. Isaac Phjllip8 .0 2 6; E. R 0 5 0' Mr. Phelps .$5 0 Mrs, Smart 2 0 0' Messrs. Stranag-han and Stephens 0 10 0 Jfr. Munday 0 5 0 Mr. Eugene Munday 0 5 0 3ev. Theepbihts Rees 0 2 0 å. TYiend of Little Children 0 5 0 Total. m[ £ 27 13 0 I LIST OF PROMISES. Mrs. Dawney, "a lovely doll" Lucv Lans- downe collection Father's Boy," his horse; ,t Victor," collection Ruby," boy's pinafore, Mari Lwyd Law on. six scra.p albums, six bags of marbles, six vests, and six petticoat to be ready the second week in December Mrs. Major Thornley, dressed doll, "Queenie collection; Mr. F. Raper, gift for Christmas 4 six dozen balloons, Anderson pi Anderson, and Company, Queen-street two child's pinafores, one pair hand- knitted stockings, Miss Zete Williams, 34, Longcross-place two pinafores, Mrs. D. W. Thomas, 41, Albany-road one pair of hand- knitted stockings, Mrs. Thomas, senior, 11, Albany-road wearing apparel, Miss Cole, Barry's Hotel collection, Miss Edwards, Cardiff Conservative Club sundries, Mrs. C. J. Smart, Cowbridg-e-road Mr. F. Raper (Singer Sewing Machine Company, Limited), use of (if necessary) twenty-five V.S. treadle sewing machines, with cottons, needies, &c., for Dorcas Society; use of Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine, in full working orker, by Messrs. Hutchins and Co. (Limited), 19, Duke-street, Cardiff; and Mr. A. W. Spencer, St. John's- square, use of knitting machines and services of youuo- ladies to work ihem Gladys, Maud, Cedric Bishop, 101, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff, i parcel containing three petticoats, two pina- fores, and two pairs of socks Mr. Solomon And-ews, Cardiff, provisions Messrs. Richards awid Co., St. Mary-street, CardifE, quantity of hats and caps Mrs. Lansdown, 21, Maindy- terrace, Maindy, Cardiff, will alter clothes free af expense and Mrs. Jones, Brynglas House, Penarth, two fiannellette baby shirts; Mr. H. H. Parsley, Hat and Cap manufacturers. Wynd- bam Arcade, Cardiff, 3 dozen caps, neckties, fee




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