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(COPYRIGHT.) ANOTHER NEW FEATURE, /'EVENING EXPRESS" ADLETS. j A NEW SCHEME FOR OUR CAKDJPF AND COUNTRY READERS, _0 AMUSEMENT, PROFIT, REWARD. i. ■>}*■, CUT OUT THE FOLLOWING PUZZLE, and put it tog-ether as you think it ought to be. When pieced properly the portrait of a well-known person will appear in the left- hand corner. Write a WANT ADLET on the blank lines, enclosing money or stamps at the rates given fyelow, and stddrega EXPRESS, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. .0 .elk 16 J0"~ SPECIAL RATES. Aparteieftts Wanted) Furfti&hed fidonis to be Let and Wanted, Situ ations Wanted Sett-ante Wanted, Public-houses Wahted and frtf Sale, Horses and Carriages, Miscel- laneous Wants, Personal, Articles Lest or Found, Sale and Exchange, ONE FARTHING PER WORD: The Name and Address is to be Couiitedi ThM9 insertions, Half as much M One, Six insertions, Double the pries óf oite: ÖNCÊ. TttltES tlMESi SIX TIMES. 16 words 4d. (3d: 3d. 24 M • 6d: att «it 9di tit tit 19, t52 u • 8d: til til 18; ail n> IS; 4di v NO.Advottigmelit under the ahote headings taken toi, less than THREEPENCE. SPECIAL PRIZES. FIFTY CLOTH BOUND 3s. aD. BOOKS. Will fee giteii ferert #eefe to tha 50 psfsefls who put the abote puttie tagetfaer in the bes toaaneifi and forward the same to the EVENING EXPRESS Office; with a Want Adlet written in tie blank; iflfelosiflg gay fdt the Want Adiet at the above-named taws; Competitors Must observe the I^dliswitig itules ¡. The Puaale must be put togethei1 Neatly: An Adiet must be written 6n the Cottpea. The WdMs In the Adiet must bê Go tinted (Mi toe and Address included), and Stamps eneloaed at the fate df One Farthifig per ward, In awarding the books, neatness with which the ptttils is put together, and the comnr -tion at weeding of the advertisement) will be tionsideted: The best one received dttfiag tie week will be awarded r t THE PTIIZFI TJIIJIIAIU'. I Spenser's Faerie Qiteefle> Scott's Poetical Wofisi Arabian NiehtSi OF HANDSOMELY BOUND 39; Gel Cmrfen's Concordance to the old and New Testa meats. BOOKS «0 SE_(J0MPEtBB Km. Sartor Re sar tuffs Ifefoudttis., Macaulay's Essays Will's Political Jjeottoiiiy. Drawing-room Amusement, by Hoifiwsn. Oarl^le siFi-fefcch Itef Olufidlt^ How to Become a Wi2ttrd« fcr Boheft Houdin.. Wltif8 fi iTaiitMl Biatoty Of SelbbHiA; A NeW Chess Manual) With 66 Diagrams, by L. Holler. I)ickeiiS'PicKwicK.P#fetS;. Agricultural Chemistry* bir Sibsott: SR»e Shi-KiliJt: ChiiieSe NstMsal FiSSrif: Webster's Dictionary, 1,500 Illustrations. lIo!ii°r S IliM Ma Odyssftft Pope's Transistt30ii» Nuttall's Dictionary. ^BonfoigBT* ES«a#Ss. Citge and Singing Birds. Mill's STStefti bfl)0|ibi Wild Flowers, by Spencer Thomson. Le^es's Bibgriilphieal t(i PIiil6s6j>li,Ti Delamer's Kitchen and Flower Garden. 'riin cJcBtsty'g Vanity Mj The Bight Hon. W; 33. Gladstone's Speeches. A am eh: Marqness of Salishuty-'S Speeches. '.laptji.iji Cools S Voyages-. THe New Cookery Book, With Two Coloured Plates. The Ifotan; The Victdlrfa History M Bn^lanil, 400 Illustrations. BlinitiTpeftre's WotteS; Popular Nnrserv Tales and Storied, with 170 Illastta- JJofttrell's Johrt?on; tionsi. 81r YV. Scott's Ivlmhbè: Child's Picture Fable Book, 60 Illustrations. n;iitictaideS: Child's Coitutfy Book, by Thomas Miller, with J)avirl CofperaeM; Cololtfcd Pltttes. Aoalrt Smitli's Wealth (jf JTat.tOtlgi, ■ ■ v fjliaiteef's Canterbury Tales; TyiWmtt's Jfst§s.. „ tfmi qiiiiote, With illtisttations by Sit John Gilbert, H AW foreffomg may he selected by H fi. J Competitor) Of a Work mar be chosen from the BoT.'iiisoii cmsee, 82.IllttgttatitittS b1 j; VI Wattoit writings of the fqllowing emi&eiit atithotsj Dr/ileli's Poetical Works: JjOrd. iLyttott; Scott." LiVg§. Harrisart Ainsworth. Victor Hugo. Tliti Iiast Dltys 6f PoinjiSii; Balzad: Eugene Sue. Jiti'iyan's Pilgriiil 9 ProgtegS, 91 tltuStr9H<t<9) Fennifflore Cooper. Longfellow. ;A.ri»tot-14s EtitiCO4 Translated by Dr. Gilliag; Dickens> Burns. JVakfl s AjbS^tdlieal rtitliets; DnmaSt Moore. oil R,-Iigib]L Levers Shelley. SfiWWott'S Es«WSt, Martyat Hood,' 'I it'> Nibelttgfetl Lied; N.B.—AII Adleis deceived during the week, including the first post opened on Monday morning October 2nd will be eligible or the above Prizes. r _L- IMPORTANT NOTICE. Wa are advissd by Messrs; Ivotitledge, the London publishers, that, the run on the Faiwily Doctor h has been so ffi'eafc that it is now out nf print, Winners who selected that b^ofe last week can inapedi the number in stock at the Express Office, 56, St; Aiafy-stfeety and cheese an^thei4, ot wait until the Family Doctor i§ re-prihted.-

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