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Where Spurgeon Lies, *







DAY BY DAY. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley are on their way to England. A Law versus "Orders" football match was fought at Newport yesterday, and law for once was beaten. There are already ten candidates in the field for four vacant seats on the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board, and there are others prospecting. Good progress is now being made with the con- struction ot the Cambrian at Pembroke, and the keel plates of the Flora have been laid down. The victim of the alleged attempt to procure abortion by a Llanelly shop assistant gave birth on Sunday last to a female child. It has now been definitely decided that the new railway station at Pontypridd shall be erected on the site of the present station. In the numerous drunken cases at Cymmer yesterday one of the defendants said that he was u wilful drunk." It was a pursuit, not a luxury. The new and authorised Life of Spurgeon," by the Rav. R. Spindler, contains a poem by Mr. Arthur Mee, Llanelly. A London Welshman named Mr. R. P. Evans has contributed 100 guineas towards the erection of a manse in connection with the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Trefeglwys. Strange! Mr. T. P. Jenkins, J.P., the defeated Liberal candidate in the Tonypandy Ward, has not been seen on the bench since the result of the poll was published. People are already getting mixed over the Thomases. The Standard yesterday made the mis- take of attributing Mr. Alfred Thomas's Welsh Home Rule Bill to Mr. D. A. Thomas, one of it" greatest enemies. Mr. John Evans, F.L.S., the newly-appointed Government Inspector of ScL. ols for the Merthvr districr, is a native of Llanbrynmair, and was for twelve years head-master of the Rhydypenau Board Scbool, near Aberystwith. Coming fun—a money dispute between the South Wales Wharf and Transit Company and the Taff Vale Railway Company is to go for arbitra- tion. Mr. Inskip has been professionally retained for the wharf company. That Tonypandy jomnal-Young WalelJ-is a marvel. Says the editor :—" In future YOUNG WALES will appear on the 12th of each month, and all contributions must reach the editor on or before the 20th." The fair sex at Llanelly are on the tip-toe of expectation respecting a breach of promise action down on the list for trial at the Carmarthenshire, Asfiz-s, in which the parties are Miss Gallie and Mr. W. H. Lewis, hoth residents of the tin-plate town. Holders of Taff shares ara nettled over Wednes- day's cartoon in the Evening Express. It was headed, What we muy come to." A grocer was giving away a Taff share with every pound of tea, but a woman customer asks for a. saucepan instead! The Swansea Corporation Water Bill will not come before the House of Lords' Committee this week, after all. The mayor and town-clerk are both in London, and were not at the council meeting on Wednesday. They are having a very pleasant wait," no doubt. The Lockett's Merthyr Coal Company (Mardy) recently distributed 100 guineas as followsTo All Saints' Church, Siloa Independent Chapel Bethania Methodist Chapel, Zion Baptist Chapel Wesleyan (English) Chape!, and the Children's Library, Mardy, fifteen guineas each, and to the Workmen's Library ten guineas. Yesterday at the Carmarthenshire Assizes:—' Counsel, endeavouring to prove a man is dead, to witness t On January 30,1892, did you see the body of the late Mr. Francis Bluntish ?"—Witness Yes.'—C.: Was he dead?"—Witness "Yes. And, the humour of the question overcoming its solemnity, the crowd laughed. Taffy is still a Welshman, but he has apparently ceased to be a thief (says the Evening News and Post), At the Carnarvonshire Assizes, opened (and closed) yesterday, there was only one prisoner for trial, a woman charged with petty larceny, and her offence was so light, or so doubt- ful, that she was discharged upon her own recogni- sances to come up for judgment when called upon." A marriage is announced to take place at St. Stephen's, Lansdown, Bath, on April 20 between Mr. Alexander Graham Speirs Logie, M.B., of Raglan, Monmouthshire, fourth son of the late Rev. WiJliam Logie, D.D.. of Dirleton, Scotland, with Constance Mary Willoughby Rooke, only daughter of the late Lieutenant-colonel Willoughby S. Rooke, Scots Fusilier Guards, of Bigsweir House' Gloucestershire. A son of Baron Harlech — the Honourable Seymour Fitzroy Ormsby-Gore, of Brongyntyn, Oswestry—has been chosen as the Unionist candi- date to oppose Mr. Samuel Smith in Flintshire, He is 28 years of age, and was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford. The Duke of West- minster's influence is very strong In Flintshire, and a determined effort is going to be uiade to win the seat. Mr. Samuel Smith's extreme faddism on several questions has caused much annoyance to many of his own supporters. We beg the Rev. Ossian's pardon. He is quite innocent of all complicity m aldermanic wire- pulling at Carmarthenshire County Council. By some strange blunder—perhaps to te accounted for by Mr. Stead's theory of doubles-the contribu- tor of the note in this column yesterday confused the Rev. Ossian Davies with the Rev. John Go jaer Lewis, although both gentlemen are equally wel known to him. It was the Rev. J. G. Lewis who was on the aldermanic racket in behalf of his cousin. We hardly know whether to congratulate Gomer or commiserate Ossian on the confusion of identities. It is an article of Gladstonian faith (says the St. James's Gazette) that the Church in Wales is regarded by the people as an alien Establishment and depends for its support entirely on the "classes" and their hangers-on. No better refu- tation of this accusation could be found thun that which is furnished by the action of the miners in Flintshire. In the large and poor parish of Bistre, in that county, it was proposed to build two new mission churches; and directly the proposal was made the miners of the parish volunteered to find the funds for one of the churches. They have taken up the work most heartily, formed a com- mittee, and issued an appeal for subscriptions. The promoters cf the public "mass meeting at the Swanser. Drill hall next week about the Rhondda and Swansea Buy Railway Bill say that Mr. Diliwyn has been invited and will probably atiend." We wonder what the chairman of the National Radical Association will have to say for himself if he comes. The deputy-mayor would not allow him to be criticised at Wednes- day's council meeting, saying that it was the burgesses" who had to do with Mr. Dillwyn's co nduct. But the corporation represent the bur- gesses, and are called the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses" and if they are not in order in criti- cising the Parliamentary representative of the town, why do they themselves petition in favour of such Bills on behalf of the said burgesses ? Another good Cardi gone to his reward. Dr. Mesne Thomas, Bishop of Goulburn, Australia, whose death was cabled on Wednesday, was a well-known Evangelical clergyman in London from 1851 to 1863, the term during which he held the secretaryship of the Colonial and Continental Church Society. During these twelve years he was activo in organising missions for the benefit of cab- men, omnibus driver?, and ether labourers who had but limited opportunities of attending regular services. Born in Cardiganshire 76 years ago, he took his degrees at Trinity College, Cambridge, and began life as a curate in Birmingham, subsequently becoming a Suffolk vicar and a War- wickshire incumbent. During the twenty years that he has been bishop of the southern portion of the Colony of New South Wales he proved himself an active and energetic 'administrator. Dr. Thomas (says the Star) is deserving of honourable mention as being one of the very few Colonial Anglican bishops who have lived, worked, and died in the Colonies. Most of them get homesick soon, and return to England to skirmish round for at livings and vacant canonries.