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BLODWEN: THE FIRST Wt..LSif OPiSIU. Dr Parry deserves the sincerest vrris.itaie of all1 music-loving Welshmen for stopping out of the ordinary paths, and producing a specimen of the art of music which n»Welshmau before hitnhag ventured -to attempt. Dr Parry has eonapo ud a WIsh Opera which will, undoubtedly, enrieh the of a inusiti> cal nation, and serve at, the same ti-n > ?o enkindle and encourage the higher duSus aa I f ,'¡iug, of the people. The opera, entitled Bl dwen, >3 oase J upon an incident ia the history of toe fV-14i in the fourteenth ceiitiry-,t p;'ri ) full of 'hrilling inter- est, being the tia Mo Waaa, ua.lijr O ven Glendwr, made the last attempt to re*w.jn their in- dependence. The Welsh w>»r la wyre written by Mynyddog, and the Ea^lish, a free tr.nslaiion, by Professor Rowlands, of Brecon College. Our readers are alrt*a<iy aware "t 'be ri.r.nent, find it remains only to state,uri-'ly, :ru tha first per- formances "passed off with Jaiv;5 ,-il the success which it is, possible to attain, ii a town of the size of our OW). In >.he aft!-r-soon the rem- perance Hail was well fiil d, the elite of town and county society,within several in 1 s,being present or represented. This is a most flattering compliment paid to Dr Parry, and is second only' 'o t,ne approba- tion Qf the Princess of Wales, who has been pi jased to accept the dedication of fcbo opera, a-i i will b8 correspondingly appreciated by hija. The evening concert was literally crowded by a Highly apprecia- tive audience. The stag-a was so;newh%t adorned with drapery, bearing various mo'toes and appro- priate devices. The principal actors—although, ss Dr Parry explainer! at the com fiencernint, there was no attempt at acting—were attired in costumes characteristic of the period when the scenes are laid. The singing of the choir w is capital, especially in the Hunting Choruses, which are deserving of a place with the best of their dasa the effect of "the echo awakening again and agiio" was charming. The warlike pieces were forcibly expressed, and the bard was well represented by Mr R. C. Jenkins, who continues to advance io power and refinement. A pretty little scene is that where "the huntsmen having sped through the valley," S;r Howell D iu seeks the shade of the holly. and sings a song in praise of Blodwea, who, for- tunately for him, happens to be on the other side of the bush, and hearing his love-sick melody, fi ids a means of delicately helping him out of his difficulty; otherwise there is no knowing wnen he could have uttered words to express his love. La the first act Ellen ef Maelor Castles is married to Arthur ef Berwyn Cattle, who is afterwards slain in battle, but not before doing sad havoc amongst the enemy. Lady Maelor appears frequently, and renders heC songs with expre3sion and pathos. Mr Lucai Williams, who undertakes three parts, is possessed of considerable ability, and the minor character9 ar6 sustained with good effect. The conoerts were conducted by Dr. Parry, and his two youthful sons accompanied on the pianoforte and harmoninm. At the present day, when some of our nation—a noisy few-are inculcating the dangerous principles Of comfortable selfisti living, and the dreaming away of life, without giving a thought to the common wealtb,-the manly and patriotic tone of the wordo and music will have their due effect. The following are the dramatis personat:— Soprano Primo—"Blodwen" (Daughter of Rhio Gwyn, supposed to have fallen in battle) Mlsg TTATTFIT DTJ Soprano Secondo-^Ellen'^ (Daughter' of ^dy Maelor) Miss GA.YwEy GpiFFI:TOS, U-C-W- Contralto—"Lady Maelor" (ot Maelor Oastle) Miss ANNIE Williams, U.C.W. Tenoro Primo—"Sir Howell" (The don Castle) Mr THOMAS EVANS, U.C.W. Tenori Seeondo—"Lady Maelor rtf61* aDa a Soldier from the Army of "Z D. HOWELL and W^DAVIES, U.C.W- Baritones—' 'Arthur" (A Welsh Warrior) "The Monk "Rhys Gwyix (Fattier of Blodwen) ..3^c J. LUCAS WILLIAMS, from the Crystal Palace Con- -n af certs, London. Basso Primo— The Bard ,Mr R. c. JENKINS, Tr late of U.C.W. Chorus—Servants, Castle Keepers, Huntsmen, Soldiers, Prisoners, and the People Accompanists, Piano—MASTER JosapH HAYD* PARRY Harmonium—MASTJR DAVID PARBT.