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THE LATE COLONEL POWELL. It is with no ordinary sorrow that we have to-day to record the death of Colonel Powell, of Naateoa, which eccurred oa Monday evening last, at the Crystal Palace Hotel, Norwood, near London, From time to time it has be.ea our sad duty to chronicle the deaths of personages who in life occupied high and distinguished positions amongst us but there is not one we can call te mind within the past quarter of a century which could evoke a more general expression of regret than the announcement which we have to-day to make. Not only in Aberystwyth itself; but throughout Cardiganshire at large, the name of Colonel Powell, as a genial gentleman and a generous friend, was a household word. When- ever and wherever he appeared his presence seemed to bring with it an ataaospbere of cheer- fulness.aod good fellowship, not only to periong of his own high station but to, the humblest cot- tager on his extensive estates. In the presence of Death, which has overtaken him at a compara- tively early age, adulation would be out of place, and altogether false in taste, but that should not deter us from giving frank expression as to the place which Oolunal Powell held not only in the asteem Out in the affections of those with whom, he ever cameii contact. His princely hospitality; his wide-spread liberality; his high spirited patriotism; his affection for his native country, and his Humane disposition are traits that will long keep his mem.iry green in the affections of the people of Cardiganshire. Amongst the many who will to-day follow the remains of the latu lord of Nanteos to their last resting-place within the venerable walls of Llanbadarn church will be many outside the circle of his own, family, and humble in rank, who will be sore of heart to feel that they can never see more of one who was a life-long friend and benefactor. But as years advance the bonds of friendship are being so con- stantly broken that we come at last to repeat Horace Walpole's reflection—"as we grow old our only business here is to adorn the graves of our friends or to dig our own." Colonel William Thomas Rowland Powell, the representative of one of the noblest families in 1 Wales, whose line is traced by the Heralds College up to Griffith ap Conan, King of North Wales,and Rees ap Tewdwr,King ofSeuth Wales was the son of Colonel William Edward Powell, Lord-Lieutenant of Cardiganshire, and was born August 8rd, 1815, He was consequently, at the date of his death, in his 63rd year. The late Col. Powell was educated at Westminster School, and having early in his life obtained a commission in the 37th Regiment of Foot, served some years in the West Indies. In the year 1854 he retired from the army with the rank of Captain but was gazetted Colonel of the Royal Cardiganshire Militia shortly afterwards, a post which he re- signed some years ago in eonseqaence of failing health, and in which he was succeeded by Colonel Pryse, the present Lord-Lieutenant of the county. Colonel Powell represented Cardiganshire, as a Liberal-Conservative, in Parliament from 1859 until 1865, when he" retired, and the late Sir Thomas Davies Lloyd was elected as his suc- cessor. His personal popularity was proved to 9 demonstration when he contested the county against Mr. Saunders Davies, whom he defeated, notwithstanding that the latter gentleman had secured the support of the majority of the landed gentry. He was, of course, from the time he eame into possession of his immense estates of Nanteos and Tregaron.up to the time of his death, a magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for Cardigan- shire, as well as magistrate for Montgomeryshire. On the 1st May, 1839, Colonel Powell was mar- ried at St. Marylebone to RosaEdwyna, daughter and co-heiress of Mr. George Cherry, of Buck- land, County Hereford, by which marriage there were two children, George Ernest John, who succeeds to the estates, born 10th February, 1842, aad Harriet Edwyna, born 15th October, 1844, but who, together with her mother, sleeps in the family-vault which will receive the remains of Colonel Powell to-day. For several years past the deceased gentleman has been in such a state of declining health that the use of his lower limbs had almost altogether been lost to him, and he was obliged to spend his winters in Italy or the south of France. Only a few weeks since he returned from Nice, and took up his residence at the Crystal Palace Hotel, Norwood, where about a fortnight ago his last illness-collapse of the nervous system—seized him, and he never rallied. During that illness he was attended by Dr Hirt, of London, as well as by the medical attendant who travelled with him—MrSteedman. The late Colonel Powell is, as we have said, succeeded in the possession of his large estates by his only son, a gEntleman of distinguished literary attainments, educated at Eton and Oxford Univer- sity, and author amongst other works, prose and verse, of several volumes on Scandinavian Folk Lore. The body of Colonel Powell was brought toAber- ystwyth by the half-past two train on Thursday, and was met at the railway station by a large number of people. All the shops in the neigh- bourhood ot the station and North Parade were closed at the time. Mr George Powell, who succeeds to his father's estates, arrived here from London last (Friday) night. The funeral, which will leave Nant Eos about eleven o'clock this morning, although to some extent private, will no doubt be largely attended by the deceased gentle- man's friends and neighbours, as well as the tenants and the townspeople. The funeral cortege will, as has always been cus- tomary, proceed from. the south gate direct to Llanbadarn, passing Penparke school.