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+ LOCAL AND DISTRICT. HELD OVER.-We regret that we are forced to to bold over Rural Notes, Educational News, and Temperance Talk. We have been specially requested to insert the following :—The committee of the Testimonial Fund to the Rev. J. Evans, Glyndyfrdwy, are Messrs. W. E. Roberts, schoolmaster (chairman), J. Roberts, 4, Sun-terrace, H. Eastick, stationmaster, Samuel Jones, Pen'rallt, W. Wise, Minffordd, D. 0. Roberts, Coed Ial, J. R. Jones, Pantyffynnon, W. T. Jones, Twmpath, E. W. Roberts, Sun-terrace. Treasurer, Mr. D. Lloyd, Glanllyn. Secretary, Mr. 0. Roberts, vicar's warden. Subscriptions thank- fully received by the secretary. The collection made last Saturday at Messrs. J. C. Edwards' works towards the Transvaal War Fund was as follows :—Employes at Penybont Works, £ 3 10s.; Trefynant. A2 Os. 6d.; Rhos Works, A I Encaustic Tile Works, A- I loo. office staff, £4128. 6d.; aitogether amounting to A12 13s.; contribution by the firm, £ 12 13?.; making a total of A25 (5s. which is being sent to Wrexham. At the Llangollen Police Court, on Tuesday, John Watkin, applied for the temporary transfer to himself of the Crow Castle, beerhouse, Castle- street. Granted. In connection with the Glyndyfrdwy Evening School, a lantern entertainment was given on Tuesday evening, at 1 45. The subject was—" The War in the Transvaal." A number of admirable slides had been secured, and brief remarks were made upon each scene thrown upon the screen. The school was fairly well filled with an attentive audience. The lantern was manipulated by Mr. R. G. Williams. Besides the ordinary lecture set, a number of slides were shown illustrating The Absent-minded Beggar;" as also a number of capital portraits of the most prominent persons connected with the present hostilities. A very successful children's entertainment in connection with the Sunday morning church childrens' service was given in the Boys' National Schools, Chirk, on Monday night, when the Rev. E. James Evarts, M.A. (rural dean), presided over a' crowded and appreciative gathering. The chairman having expressed,his pleasure at the large attend- ance explained that the Childrens' Service had recently been instituted for the younger members of the church who were too young to benefit by the ordinary service and sermen in the Parish Church. It had therefore been considered advisable to conduct a service in the schools every Sunday morning for their special benefit. Mr. Povey superintended, and was glad to say the service had proved entirely successful and that the numbers were increasing. An interesting programme then followed of songs, part-songs, recitations, glees, etc., and bell-ringing selections were also given. During a juncture in the proceedings Miss Minnie Morris recited Kiplings' Absent-minded Beggar," after which the vicar called for three hearty cheers for Tommy Atkins and one more for the local imperial volunteers. The request was vigorously responded to. The entertainment concluded with magic lantern views a.nd votes of thanks to the bell-ringers and glee party and all those who had assisted were proposed by the chairman and carried unanimously. I The third meeting of the Ceiriog Valley Mutual Improvement Society was held at the Board School, Glynceiriog on Thursday evening. There was a good attendance considering that a great proportion of the members was prevented from being present owing to illness. Mr. D. E. Rees of the Board Schools presided with his usual ability, and at the end of the meeting gave an encouraging address to the young members. Excellent papers were read as follows :—" Galileo by Mr. Edgar Foulkes, the four musical masters by Mr. Noah Williams, A.C.; and Hugh Morris (Eos Ceiriog)" by Mr. Thomas Davies, Brookside. Each of the papers was very highly praised. During the evening a spirited rendering of The Captain's Daughter," was given by Mr. F. Pritchard Jones, who was accompanied by Mr. Edward Roberts, Tanymllt. A hearty vote of thanks was given to those who had taken part on the proposi- tion of the chairman, sad seconded by Mr. Phillip E. Phillips, Benvyn House and a similar compli- ment was acconh-d tbe chairman on the motion of Mr. Edgar Foulkes, and seconded by Mr. Noah Williams. The meeting terminated by the singing of The land of my Fathers," led by Mr. F. Pritchard Jones. ,+-- The order of services and preachers for the various places of worship of Llangollen and neigh- bourhood for next Sunday are as follows The Established Church PinglUh "-irvioes are held in the Parish Church as follows:—Hoiy communion every Sunday and Saint's Day »•. ».m. Mr «in» and holy communion (full choral on first) on the fir-n and third Sundays in the month at 11 a.m.; mtting and litaay on the second and fourth Sundays in the month; matins only on the fifth Sunday. Sunday school at 2 30; children's service and catechising at 3 30 p.m., and also baptisms (if any). Evensong and sermon at 6 p.m. Daily prayers at 8 a. rn and 7 p.m.-St. John's (Welsh') Church: Sundays, mi,tins and sermon at 1030 a.m., except on the first Sunday in the month, when there is litany and holy communion. Evensong and sermon at 6 p.m. Weekday services on Thursdays at 7 p.m.-St. David's Chapel, Vron: Sunday, matins and sermon at 11 a.m., Sunday school at 2 p.m. and evensong and sermon at 6 p.m. Holy communion on the second Sunday in the month.-St. Mal's Chapel, Eglwyseg: Sunday School at 10 30 a.m., evensong and sermon (English) at 2 30p.m., except the last Sunday in the month, when it is in Welsh evensong and sermon (Welsh) at 6 p.m.; holy communion: English on the 2nd Sunday, and Welsh on the last Sunday in the month.— Vicar, Archdeacon Wynn Jones; curates, Revs. John Edwards, D. E. Rowlands and Gilbert Heaton (Vron). Liantysilio Church: English services^every Sunday -it 11 15 a.m.; also from July to September (inclusive) it. 315 p.m. Holy Communion on 1st Sunday in the mo nth Welsh service at 6 p.m. Holy Communion on 3rd Smidg- in the month. Rev. J. S. Jones, B.A. (Cantab.), vict. St. Thomas's Church (Glyndyfrdwy) Welsh service and sermon at 10 a.m. Sunday school at 2 p.m. Welsh service (sermon) at6 p.m. HolyCommunio-i, 1st Suud in the month. Rev. John Evans, vicar. Rehoboth Calvinistic Methodist Chapel: sermoas at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. by the Rev. T. E. Williams, B.D., Llangollen. English Baptist Chapel (Abbey-road): sermons at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. by the Rev. H. Rees, pastor. English Wesleyan Chapel (Market-street): sermons at 11 a.m. and 6 p m. by the Rev. W. J. Baker, Wrexham. Welsh Baptist Chapel: sermons at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. by the Rev. D. Williams, pastor. Welsh Wesleyan Chapel: sermons at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. by Mr. Jacob Morris, Glynceiriog Welsh Congregational Chapel (Church-street): sermons at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. by the Rev. L. Davies, Corwen. Mission Room (Brook-street): sermons at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. by the Rev. T. Roberts, Chester. Zion Congregational Chapel (Vroncyssylltau): at 10 a.m. 2 and 6 p.m. revival meetings, by Miss Rosina Davies, evangelist, of Treherbert. The following days and places are appointed for holding the spring assizes on the North and South Wales and Chester circuits, which will be taken by Mr. Justice Channell and Mr. Justice Buckmill :-Tuesday, February 20th, at Welshpool; Tuesday, February 20th, Haverfordwest; Thursday, February22nd, Dolgelley Thursday, February 22nd, Lampeter Saturday, February 24th, Carnarvon Monday, February 26th, Carmarthen Friday, March 2nd, Beaumaris; Friday. March 2nd, Brecon Mon- day, March 5th, Ruthin Thursday, March 8th, Mold Thursday, March 8th, Presteign; Saturday, March 10th, Chester; Saturday, March 17th, Cardiff. t There was a good attendance in St. John's Parish Church, Rhosymedre, yesterday evening week, when Dr. J. H. Maunder's new sacred cantata, Penitence, pardon, and peace," was successfully performed by the excellently trained augumented choir under the able leadership of Mr. W. H. Cunliffe, Bodlwyd. The soprano solos were admirably rendered by Miss Jennie Roberts, Wrex- ham, and the Rev. J. W. Thomas, M.A., vicar of Rhosymedre, as baritone, and Mr. Ed. Thomas as tenor performed their allotted tasks very creditably, whilst the singing of the various choruses was characterised by true cohesion, as well as extreme attention to expression. Mr. A. Archer efficiently presided at the organ. The introductory serviee was conducted by Rev. D. M. Evans, B.A. (curate), and the offertory was devoted towards defraying expenses. Considerable satisfaction was expressed in the Ruabon and Cefn Mawr districts on Saturday, when it became known that the notices to the men— about one thousand in number-bad been with- drawn. and that work would be resumed on Monday as usual. The North Wales miners' agent, Mr. E. Hughes, met the proprietors of the colliery (the Wynnstay Colliery Company, Ruabon) and discussed the questions at issue, with the result that the proprietors acceded to the men's demands by granting 6s. per day to the colliers working in the new seam, at the 55 per cent. rate, which is a considerable increase on the previous arrangements. One man out of each six in each shift is to be allowed to go out of the pit at two o elock. Arrangements were also arrived at with reference to slack per centage and other questions. At Rhyl on Saturday a conference representing the county governing body, the county school managers, and teachers of the elementary schools of Denbighshire was held under the presidency of Mr. W. G. Dodd, of Llangollen. A scheme was submitted to the meeting which had been prepared with the object of showing how pupil teachers might reeeive a. part, at least, of their education at the county schools. The scheme, after amendment in some respects, was adopted, and ordered to be submitted to the county governing body of Denbighshire, with a request that, if approved, copies of it should be supplied te the Central Welsh Board, the county governing bodies of Wales, and the whole of the educational authorities in the county of Denbigh. A two days' exhibition of poultry, pigeons, cage birds, &c., in connection with the Wrexham and District Fanciers' Association, was held in the Public Hall, Wrexham, on Saturday. The exhibits were numerous, and some good specimens were shown. The judges were Messrs. F. L. Swindells, H. Blount, H. Smith, and J. Todd. In the poultry section the chief prize-winners were T. H. Edwards, Chirk; M. Mullock, Isycoed R. Hughes, Rhos; W. Rigg, Bluse Drelincourt; G. H. Aingworth, Gresford; F. Smith, Cefnybedd; Mrs. Williams, Ruabon Abel Hughes, Johnstown Job Mason, Wrexham B. W. Williams, Rhosddu; and J. Hughes, Holt Lodge. In pigeons the following were successfulW. Thomas, Rhosneslitlay (silver cup for best in the show) W. Hogg, Rhosddu Abel Hughes, W. Butler, Rhosymedre; M. Loftus, Pentrefelin H. Hughes, Ellesmere; J. Spooner, Wrexham. The chief prizes offered for cage birds were awarded to F. Kinzett, Wrexham W. Thomas, Sergt. J. Salisbury, E. Edkims, Ruabon (gold-centre medal for the best cage bird in the show) C. Moore, Corporation Cottage W. Rogers, Gresford E. E. Dutton, Wrexham and J. Taylor, Wrexham. E. Ethelston Peel, Brynypys, and J. Davies, Vicarage Lodge, Wrexham, carried off the chief .awards for rabbits. Mission services were commenced on Sunday at the Bethel Welsh Congregational Chapel, Rhosymedre, by Miss Rosina Davies, of Treherbert, South Wales. The services, which were continued on Monday and Tuesday evenings, were well- attended, and were of a stimulating and inspiriting character. Miss Davies visits Vroncyssylltau at the ehd of this week, where she conducts a similar series of services. The inhabitants of Cefn learned with con- siderable regret on Saturday of the demise at midnight on Friday of Mr. Fred Powell, Church- street, Rhosymedre, after a protracted illness. Deceased, who was 74 years of age, was a brother- in law of Mr. B. Butterton, Well-street, a member of the Cefn Parish Council. He had been employed several years ago at the New British Ironworks, Acrefair, and was highly respected in the district. There was an unmistakeably appreciative as well as overflowing audience in Rhosymedre National Schools on Monday night, on the occasion of the eighth annual performance of the Rhosy- medre Amateur Dramatic Society. The piece selected for enactment was Mr. C. S. Fawcett's amusing comedy in three acts entitled Tragedy." The dramatis personse were as follows :—Mr. M. R. Gregory Graysin, a barrister who writes plays with unlooked for results, Mr. Herbert Archer Mr. Mumford Merry, a doting but jealous husband, Mr. F. Butterworth, Wrexham Mr. J. P. Macready Burbage, actor, elocutionist and photographic artist, Mr. Harry P. Harris; Christopher Cute, of the Criminal Investigation department, Mr. Walter H. Harris Isaac Parchen (Graysin's clerk), Mr. H. W. Bagnall, Wrexham Meuntcastel Stokes (office boy), Mr. Llew.Wright, Rhosymedre Mrs. Gregory Graysin, Miss Edie L. Williams, Trefynant Mrs. Hawke (her mamma), Miss G. R. Fairfax Mrs. Mumford Merry (a retired actress), Miss Selina Jones, Ruabon Mary, an up-to-date housemaid, Miss Flora Griffiths, Rhosymedre. The whole play, shrouded with several mysteries and misunder- standings, afforded considerable scope to performers, who, criticized collectively, acquitted themselves remarkably well. Mr. Herbert Archer adapted himself inimitably to the position of a barrister, whilst Mr. Butterworth as Mr. Merry, fired with jealousy, gave a splendid representation. Probably the most amusing character of the male representa- tions was that enacted by Mr. Harry Harris, who, with the trio of varied professions of actor, elocu- tionist, and photographic artist, so grimly attired, and as cool-blooded an assassin obtained, caused undeniable laughter by his amusing actions, ready wit and general get-up. His brother Walter, as Mr. Cute, distinguished himself as a detective with a genius for arresting the wrong man on more than one occasion. Mr. Bagnall, as Graysin's clerk, a highly-suspicious individual, with a tendency for "four 'alf," was also amusingly costumed, and caused much merriment. Mr. Llew. Wright, who was given to practical jokes, excelled in that department Miss Williams and Miss Fairfax came out admirably as daughter and mother respectively, whilst Miss Griffiths proved a gay young house- maid. The other lady character, Miss Selina Jones, who had proviously appeared on the boards, found splendid scope for her excellent histrionic capabili- ties. Suiting herself to the situation, she gave a clever representation of both tragic and comic parts. The orchestra which assisted was composed of Messrs. Geo. Quick (Acrefair), Goronwy Bowen (Cefn Mawr), A. Archer (Cefn Schools), and Miss- Rose Marsh. At the conclusion of the third act Mr. Walter Harris, by permission, sang Kipling's- famous "Absent-minded beggar," and the customary • collection, amounting to 4-1 13s. Id. was taken. Following this Mr. H. W. Bagnall, Wrexham, gave an exhibition of "lighting sketching," including several well-known military portraits, which were highly appreciated. The amateurs are to be con- gratulated on the pronounced success that attended their efforts. A concert was given on Saturday night in the Assembly Rooms by the Treorky Royal Welsh Male Choir, who have had the distinction of appearing before the Queen on four separate occasions also before other notables throughout the country. They are also the holders of the world's record for the Eisteddfodic prize. A splendid programme was admirably gone through, the various items eliciting applause and frequent encores. On Sunday, the choir gave a sacred concert, which was fairly well attended. --+- A very interesting lecture was delivered on Friday evening at the Penllyn Mission Chapel, by the Rev. Clement Evans, Gwyddelwern, on His visit to London." The attendance was fair. On the motion of the Rev. T. E. Williams (who presided), seconded by the Rev. J. Lias Davies, » warm vote of thanks was accorded the lecturer. A meeting, with the object of forming a local branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was held in the Assembly Rooms, on Wednesday afternoon, when a pathetic- ally eloquent and praetical address was delivered by a male delegate from London, in the absence of Miss Bolton, who was announced to attend. The Ven. Archdeacon Wynne-Jones presided, and the audience, which was satisfactorily representative, included Miss Cross, Mrs. Lloyd Edwards, Mrs. Williams, Glandwr, Mr. and Mrs. Foulkes-Jones, Mr. J. Nanson, Mr. T. C. Davies, Mr. Morton, Mr. Green-Davies, Mrs. Hughes, Leahurst, Rev. W. Foulkes, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Dodd, Mrs. Roberts, the Misses Jones, Tower Farm, Mrs. Spencer, Mr. W. B. Roberts, Mr. E. R. Parry, Mr. M. H. Roberts, &c. The chairman, at the opening, gave his own experience, and though there might not be, he was happy to learn, any urgent need for such a society in Llangollen, yet its very existence would be a deterrent to parents who might be disposed to ill-treat their children, and if they did they would know that eyes were upon them and that cruel parents would quickly have to answer before the law for their inhumanity.—After the address by the delegate, it was resolved nu the motion of the Archdeacon, seconded by the Rev. W. Foulkes, that a branch be formed, and a committee appointed to make the necessary arrangements. A vote of thanks was passed to the Archdeacon for presiding. Before a large attendance of members of the Llangollen Literary Society, on Wednesday night, Mr. J. W. Davies, presiding, Mr. E. Foulkss-Jones gave a most instructive lecture on "Bees and their cultivation." The lecture, of which we propose to give an extended notice in our next issue, was illustrated with lime-light pictures, showing the habits, &c., of these industrious and profitable creatures. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. E. Foulkes-Jones to Mr. Darlington for the use of the lantern to Mr. Lettsome for its manipulation and to the chairman. At the Bridge End Hotel, on Tuesday evening, a smoking concert was given by the members of the Llangollen United Football Club to the Volunteers and Imperial Yeomanry who are going from Llangollen district to the front. Mr. R. LI. Baker presided, and about 80 friends assembled to genially take part in "the send-off." Songs, recitations, &c., having been given, Mr. T. H. Buahby proposed the health of those going to the front; the toast being responded to by Sergeant Selby, Mr. Wynn Morris, Mr. C. Jones, and Sergt.- Instructor Galloway. Votes of thanks were passed to the chairman (Mr. Baker), to the hon. sec. (Mr. T. H. Bush by), and to Mr. Pace for his excellent catering to the company present. Mr. J. Hiram Davies accompanied on the pianoforte in an admir- able manner.