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FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE. Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, at the Oakleigh Field, an interesting football match was played between Llangollen and Oswestry Half-holiday teams. The game was spiritedly contested with the result-Llangollen, 6 goals Oswestry, 1. Llangollen County School v. Wrexham County School 2nd eleven.— This match was played ou Wednesday afternoon on Llangollen School ground. The homesters soored a brilliant victory. The eleven can be congratulated on their success. Som!) of them played exceedingly well and scarcely one of them played a bad game. The attack of the forwards has improved immensely since the last match. The weakest point of the side was the reluctance of the half-backs to keep up well behind the forwards. They improved, however, in this respect as the game proceeded. The full backs played a magnificent game all through their kicks were clean and generally well directed even when they took the ball, as it often happened, iu rather awkward positions. The forwards all played well. The smallest player amongst the forwards, W. Lloyd, was very neat in his passe?. He seldom ever failed. All the forwards passed beautifully at times. The most spirited play was at the end during the last five minutes. The score had been standing for a long time at three goals to one in favour of Llangollen. The Wrexham team seeing that the time was meeting on made a splendid rush and succeeded in scoring their second. Then by way of retaliation, instead of being cownd down, the Llangollen boys played up brilliantly and scored twice in quick succession. The final result was Llangollen 5 goals Wrexham 2 goals. With pluck, energy and conbination they may expect to win other matches. The Llangollen School were represented by W. H Roberts and Ernest Williams (half-backs) A. E. Olley, Ted Hughes and Abel Roberts (half-backs) A. H. Mathews, W. Lloyd, Edmund Plunkett (captain), Howel Roberts, and W. E. Morris (forwards) Harold Phillips (goal). Wrexham v. Kaffirs.—At Wrexham Racecourse. In the first half Wrexham monopolised the play, and scored four times, the visitors obtaining a goal from a penalty kick. Shortly after the interval the Darkies gain a point, Wrexham replying soon afterwards. Play became farcical, and the South Africans scored twice. Final score :-Wrexham, five goals Kaffirs, four. A novel and interesting event took place on Wednesday afternoon at Rhosymedre, when the renowned Kaffir Football Team, which is now on a tour through Great Britain for improvement in football, paid a visit to Wynnstay Park, where they opposed the Druids F.C. in a friendly encounter. There was an exceedingly satisfactory "gate." An enjoyable and instructive game resulted in a win for the Druids by 4 goals to 3. The Druids' team was re-arranged to the advantage of the visitors, and the scoring was performed by C. Thomas, W. Davies, Jim Davies, and Spencer for the "Ancients." During the interval a collection was taken in aid of the local war fund, and a good sum was realised. The proceeds amounting to over £12 were equally divided between the Kaffirs and the Ruabon Volunteer Brass Band, the latter having rendered good service to the home club. The band is endeavouring to obtain new instruments by next Christmas, and the kindness of the Druids football officials and team is greatly admired both by the bandsmen and the general public. On Wednesday night an adjournment was made to the Plough Inn, Rhosymedre, where the Kaffirs and officials having partaken of tea, were subsequently entertained to an enjoyable smoking concert when several songs, &c., were contributed. Amongst those present were Mr. J. Manley, President of the Druids F.C., and Mr. H. Williams, Cardiff, who has charge of the Kaffir team. The striking person- ality, good nature, fluency in th,e English and native tongues, and their good humour much impressed their entertainers. They were greatly admired for their fleety movements, and sub- sequently departed by the 10 18 p.m. train from Cefn Station for Shrewsbury, where they met Shrewsbury Town, yesterday (Thursday). On Monday next they pay a visit to Aston Villa team. WELSH JUNIOR CUP (1st ROUND.) Llangollen United v. Wrexham Vron St. Albans. —The above cup tie was played last Saturday on bhe Tower Field, in boisterous weather, the gate suffering in consequence, and re-arrangement of the home team, owing to Morris, Hughes, and Williams being unable to play, let in Evans, Johns, and Clarke. Llangollen: Goal, E. Weatley; backs, C. Jones and E. Evans; half-backs, W. Jones, F. Johns and W. Lloyd Jones right wing, T. H. Bushby and W. Thomas left wing, H. Clarke and r. Thomas; centre, D. Lloyd. Referee, Mr. A. rhomas. Hon. Sec. Druids F.C. Winning the toss, Llangollen defended the Tower goal, having the wind behind them. The opening stages of the game were rather in favour of the visitors who exhibited pretty combination, the left wing p running round the home defence, W. Jones quite failing to cope with their sharp passess. Clarke and Thomas on the left ably fed by their half-back were next seen to advantage, but on the ball being centered the inside men seemed to be all at sea, selfishness and gallery" play being the order of the day. We would again remind the home team that Unity is strength." Bushby occassionally did some good work at outside iright but lacked finish. We would advise a little more "target practice and short passing for this player, Shot for goal two or three times a week at least, ought to be indulged in if the team want to get any further in their cup ties, and this the oommittee ought to insist on. The first goal of the match oame from the left wing; the left-half after repeatedly centering beautifully essayed a shot on his own behalf which the visiting goalkeeper only just succeeded in keeping out, the ball being immediately rushed into the net by the home forwards. This reverse seemed to rouse the Wrexhamiteo up, their half backs playing splendidly and feeding the men in front of them in great style, the right wing eventually getting the ball centering accrosste the left, were again the home right-half was at fault. From the extreme left the ball was swung into goal, when some very bad work by one of the home backs resulted in the ball being scrimmaged into the net giving Westley no possible chance, and making the scores level. The United were not discouraged, and somt of the best work in this half was witnessed in midfield, but the homesters were lamentably weak in front of goal, however the pressure was continued and a corner forced, young Lloyd Jones took the kick, dropping the ball directly in front of goal, a beautiful effort, a scramble ensued, the ball being netted amidst cheers. Centres by Buvhby and Clarke with no tangible result and desultory mid- field play was all that occurred until half-time. During the interval Mr. Everitt kindly supplied the players and officials with hot coffee. Play reccommenced with some strong work by the visitors who were now doing well with the increased aid of Boraeos, and Llangollen's chances certainly did not look rosy hereabouts, but some plucky play by W. Thomas, D. Lloyd, and C. Jones, and some really good centres by Clarke resulted in W. Thomas scoring the best goal of the match: This reversp. seemed to have the effect of taking the st.,i"m out of the visitors, but Westley had numerous shoes to deal with, and Llangcllen are lucky in possessing a goalkeeper and groundsman of his calibre. The whistle sounded the "ceaso-nring" (not owing to the "whiteflag" this time) amidst the cheers of the spectators who had witnessed a plucky fight by the home team. Westley in goal was a treat. C. Jones in the second half was dashing ahd played well. W. Lloyd Jones agaiji did exceptionally well, the two first goals beiilg virtually his. Johns was consistent and a tryer all through. T. and W. Thomas, Lloyd, and Clarke also did fairly well, the latter's centres being one of the features of the match, he is only a junior and gives fair promise, take some sprinting practice Herbert and you'll be hard to displace from outside left in the cup team. Bushby was fair in the first half but fell off afterwards. W. Jones would do well to cultivate more dash and did not play up to form. Evans who has now being before the public for some years helped in a great measure by his experience. COMBINATION. Aberystwyth v. Newtown.—At Aberystwyth. Marshall scored first for Aberystwytb, but before change of ends Newtown drew level. Half-time score :-One goal each. Aberystwyth scored again in the last half. Result:—Aberystwyth, two goals Newtown, one. Llandudno Swifts v. Chirk.-—A most interesting match was that at Chirk, on Saturday afternoon, when Llandudno Swifts were engaged with the men of Chirk in the Combination tourney. Neither team was fully represented, Chirk playing three reserves, whilst the Swifts commenced operations with only nine men, Chirk being one man short also. Although Chirk subsequently obtained their full complement the Llandudno were without Knight at full-back. Bartley, the well-known forward who played Glossop into the first division of the League, figured in the visitors' team. Mr. Higginson, Chester, acted as referee. Llandudno won the toss, and Lockley set the leather in motion against a strong side wind. The homesters at once rushed up but the defence through lacking one back proved inefficient. The first corner was forced by Williams after three minutes' play from the result of a feeble shot which Robinson placed over the line. James tested the seasiders' custodian, but the latter kept his charge intact grandly. Hughes transferred play for the Swifts, but the vagaries of the wind carried his shot wide of its intended billet. Chirk quickly reassumed the aggres- sive, and Robinson conceded a corner cleared by Parry eventually. A few minutes latter E. Williams from long range got in a baffling shot which glancing on the bar located the net amidst much applause. Wynne now became prominent, but Robinson cleared. Williams too became dangerous, but he was hauled up for penalising the off-side rule, and Lockley was similarly treated. From the result of a foul against the seasiders a severe tussle ensued in the homesters' goalmouth, and through fumbling with the ball Bartley was let in, and banged the leather into the net, thus equalising after 15 minutes' play. This occurrence roused Chirk, and the Swift's goal under- went a narrow escape, Williams and Meredith shining prominently. Welch at length was instrumental in relieving the pressure, and Chirk were now on their mettle. Lockley, however, obtained possession, and for a second time the visitors' colors were lowered. The Swifts struggled valiantly, but Tracy Morgan, the Chirk custodian, proved impregnable to Jones and Welch of the Swifts' forwards. At 3 52 Wynne scored the third goal for the homesters. Williams having been declared offside Lockley registered the fourth point three minutes later. Lockley again made a daring attempt, but the interval arrived with Chirk leading by four goals to one. Immediately operations were resumed, Lockley annexed a fifth goal completely beating Robinsoa in goal. Further life was incor- porated in the game when Lockley advanced, but his final effort was spoilt by the hurricane. The visiting custodians scooped out a curious shot of Ephraim Williams just afterwards. Williams a minute later netted the ball was declared offside.. Once more was he similarly treated. Following this Welch almost beat Tracy, but Meredith, with his characteristic style cleared twice in quick succession in remarkable manner. Lowry added a second goal for the Swifts, and the homesters in retaliating gave Fred Jones an anxious time, but his persistent efforts prevented any further scoring, and an exciting game ended in a win for Chirk by 5 goals to 2. Wynne and Lockley were the picks of Chirk forwards, their tactics at times being of fine order. Meredith and Jim Roberts were veritable rocks of defence. The outside men Welch and Webb, of Llanduddo, were greatly admired for their fleet movements.





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