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■» FOOTBALL ITEMS. Local Matches.-The Secretaries of local clubs are requested to send in reports of all matches as early in the week as possible to ensure insertion. THE COMBINATION. EVERTON RESERVE v. CHIRK—At Chirk on Saturday. The home team were short of Mates and Roberts. The play opened fast and exciting, the ball travelling from goal to goal with great rapidity, but neither side could make any impression on the defence, half-time arriving with no goal scored. The second half was similar to the first. S. Roberts missed a grand opening in the Everton goal mouth. Final score:— Everton two goals Chirk one. WHITE STAR WANDERERS V. OSWESTRY UNITED.—At Bootle, on Saturday. Lupton scored from a free kick after 15 minutes' play. Half-time score:—Star one goal; Oswestry, none. In the second half Erning scored for White Star twice, and Peate added a fourth point. The visitors custodian saved a penalty kick. Final score --White Star Wanderers, seven goals Oswestry United, none. WREXHAM v. CHESTER.—On the Wrexham Racecourse The game was an exceedingly fast and exciting one both teams playing a hard game. Grainger obtained the only goal in the first half, and Wrexham led at the interval by a goal to none. The second half was slightly in favour of the visitors, and the Wrexham, one goal; Chester none. THE WELSH JUNIOR CUP. The draw for the second round of this competi- tion was made on Wednesday night at Wrexham. DIVISION 1: Rhyl Reserve v. Llandudno Reserve, Bangor Reserve v. Flint Athletic. DIVISION 2: Stansty Villa v. Erddig Albion, Wrexham Reserve v. Adwy United. DIVISION 3: Druids Reserve v. Ellesmere Rangers, Witchurch Athletic v. Oswestry Reserve. DIVISION 4: Singleton and Coles v. Dolgelley, Llanfyllin v. Aberystwyth Reserve. The first-named club in each case has choice of ground, and the ties have to be played off on or before Dec. 10. DRUIDS v. SMALL HEATH. At this match on Saturday, Small Heath scored 10 goals Druids, none. ELLESMERE RANGERS v. LLANGOLLEN WANDERERS. These teams met at Ellesmere on Saturday in fine but dull weather, before a respectable gathering of spectators. The ball having been put in motion the game for the first ten minutes or so ruled somewhat even. The home forwards eventually tested the visitors' defeuce when Williams cleared with a strong kick. The Wanderers subsequently got away with their charge but back came the leather in charge of Hodnett and Ward. Hodnett centred, and Goderich sent in a capital shot. The Rangers pressing heavily, forced a fruitless corner, but ere the tie was a few minutes older Ward headed the leather into the net. Ellesmere, from ihe centre kick, made tracks for the Welsh fortress, which was captured for the second time by Goderich. A momentary visit to home pastures followed, but the invaders were quickly dis- posed of by Smith and Coffin. Roberts worked the leather to midfield, when Harwood was deservedly applauded for a smart run in, though nothing came of it. Ellesmere scored again before the interval.- Ellesmere, 3 Llangollen 0. The second half proved of an even character, the Welshmen playing pluckily, and several times got through their opponents, but their shots proved on the whole somewhat feeble. The Rangers scored thrice in this half, and the Wanderers retired defeated by six goal to none. The followingh were the teams .'— ELLESMERE. Goal, H. Dawson backs, J. Smith and H. Coffin; half-backs, F. Bremfield, W. H. Jones and J. Garside; right wing E. Hodnett and G. Ward; left wing G. Goderich and E. Bromfield; centre, F. H. Harvard. Linesman, Mr. J. Husker. LLANGOLLEN. Goal, Wesley; backs, Evans and Williams; half- backs R. Roberts, Ellis and Griffiths; right wing, Jones and Roberts; left wing, Thomas and E. T. Roberts centre, Hughes. Linesman, Mr. R. Jones, Referee, Mr. F. T. Evans, Wrexham. CORWEN JUNIORS v. LLANGOLLEN WANDERERS RESERVE. On Saturday, Corwen Juniors journeyed to Llan- gollen, to play their return match. The homesters won the toss, and elected with the wind in their favour. Corwen Juniors kicked off very swiftly, and were soon stopped by J. H. Hughes, who ran the ball up and placed the first goal for the homesters, after five minutes play. The visitors team made a beautiful run, and the outside right gave a sudden shot, which was, however, easily fisted out by the goal-keeper. The same one tried another, but the ball went wide. The ball again was kicked off, and Williams receiviug it from Ellis, headed it between the posts, so that at half-time the game stood, Llangollen, 2; Corwen, 0. J. H. Hughes kicked off the last half, and the ball was by the visitors goal immediately, the goalkeeper having to fist out several good shots. Again the visitors took advantage of the homesters, and ran up, Wesley missed it, and the outside right gave a ticklish shot, which struck the goal-post, and went in. Now the homesters, who were in their best combina- tion, ran the ball down, and J. Roberts placed in the third goal. Llangollen fought the visitors well. Final result: Llangollen, 3; Corwen, 1. Another match will be played on Saturday, at the Tower Field, with St John's Reserve, Rhosymedre. Kick off at 3-15.



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