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CHIT-CHAT, PRIM & PITHY. A man died of starvation in Liverpool on Monday. According to the British Association, trade is reviving, and there is a bright time coming. The House of Commons adjourned on Fridav until Nov. 2nd, and the House of Lords until Nov. 9th. Fatal cases of cholera were reported on Monday from Hull and Newcastle, and again on Tuesday from Huil. The Conway and Llandudno magistrates refused to renew the licence of the Railway Inn, Conway, on Monday. It is calculated that six of our principal railway companies have already lost £ 1,200,000 through the coal strike. Harriet Wright, charged with childmurder at Whitchurch, has been committed for trial, but admitted to bail. The Chester Guardians are patriotic. They have decided that the only cheese used in the workhouse must hail from Cheshire. Kensington Oval is to be closed against the game of football this season. This is a great disappointment to the Metropolitan football clubs. Superior Judge William Conley, of California, is the youngest judge of any court on record in the United States. He is just 26 years old. All the licences adjourned at the Wrexham annual licencing session were granted on Monday-a six day licence, however, being taken out in every instance. It is said that the Everton Football Club pays X5 a week and £ 250 down to one of its players-John Southworth. Evidently play pays better than work these days. Lord Swansea has written declining the mayoralty of Swansea for next year. His lordship says he is prevented by his many other engagements, and by the advice of his medical men. The Penrhyn-Dinorwic Male Voice Choir landed at Liverpool on Monday from America, where they were suceessful in winning the second prize at the Inter- national Eisteddfod at Chicago. Captain Roberts, who was in the boat by the up- setting of which Lieut. Davies, Mr. Fanning, and the boatman, Henry Jones, were drowned in the Menai Straits on August 23rd, died at Portdinorwic, on Friday. The British India steamship Dunera, which has arrived at Plymouth, brought a lion and lioness, both splendid animals, with a couple of cnbs, which have been sent as a present to the Queen by the Sultan of Zanzibar. It is just recorded by the Postmaster-General that in the United Kingdom, last year, about 32,000 letters were posted without any address, and of these 1,955 contained cash, bank notes, and cheques of the value of £ 5,000. Mr. Herbert Lewis obtained leave in the House of Commons last week, to bring in a Bill to amend the law relating to the licencing of beerhouses and places for the sale of cider and wine by retail in England and Wales. The largest cargo steamer in the world was launched on Saturday from Harland and Wolf's yard at Belfast. This was the Cevic, a vessel built to the order of the White Star Company. The boat is designed for the cattle trade. Sir Charles Bowen, on being made a Lord of Appeal, has been granted the dignity of baron for life with the title of Baron Bowen, of Colwood, Sussex. Baron Bowen, it will be remembered, resided at Llantysilio Hall for some time. Notwithstanding the grave doubts to the contrary, one of the men entombed in the Dolcoath Mine, Cornwall, named Davies, was rescued on Friday. He bad been imprisoned 37 hours at a depth of 412 fathoms beneath the earth's surface. There were 13,000 less visitors at Douglas, Isle of Man, this season up to the end of August than during the same period last year, the numbers being 215,243. against 228,100. At Ramsey there was a slight increase of from 9773 last year to 10,366 this year. David Pugh of Drummer's Hill, Trefeglwys, was sent to gaol for 21 days by the Rhayader magistrates last week for knocking down a man named David Roberts of Welshpool, and sitting on his chest and biting his nose, because he would not walk up the street with him. At a meeting of the Bank of England Governors it was stated as an interesting fact that the capital employed in the United Kingdom in banking square, uonaon, early on Thursday morning, when a jiled lover named Mr. L. E. Percy, aged 25, in a mad fit of jealousy shot in the roadway a young lady a chorus girl, aged 25, named Bessie Montague, as well as her companion, a stockbroker named Mr. S. B. Garcia, aged 27, and then shot himself in the head. According to a return just issued no fewer than 375 public bills have been introduced into the House of Commons since the beginning of the present session (exclusive of Provisional Order Bills). This beats the record, the highest figure reached hitherto m 1888, Last year the total was 317: in 1891 it was 328; in 1890, 322; in 1889, 303; and in loo7, 617. On Thursday night, Andrew Whitlow, aged three years, son of a farmer at Hulton, Runcorn, obtained possession of a whisky bottle in the bedroom cup- board, and drinking some of the contents, became immediately unconscious. Drs. Carruthers and Ormsby were summoned, but despite their efforts the child succumbed at a quarter to ten the same night without regaining sensibility. Edward Henry Elliott, 35 years of age, a clergyman of the Church of England, was committed by the Wolverhampton magistrates on Tuesday for a month's imprisonment for vagrancy. The prisoner is indebted to the late Duchess of Sutherland for his education, and is possessed of considerable ability, but he has for some years given way to drink, and for some time has been in a condition of abject destitution. The prize of 100 dollars in money and a piece of land valued at 200 dollars, the gift of Mr. Henry Parry (first cousin to Mr. Henry M. Stanley and Judge G. W. Roberts) has been awarded to Mr. Charles Ashton, Dinas Mawddwy, at the Chicago Eisteddfod, for a "Handbook of short biographical sketches of the Welsh poets, with short criticism upon their poems, from William Lleyn (1560) to Gwilym Hiraethog." The death is announced in the 86th year of his age of Mr. Thomas Hawksley, the eminent civil engineer. Amongst the numerous undertakings with which he was connected must be enumerated the Vyrnwy water supply to Liverpool. It was upon his report that the scheme was adopted, and though he retired from it before its completion, much of the credit for the magnificent supply which Liverpool now enjoys is due to his sagacity. In the Cottenham district of Cambridgeshire a second crop of various kinds of fruit is being gathered. Green gooseberries have been secured during the last few days from one of the gardens and raspberries have in several places blossomed again and produced finer fruit than the first crop, while apple trees also show a fine second bloom. Some fruit growers are of opinion that the extraordinary occurrence will be prejudical to next year's crop. The Bolton police on Monday reported the death under mysterious h circumstances of a bookkeeper named John Nuttall, 35 years of age, of Stoneclough. He had travelled by a night train from Manchester" and was found lying unconscious in the carriage at Bolton. He was removed to the infirmary, and died there. The nature of his illness or the circumstances which led to his condition are unknown, as he remained in an unconscious state. The third volume of census returns for England and Wales, just published, supplies us with some interesting statistical information on the subject of migration between the two countries. It appears that the total number of Welsh residents in England is 228,616. In Liverpool there are 17,449 Welsh people, in Birkenhead 5,645, and in Manchester (including Salford) 9,463. These figures refer to the immigrant Welsh population only. A feud between union and non-union sailors has culminated at San Francisco in the former resorting to the use of dynamite. A bomb was exploded on Sunday in front of a lodging house occupied mostly by seafaring men not attached to the union. The premises were wrecked, and six of the inmates were frightfully injured. Two of these died almost instantly, while the others were so mangled and disfigured that very little hope is entertained of their recovery. Borwick's "Baking Powder Pure and Wholesome. Borwick's Baking Powder, Entirely free from alum. Borwick's Baking Powder Largest sale in the world. Borwick s Baking Powder Best that money can buy.