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HOME & FOREIGN CHIT-CHAT- Mr. J. Evans-Jones, the editor of The Welsh Herald, and a well-knwon Welsh literateur, is lying danger- ously ill at Carnarvon. Saturday's Times of Argentina announced that the extradition of Spencer Balfour has been granted by the Argentine Government. Lord Derby, who had a serious seizure of the heart on Tuesday afternoon, was reported on Wednesday evening to be considerably better. Mr. John Jones, butcher, Llandudno, has been unanimously elected chairman of the Commissioners, on the motion of Mr. Elias Jones. The Holywell School Board have passed a strongly- worded resolution in favour of placing the entire system of national education under public control. It will perhaps surprise many to learn that the value of fish caught in our waters and landed on the coasts of the United Kingdom was last year about £ 7,500,000. A canister containing 10$ounces of explosive matter was found on Wednesday morning in the Great Western railway tunnel at Newport, with a half-burnt fuse attached. The Liverpool Welsh Calvinistic Methodists held their 14th annual Cymanfa Gerddorol" in Hengler's Circus, on Monday evening, the conductor being Dr. Joseph Parry. At a committee meeting of last year's National Eisteddfod, it was decided to devote half the surplus, about £ 125, to the fund for building an intermediate school at Rhyl. On Saturday the remains of Mr. William Williams, for many years editor of the Goleuad, were interred at Dolgelley. Mr. Williams, who was fifty-six, was a native of Amlwch. The quarterly meetings of the North Wales Association are being held in Oswestry this week, and on Tuesday there was a large influx of ministers and visitors to the town. The death took place on Saturday morning of Mr. Griffith Jones, of Mold, well known as a breeder of black cattle. Deceased, who was in his 76th year, leaves a widow and family. The final tie for the Welsh Junior Football Challenge Cup, played at Wrexham, on Saturday, resulted in favour of Wrexham Gymnasium by 1 goal to Wrockwardine Wood's nil. The death took place on Tuesday of Mr. C. Donald- son Hudson, of Cheswardine, Market Drayton, who represented Newcastle-under-Lyme Conservatives in the House of Commons from 1880 to 1885. On Saturday, at the Clerkenwell Sessions House, the conviction of Lord Hastings was quashed on appeal, the court holding that he had proved his complete innocence of the charge of indecency. It is anticipated that the new Cunard liner Campania, which sails from Liverpool to New York on Saturday, will coyer the distance between Fastnet and Sandy Hook in five days and twelve hours. A deputation of Northumberland and Durham miners opposed to a legislative eight hours' day was received at Downing-street on Wednesday by Mr. Gladstone, who was accompanied by Mr. Asquith. Mr. S. Leighton and Mr. Lloyd George have been added by the House of Commons Committee of Selection to the Standing Committee on Law for the consideration of the Places of Worship Sites Bill. A suggestion is made that the Llangollen-road Station should be re-opened for passenger traffic. Amongst other reasons, the inconvenience which passengers from Vroncyssylltau now endure are enumerated. Miss Fabry, a lady's maid, was on Friday, in the Queen's Bench Division, awarded X1500 damages for breach of promise of marriage by a doctor's assistant named Edgar, who, it transpired, was a married man with eight children. The Dowager Duchess of Sutherland was on Tuesday fined t250 and committed to prison for six weeks for contempt of court, consisting in the destruction of a document pertaining to the Suther- land will litigation. The North-eastern Railway Company have resolved to follow the example of the Midland, the London and North-western, the Cambrian and others, by discontinuing the use of the second-class carriages after the 1st of next month. The English Congregational Union of N. Wales, at its annual meeting held at Holywell, on Wednesday, under the presidency of Col. Barnes, of Chirk, passed a vote of condolence with the family of the late Rev. J. H. Hughes (" Ieuan o Leyn "), Wrexham. The troubles of the Church, as by law established in Wales, are many, and the clergy are to be sympathised with. Take the case of the Rev. B. M. Jones, whose annual vestry at Llanfair has given him a couple of Nonconformists as churchwardens! Some of the daily papers are attentively studying the requirements of residents in the Principality. One of them, the Liverpool Courier, has outdone its rivals by using the vernacular on its placard, and one phrase upon being interpreted refers to a deathly murder! Sir John Puleston, the unsuccessful candidate for Carnarvon Boroughs, was at the annual meeting of Conservatives at Bangor, on Saturday, presented with a gold vase as a slight token of their appreciation and a recognition of the great services he had rendered the cause. Giving evidence at Wrexham on Friday, in the case of an infant which had died suddenly, Dr. Drinkwater said bread soaked in milk was perfectly indigestible by a yonng child. You might as well give a child sawdust." The child in question was five months old, and had been fed on bread and milk. A coup d'etat was carried out in Belgrade on Thursday night without bloodshed. The houses of the Regents and Ministers were occupied by police and soldiers, and it was proclaimed that King Alexander had attained his majority. A new ministry has been appointed, and the Skuptchina has been dissolved. Beware of gloves having a red tint. Such is the advice of Dr. Puy de Blanc, of Royat. Dr. Puy de Blanc found that a substance called "aurantia" is used to give gloves a red tint, and that it produces a skin eruption on the hands. The glove-makers who prepare the "kids" also become afflicted with the eruption. The men of the 2nd Battalion of the Welsh Regiment, stationed in India, have taken to journal- ism. They have brought out a regimental periodical, and the editor, with a soldier-like candour, on being asked for information about the Red Dragon of Wales, admits having "vainly searched for information about this animal." The Liberator Relief Fund now reaches nearly £ 19,000. As the annual gatherings of the various religious bodies will shortly be held, the committee are endeavouring to get an opportunity of submitting a resolution at these meetings, commending the relief fund to the sympathy and support of the churches throughout the country. At a meeting of the Llandovery town council, on Monday, the question of the carrying away of wood from Alltyfforest, or, as it is generally termed, The Poor Man's Forest," was discussed, and it was resolved-" That any persons found taking timber from this forest more than they could carry on their shoulders should be prosecuted." As a result of the official inquiry into the recent escape of the prisoner Ashby, the acting-governor of Carnarvon Jail has been admonished, and the warder on duty heavily fined, for not adhering to the regulation directing that prisoners' clothes are to be placed outside the cells when the inmates have been locked up for the night. There is not the slightest clue to Ashby's whereabouts. The Viennese tailor, who has earned notoriety by travelling all over Europe as luggage, in a specially constructed box, has made his arrival in his usual eccentric fashion at Copenhagen. He had travelled all the way from Christiana. There was some difficulty on his arrival at his destination, owing to his having no ticket, and eventually he was compelled to pay the ordinary passenger fare. The Rev. John Thomas has been presented with an illuminated ablum, a silver-plated tea and coffee service, and a silver thermometer on his departure from Tregynon Rectory for Efenechtyd. The presen- tation was organized by a committee consisting of Mr. W. Gittins of Hafodtalog, the Rev. D. Barret Edmunds (C.M.), Messrs. C. P. Hall, J. Andrews, T. Williams, J. Williams, W. Corfield, B. H. Phillips, and A. D. Jones. A young man named Hughes, residing in Brook- street, Wrexham, was in one of the small swinging boats in the fair, and when it was as high as it would go, he was flung over the bar from which it hung, and alighted with his head on the pavement near Dr. Palin's house. It is not surprising to learn that he was rendered unconscious, and had remained in that state for some days. He is now recovering, much to the astonishment of everyone. ine Wueen nas many pet animals. Mr. tt. Jtsurgin and Mr. E. M. Jessop, writing in the Idler, say that in her Majesty's stables is a white donkey, named Jenny, 25 years old. Her Majesty saw Jenny when she was a foal, had her brought from Virginia Water to Winsdor and trained, and there the docile old animal has remained ever since. She is pure white in colour, with large, light, expressive grey eyes. One peculiarity about her is an enormous flat back, soft, and almost as wide as a moderate-sized feather bed. Speaking at a luncheon in connection with the English Congregational Union of North Wales, at Holywell, on Wednesday, Col. Barnes (the chairman) said that as a shareholder in the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway Co., he would do his best to try and induce Sir Edward Watkin to look favourably upon a scheme for extending their line to I Holywell. He did not see why the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire should not extend their line to Rhyl and Llandudno. The Chester and Holyhead line was one of the best paying parts of the London and North-western system, and he did not see why the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire should not have a share in that trade. NODION. Mae arnom eisieu dyweyd ychydig bethau, ond nid wrth bawb; felly gwnawn hyny yn yr hen iaith, rhag i'r ymwelwyr gael allan ddim a fydd o niwed i'r lie, oblegid lies Llangollen sydd genym mewn golwg, a dim arall. TLYSNI Y LLE. Yn ddiddadl y mae natur fel ar ei goreu yn y cwmpasoedd yma, ac anhawdd iawn, os yn bosibl mewn un modd, fyddai cael allan le mwy deniadol. Y mae anian ar ei heithaf, ac nid oes i'w wella yn yr ystyr yma. Ond hynod fel y mae llaw dyn-y dinystrydd—wrthi yn amharu gwaith Duw Edrycher ar y clawdd mawreddog yna, sef creigiau oesol yr Eglwyseg, fel prawf o hyn,-y dinystrio sydd ar eu gwyneb, harddwch sydd wedi cymmeryd oesau y ddaear i dd'od i'r perffeithrwydd y mae ynddo Y CANAL. Y dydd o'r blaen yr oedd rhywrai yn tori coed yn agos i Bont Penddol, ac, wrth gwrs, nid oedd yn ddigon gwneyd yr hyn yr oedd angenrheidrwydd am dano, ond, bid siwr, rhoddwyd y fwyell ar wreiddiau yr iwrwg tlws ag oedd wedi bod yn harddu y bont er ys cymmaint o flynyddoedd. Gresyn garw na fuasai yr erfyn wedi cwympo i'r dwfr cyn gallu cyflawni yr anfadwaith-heb na phrophwyd nac unrhyw foddion arall i'w chael allan. YR ABBEY. Nid yn unig y mae natur ar ei goreu yma, ond hefyd ceir olion gwyoh o gelfyddydwaith yr oesoedd gynt. Os am henaint y chwiliwn, dyna y Castell i ni; ac os am rywbeth mwy diweddar, dyna Eliseg Pillar, ac ar ol hyny y Fynachlog. Ac anhawdd meddwl am ddim tlysach na gweddillion yr Abbey. Y fath brydferthwch sydd yn yr ardal!—mor hapus y sefyllfa !—llonyddwch a thawelwch yn teyrnasu!— dim ond sibrwd yr aber fach a brefiad yr anifail i'w clywed. PLAS NEWYDD. Down yn nes at ein hoes ni, a chawn Plas Newydd yn drwmlwythog o hen associations o ddyddordeb mawr. Gyda phob parch i'r diweddar General Yorke y dywedwn fod yn gresyn iddo gyfiwrdd dim a hen gynllun y plas—ei gadw oedd eisiau yn ei agwedd wreiddiol, fel ag i roddi mantais i'r oes hon i'w weled yn union fel yr oedd. Diolch i'r photographer: y mae darluniau da iawn i'w cael yn ei ddangos yn ei gyflwr cyntefig. Y DREF. Y mae cynnydd mawr wedi cymmeryd lie yn ystod y blynyddau diweddaf-y perygl ydyw cramio gormod. Rhyw ysfa sydd i adeiladu ar bob modfedd o'r tir—yn rhai o'r tai diweddaraf y mae yr areas yn druenus o fychaiu. Gobeithio y gwna y Local Board fod yn ofalus ar y pen hwn. Da ydyw gweled yr ystrydoedd yn gwella yn eu cyflwr-y parapets yr un modd— mewn trefn a glanweithdra. Y mae llawer wedi ei wneyd, ond y mae mwy yn aros. Y DWFR. Mawr ydyw yr helynt sydd wedi bod gyda'r dwfr, ac nid heb achos. Nid peth i dewi son am dano ydyw bod heb ddwfr yn y ty am ddau fis. Da oedd eich gwaith, Mr. Golygydd, yn cael barn engineer ar gyflwr pethau, ond prin yr wyf yn meddwl i neb ddiolch i chwi, a'r rheswm am hyny ydyw i Mr. T. T. Marks, C.E., fod yn onest a dyweyd mwy o'r gwir nag a allasai y Bwrdd ei lyngcu. A rhyfedd y fath engineeTS oedd aelodau y Bwrdd a'r rhai hyny yn siarad fel pe wedi pasio eu arholiad with honouTS-un yn con- demnio, arall yn dyweyd fod Mr. Marks yn siarad at random, a mawr oedd yr helynt pan y dywedwyd fod yr aber yn agored i contamination; ac i settlo y mater anfonwyd peth o'r dwfr i'r analyst, ac fe ddigwyddodd fod yn Iled bur. Ond wedi y cwbl, yr oedd yr engineer a'r analyst yn cytuno i'r trwch am y posiblrwydd o contamination. Yr wyf yn dra hysbys o bethau yn ardal y Vivod, ac nid oes amheuaeth nad oes llawer o amhuredd yn cael ei ffordd i'r Reservoir, yn enwedig ar wlaw mawr. Y mae yn ffaith wybyddus, fel ag y dywedodd y Dug o Westminster mewn cyfarfod yn Nghaerlleon, fod graddaudigon helaeth o amhuredd mewn dwfr i effeithio yn ddrwg ar iechyd, pryd nas gall yr analyst ganfod dim o'r achos. YR AFON. Clywais ddyweyd fod dwfr yr afon yn burach yr ochr isaf i'r Bont nag ydyw cyn iddo gyrhaedd y dref. Rhaid i'r ystori fod yn debycach i'r gwir na hynyna cyn y coeliwn hi. CERYG-Y-LLAN. Ni raid ond cerdded o'r Bont i Geryg-y-llan er cael sicrwydd beth yw y gymysgfa yn y dwfr erbyn cyrhaedd y Bont. Trueni fod y llwybr dymunol hwn yn cael ei anurddo i'r fath raddau gan y budreddi sydd yn cael eu harllwys o'r llwybr i'r afon. Yr ydym ni, pobl y llan, wedi arfer a gweled pethau fel hyn, ond i'r miloedd dieithriaid y mae yr olygfa yn un ag sydd yn peri syndod mawr; a phe baech yn dyweyd ■ wrthynt fod yn y dref fwrdd iechyd, ni allasech gael ganddynt gredu y fath beth yn ngwyneb y ffaith weladwy hon. YR OCHR ISAF I'R BONT. Yr oeddwn wedi arfer a ineddwl fod pethau mor YR OCHR ISAF I'R BONT. Yr oeddwn wedi arfer a ineddwl fod pethau mor ddrwg ag yr oedd modd iddynt fod yr ochr uchaf i'r Bont, ond nid felly y mae. Pa nifer o bobl y llan sydd wedi bod ar hin sych haf yn cerdded glan yr afon oddiwrth y Golden Lion hyd at y Tirdwn tu draw i'r Walton House ? Yr wyf braidd yn sicr na fu dim un o bob cant erioed ar hyd y lie. Y dydd o'r blaen aethum i a chyfaill i lawr y passage cul yn Bridge- street at yr argau, a rhyfedd yr olwg sydd ar y lie— anhawdd credu y fath fudreddi sydd yno Y mae y drains-lle mae drain-pipes hefyd-fel rhyw port holes uwchben, a'r cyfan a wrthodir gan pawb yn disgyn ac yn trwytho y glanau, fel y mae drewdod mawr ar hyd y lie nes y deuir tu hwnt i'r Gasworks. Nid yn unig y mae y ffos garthion yno, ond pob carthion eraill; ac hefyd g\vn a chathodynmhobystad o lygredigaeth; ac fel y g\Vyr pawb, y mae yradeiladauyn llaweruwchna'r afon, ac o'r holl dai nid oes dim lie neillduol i gadw na lludw na pheth, mi feddyliwn, ond teflir y cyfan ar ei gyfer nes anurddo yr olwg ar y lie yn fawr iawn ac i chwanegu at hylldra yr olwg, y mae llawer o'r adeiladau mewn cyflwr tra thruenus, ac yn warth i'r dref. Yn ystod y tywydd sych yr wythnosau diweddaf nid yw yr holl ochr yna wedi bod yn ddim gwell nag open seiver, a rhyfedd genyf os na bydd afiechyd yn cael ei achosi gan bethau yn y cyflwr yna. Nid ydym yn beio ond er mwyn cael gwelliant. Bydded i hyny gymmeryd lie yn fuan, Ac i derfynu, bydded i aelodau y Bwrdd fod mor ostyngedig a rhoi tro ar hyd glan yr afon i gael gweled a'u llygaid eu hunain, ac hefyd i gael prawf o'r drygsawr.-INTER Nos.

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