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WREXHAM. ROYAL WELSH FUSILI ERs.-The following are extracts from the despatch of Lieutenant-General C. G. Arbuthnot, Commander-in-Chief Madras Army, relative to the recent operations in Burmah —" 21—Brigadier-General Cox has brought the o. following officers to notice :-Lieutenant-Colonel E. S. Creek and Captain H. T. Lyle, 1st Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers. 22-Captain Wace, Royal Artillery, was in command of the Hazara Mountain Battery until wounded in the first advance on Katran. Captain Lyle, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, suc- ceeded Capt. Wace in the command of the expe- dition above referred to when the latter was wounded, until he was wounded himself. I recommend both these officers for promotion. 23 Before leaving the subject of regimental officers who have done conspicuous work, I would mention the important service rendered by Colonel Tilly and the officers and men of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. From the commencement of the campaign this regiment has borne a part worthy of its high records, and although at Bhamo it has been some- what removed from the centres of late action, yet in the earlier stages of the campaign no regiment had harder or more trying work. I would specially mention Colonel J. Tilly, Lieut. A. W. G. Cole Lieut. A. C. King, Lieut. A. P. G. Gough."

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