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LOCAL & DISTRICT NEWS. LLANGOLLEN. DRUNKENNESS.—Daniel Jones, of Price's-square, was brought up in custody before Captain Best, on Wednesday, charged with being drunk on the previous night, and was fined 5s. and costs. DRILL CLASS.—By referring to our advertising columns, our readers will find that Sergt. Waltho has again started his drill class in the town, and we do not doubt but that he will again this time meet with that success which attended his former efforts in the training of young people. FIRK-Between eleven and twelve o'clock on Saturday night, a fire was discovered at the house of Mr. Thomas Jones, shoemaker, Hall-street, and fortunately Sergt. Jones and some of the neighbours succeeded in extinguishing it before much damage was done. It is surmised that the son placed a lighted pipe in his pocket, which set fire to the coat, and then to the furniture. PROPOSED VISIT OF SIR GEORGE TREVELYAN TO NORTH W ALES.-At the invitation of Mr. Stuart Rendel, M.P., president of the North Wales Liberal Federation, Sir George rfrevelyan, M.P., has promised to visit North Wales, and to address a public meet- ing here in the course of the autumn, probably towards the end of October. The arrangements as to time and place are left in the hands of the' Executive Committee of the Federation, of which Mr. Tilston, of Wrexham, is honorary secretary. LOCAL HARVEST.—The recent fine weather that we experienced materially aided harvest operations in this district, and the bulk of the corn crops has now been removed to a place of safety. The grain, we learn, is in good condition, and a week of bright weather would secure for us as successful a harvest of corn as we had of hay, and as for the latter no better harvest could have been wished for. Ax ALARMING- LEAKAGE ON THE AQUEDUCT.— Late on Saturday night, an alarming leakage was discovered on the Aqueduct, along which the Shrop- shire Union Canal crosses the Dee at Poncyssylltau. Steps were immediately taken to repair the damage, and a large staff of men were soon on the spot. Traffic, of course, was stopped, but the repairs were completed on Thursday,and probably before we go to press traffic will have been resumed. It was most fortunate that the leakage was discovered in time, otherwise the noble structure would have been to a great extent wrecked. CLOSE OF THE DEE SALMON FISHING.—The net fishing for salmon closed on the Dee on Wednesday. The season for the Chester fishermen has been one of almost unexampled misfortune, the drought having se::iously reduced the depth of the river, and the fish came up and returned with the tide, being uuable to make their way up stream. At the mouth of the river the trammel net men have made s')me fine hauls during the season. Two boats quite recently in successive draughts secured 15 and 18 fish. The selling price of salmon has been low throughout the season. RELIGIOUS SERVICES AND PREACHERS. -The order of the services and the preachers at the various places of worship for next' Sunday (13th Sunday after Trinity) are as follow :—. Parish (S,t. Collen's) Church: Holy Communion at 8 a.m. Matins at 10 M a Litany and children's set vice at 3 0 p.'u. Evensong at 6 p.m. Rev. Enoch Rhys James, B.D., vicar: Rev. D. Carrug Jones, 13 A., citrate St. John's (Welsh, Church (Abbey-road) sermons at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Llantysilio Church English services the first Sunday in the month at 10 30 a.m. and 3 lo (1.<11" other Suudays 3 15 p.m. Welsh services at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m. jiuv,'j. g Jones, B.A., vicar. English Baptist Chape! (Penybr.vn): sermons at 10 30 a.m. and 0 p.m. by the Rev. S Hawks, Liverpool. iiehoboth Calvinistic Methodist Chaoel: sermons at9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.by the Rev. W. Foulkes, pastor. Sngiish WOideyan Chapel (.Market street): sermons nt 11 15 a.m. and 6 p.m. by the Rev. J. Odgers, Wrexham. iVglsh Baptist Chapel: sermons at li 30 a.m. and 6 p.m. by the Rev. D Williams, pastor, Velsh Wesleyan Chapel prayer meeting at 10 a.m., sermon at (i p.m. by Mr, B. ft. Parry, Llangollen. congregational Chapel (Church-street): sermons at 10 a.m. auci f) p.m. by Jir, Wnion Evaus, Corwen, ^you {twin (Bryo|$*8ttQefc>. I tsonpMtt 10 p«$. STRANGE CONDUCT OE A PRISONER.—John Druce, Dublin, tramp, who was locked up by Serge. Jones, on Tuesday night, for begging and drunkenness, resorted to most extraordinary methods to show his displeasure of the position he was placed in. During the night he had evidently been busily engag d putting to practice his" ingenious" plans, for when Sergeant Jones entered his cell on Wednesday morning, the prisoner looked extremely silly, posted in a perfectly nude state behind the door, having torn away every article of clothing in his possession to threads. A sack was procured, in which holes were made to admit his head and arms through, and in that strange habiliment he appeared before Capt. Best, the magistrate, and subsequently travelled to Shrewsbury to serve 14 days' hard labour for each offence. We are told that his appearance at the stations en route created quite a sensation." DENBIGHSHIRE MAGISTRATES AND THE QUEEN'S JUBILEE.—The Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Denbigh has received an intimation from the Home Secretary that her Majesty was pleased to receive very graciously the address of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Denbigh, adopted at the last Quarter Sessions, on the occasion of her Majesty attaining the fiftieth year of her reign. The follow- L,5 ing is a copy of the address :— To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. ilIA D We, your Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Denbigh, in Quarter Sessions assembled, desire to present to your Majesty this our humble address of heart- felt congra tulation on the happy occasion of the completion of the fiftieth year of your Majesty's most beneficent reign. We most thankfully acknowledge the mercy of Almighty God in continuing your Majesty's life, and His goodness in inspiring you with the desire as well as the power to accomplish the innumerable acts of gracious consideration and goodwill which have distinguished your reign. We desire also to recognise with heartfelt gratitude your Majesty's constant and unwearied efforts to promote the happiness and welfare of all your subjects throughout your wide-spread dominions. We most earnestly trust that your Majesty may long be spared still to rule over a loyal and contented people.—On behalf of the Justices, B. T GRIFFITH BOSCA-WEN, Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Denbighshire. W. CORNWALLIS WEST, Lord-Lieutenant County of Denbigh. PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday, August 30th.-Before Lord Trevor (chairman), Captain Best, Major Tottenham, and Colonel Barnes. D.C.C. Wilde was also present. The Licences.-These being the annual Licensing Sessions, D.C.C. Wilde in reply to the Bench said there was no objection to the renewal of all the licences within the division. During the past year two publicans in Llangollen had been proceeded against, one charge being dismissed, and in the other a small penalty imposed.-The licences were then all renewed, the licence of the Grapes Hotel, Llangollen, transferred to Miss Davies that of the White Lion, Froncyssylltau, to Edward Jasper and of the Crow Castle Inn, Llangollen, to R. Humphreys. Malicious Injury.—Price Evans, watchman in the employ of R. M. Biddulph, Esq., Chirk Castle, charged Samuel Stoker, Thomas Roberts, and Owen Roberts, three young men, with trespassing on lands at Halton, Chirk, and damaging the hedges. Mr. LI. Kenrick, who prosecuted, appealed to the Bench to mete out exemplary punishment in these cases, as repeated warnings had been given to defendants or their parents not to trespass. These were, how- ever, unheeded, and considerable damage had been done by trespassers of this kind.—Price Evans, the informant, gave evidence to the effect that he saw the three defendants on the 14th of August on the land, and also going over and destroying the hedges. A fine of 2s. and 8s. costs was inflicted in each case. School Board Cases.—The case of J. Humphreys, Penllyn, which was adjourned from the last court for further inquiry, was again brought forward for hearing. Sergt. Waltho deposed that the statement then made by the mother as to her taking the child to the school and admission being refused, had turned out to be erroneous. Fined 5s., including costs.—Samuel Jones,'Ty-du, whose boy had only attended 14 out of 158 times, and lOG times during the whole year, was fined to a similar amount. Cruelty to Animals.-Inspector Nicholls, of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, charged Thomas Lowe, owner, and Robert Bailey, driver, with working a horse on the 22nd August last in an unfit state, the animal having a scab under the collar.—Defendant stated that the horse had not been worked for several days, and had been taken on the stand that day to make a short journey of two or three miles.—Fined in each case 5s. and costs.— George Jones, driver, was charged with cruelly ill-treating a horse on the 22nd August.— Inspector Nicholls stated that he saw defendant driving near the bridge he was flogging the horse violently with a whip, which had some gutta percha at the end of it. He (witness) examined the horse after it had got on the stand, and found blood in streaks on the horse's side and under it, which had evidently been done by the whip. Sergeant Jones corroborated, and a fine of 5s. and costs was imposed. Drunkenness.—Heavy Scntence.-J oseph Davies, hairdresser, was charged on three separate indict- ments with being drunk, and in two cases disorderly. Defendant did not appear, and the service of the several summonses having be n proved the follow- ing evidencejwas given :—Mrs. Jane Seeley said that defendant was drunk and using very abusive language at her house on the 6th day of August. He was formerly employed by her as a hairdresser. —A large number of previous convictions, com- mitted at Llangollen and Wrexham, having been found against him, a fine of 20s. and costs, in default 14 days, was imposed.-He was further charged by Sergt. Jones with being very drunk and using very abusive language to him and others at 11.15 on the night of the 16th inst.-For this he was sentenced to one month's hard labour.-P.C. Worthington also charged him with being drunk in the Royal Vaults, on the 23rd August, for which he was ordered to pay a fine of 40s. and costs, or in default one month's hard labour.—Thomas Jones, Cefn, for being helplessly drunk in Chirk village on the 13th Aug., was, on the information of P.C. Morgan, fined 5s. and costs.-P,C. Morgan also charged Evan Lloyd, labourer, Herber, Pontfadog, with being very drunk and refusing to quit the Cross Keys, Chirk, on the 20th August. Fined 10s. and costs.—A similar fine was inflicted on Joseph Quilt for being drunk in the Hand tap-room, Chirk, on the same evening. Sunday Drinking. — Meshech Williams and Thomas Roberts, from Glyn and Vroncyssylltau, were charged by Sergt. Jones with being drunk in Llangollen on Sunday, July 31st. The officer, who was corroborated by an independent witness, deposed that he saw both defendants about a quarter to 8 in the evening staggering drunk at the top of Castle- street, and he had noticed that they had been in town since the morning of that day.- Williams, against whom other convictions were recorded, was fined 10s.,and Roberts 5s.,the costs in each case amounting to 9s.—P.C. Worthington also charged Thomas Jones, Glyn, with being drunk in Llangollen on the same day, and a fine of 5s. and costs was inflicted. N■ext Door Neighbours. — Benjamin Rowden, Chirk, charged David Roberts, his next-door neigh- bour, with assaulting him on the 26th August.— Complainant stated that when he was going up the path into his garden defendant prevented him by striking him with his fiso in the face.—His statement was corroborated by his daughter Fanny. -Defendant denied the charge and said that com- plainant had no right to come the way he did. After a long and very patient hearing, the Bench said they were satisfied that an assault had been committed, and defendant would be fined Is. and Vs. costs. Master and Men.—William Roberts, John Roberts, and Edward Griffiths, three men working in the Trevor Hall Lime Quarry, sought to recover from Mr. Thomas Bushby, owner of the quarry, sums of .money which they alleged were due to them as arrears of wages. Mr. Bushby contended that as far as he was concerned he was not indebted to these men at all. He had let the contract for the burning of lime to a man named Manuel Ambrose, who employed and paid these men. All the com- plainants were examined at some length, and after a very long and patient hearing the Bench con- sidered that Mr. Bushby was responsible to these men for the several a'nounts claimed.—Mr. Bushby said he was not satisfied with that decision, and he would, therefore, move for a new trial. ON THE WAY TO AUSTRALIA, Thomas Jones, son of Mr. John Jones, tailor> Hall-street, this town, who is on his way to Australia, writes from Egypt as follows ;—We started sailing from Blackwaii, London, on July 14th we have, therefore, been on the face of the deep since a week to-morrow. We crossed the Bay of Biscay almost unawares. I have not had any sea sickness at all, and am eating capitally. We shall land at Cook Towa aud nob at Port m$fefe I tell you that there are about twenty Welsh people on board, most of whom come from Festiniog and district, and among whom I feel myself very homely and happy. Yesterday we passed the rimmings of Spain and sighted the shores of Africa.—July 21st I got up this morning at four o'clock, for at that hour we were passing Gibraltar, and I must say that the sight I witnessed was truly wonderful. The sun appearing of immense size, rising as it were from the very depths of the sea and throwing its powerful rays on the shores of Spain on the one hand and Africa on the other, a sight truly grand to behold. Fish, large and small, rolling in great numbers at the sides of the vessel; several ships passing to and fro indeed, everything as if on its utmost trying to cheer me on my journey. One of the ship's crew is a Welshman from Holywell. named Williams. He is a very kind man, and he fails not to favour us Welsh boys with some dainties, which but for him we should not enjoy. The number of passengers on board is 391, and the crew 100, of whom several are blacks. The ship is a magnificent four-masted vessel, carrying 4,000 tons burthen, but on this voyage she has only about 3,000 tons of general cargo. The heat of the sun is almost unbearable, but they throw a large canvas above deck between us and its direct rays. Several were seasick at the commencement of the journey, but no one seriously so. The doctor is very careful over us and he must have everything kept perfectly clean. I have to wash the dishes, etc., for nine of us in my turn, and scrub the floors. Religious services are held on board and the blacks and all have to attend. I sent you from London a photo of the ship in which we are sailing, which I hope you have received.—July 23rd To-day we passed the beautiful island and magnificent town of Malta, and we saw, with the aid of a spying glass, a number of men tilling the land with oxen, soldiers drilling, and some very fine buildings.—July 25th One has been added to our number to-day through a woman of Festiniog giving birth to a daughter, and both are doing well. In concluding I am glad to inform you that we are all quite well and cheerful. Be good enough to remember me to all my old friends. This letter is posted at Port Said. SPORTS AT TREVOR. The Acrefair Druids held a fete on Monday, August 22nd, in Trevor Hall Park, kindly lent them for the occasion by Mr. J.C.Edwards. Hitherto to the practice of the Lodge had been to celebrate the anniversary by a dinner, but this year it was decided to get up sports, which the public could enjoy as well as members of the Lodge. In the morning the members met at their headquarters, the Eagles Inn, Acrefair, and headed by the Pen-y- bont Brass Band marched to Trevor House, where they were hospitably entertained by Mr. George Edwards, a capital lunch being provided for all. A call was next made at Trevor Hall, and soon afterwards the sports began in the Park, about 1,000 people being present during the day. The officials were as follows :—Handicapper, Mr. Walter Platt; starter, Mr. T. Griffiths judges, Mr. E. LI. Edwards and Mr. J. D. Lloyd; stewards, Mr. J. Coster Edwards and Mr. E. Lloyd telegraph, Mr. Eaborn football umpires, Mr. Morrison and Mr. Meredith; referee, Dr. Grey. Results:- 120 YARDS HANDICAP.—1st prize, gold medal; 2nd, silver medal; 3rd, bronze medal. First and second in each heat to run in final. First heat: 1, E. Davies, St. Martin's, 8J yards; 2, Ernest Lloyd, Oswestry, A A A, 35 yards. Second heat: 1, T. Ridley, Chester, 4-J yards; 2, Roger Doughty, Cefn, 8 yards. Third heat: 1, John Davies, Wrexham, 8 £ yards; 2, C. W. Lloyd, Oswestry A A A, 7J yards. Final heat: John Davies, Wrexham; 2, Roger Doughty, Cefn; 3, T. Ridley, Chester. QUABTER MILl" HANDICAP.—1st prize, silver centre seconds chronograph 2nd, silver Albert chain; 3rd, breakfast cruet. First and second in each heat to run in final. First heat: 1, T. Ridley, Chester, 14yds.; 2, Roger Doughty, Cefn, 24 yards. Second heat: 1, C. W. Lloyd, Oswestry A A A, 23yds.; 2, John Davies, Wrexham, 24yds. Third heat: 1, A. Ledshain, Chester, 26yds.; 2, John Jones, Treiynant, 27yds. Final heat: 1, T, Ridley, Chester; 2, Roger Doughty, Cefn; 3, John Davies, Wrexham. Hop, SKIP, AND JUMP.—1st, 10s.; 2nd, 5s.; 3rd, 2s. 1, Robert Roberts, Penycae, 42ft. lin.; 2, Walter Green, Pentre, 41ft. 7in. 120 YARDS HANDICAP (Youths under 18.—1st, gold centre medal; 2nd, silver medal; 3rd, bronze medal. First and second in each heat to run in final. First heat: 1, E. Davies, Ifton Heath, 4yds; 2, W. H. Thomas, St. Martins, 4,yds. Second heat: 1, C. H. Whollam, Moreton Cottage, 24yds.; 2, T. McCarty, Wrexham, 4yds. Final heat: 1, C. H. Woollam, Moreton Cottage; 2, T. McCarty, Wrexham; 3, E. Davies, Ifton Heath. DONKEY RACE.-lst, 12s. 6d.; 2nd, 5s.; 3rd, 2s. 6d. 1, Mr. Maurice Roberts's "Bob;" 2, Mr. D. D. Griffiths's Unknown; 3rd, Maurice Roberts's Robin." ONE MILE HANDICAP.—1st, silver watch; 2nd electro- plated cruet stand; 3rd, gold scarf pin. 1, Thomas Morris, Ifton Heath; 2, Richard Thomas, Rhosymedre, 85yds.; 3, J. H. Simon, Ruthin, 90yds. 300 YARDS HURDLE RACE.—1st, gold Albert chain; 2nd, gold medal; 3rd, silver medal. First and second in each heat to run in final. First heat: 1, John Davies, Wrexham E F C, 15yds.; 2, Geo. Griffiths, Chirk, 25yds. Second heat: 1, J. Hampson Simon, Ruthin, 20 yards; 2, 0. Dutton, Chester, 25yds. Final heat: 1, J. Hampson Simon, Ruthin 2, Geo. Griffiths, Chirk; 3, John Davies, Wrexham, E F C. OBSTACLE RACE.—First prize, 10s.; 2nd, 5s.; 3rd, 2s, 6d. 1, John Davies, Wrexham. THE EDEYRNION AGRICULTURAL SHOW. The annual show of the Edeyrnion Agricultural Society was held at Llangollen, on Tuesday, August 30th, on a field belonging to Captain Best, at Cilyn- medw, about a mile from the town. Although as regards numbers the entries showed a slight diminution upon those of two years ago, when the show was last held at Llangollen, it was generally admitted that the exhibits were of a much more satisfactory character. Corwen, which may be regarded the head centre of the Society, being in every sense a more agricultural district that Llan- gollen, the show, when held in the former place naturally receives a larger share of support, and is consequently much more successful than when held in the latter town. The attendance on this occasion was an improvement upon that of two years ago and the whole proceedings of the day of a much more lively and interesting character. No doubt the strong feature of the show was the high character and the large number of the exhibits in the class embracing light horses, which rendered the duties of the judges in this department of more than an ordinary onerous character. In the classes devoted to Welsh cattle, which was one of the chief attractions of the Show, there were a number of exhibits which merited, and indeed received, more than ordinary attention, more especially a handsome bull, aged 4, shown by Mr. Wm. Williams, Pentre Mawr, Merioneth, which carried off the president's special prize for the best Welsh bull bred in Denbighshire or Merionethshire. This bull had also been previously awarded first prizes at the Bala and Towynl Shows of the Merionethshire Society, and at last year's Show of this society held at Corwen. The whole of the honorary prizes awarded to landlords were awarded to Capt. Best, Vivod who had the field to himself. This is greatly to be ] regretted, as it evidently shows a great lack of sympathy and interest on the part of gentlemen ( who ought to be the foremost in encouragino- move- ments of this kind, while it is greatly to the credit of Capt. Best, whose continued practical {assistance to r all institutions of this character is worthy of all commendation. The show of agricultural horses was a decided credit to the district, among the I exhibits being several previous prize-winners. The show of sheep of all kinds was also a very good one Mr. Godfrey Parry, Llansantffraid, as will be seen, being specially successful in carrying off the chief prizes in this department. Pigs, poultry, and dogs were also an interesting competition, and the slate- f splitting contest attracted great attention. The following were the officers for the year :—President, J. C. Edwards, Esq., Trevor Hall; vice-president, Mr. Thomas Jones, Brynmelyn, Llandderfel; secretary, ] Mr. R. R. Roberts, Temple Buildings, Corwen ] treasurer, J. O. Pugh, Esq., N. and S. Wales Bank, ] Corwen. The judges were as follows —Butter, Mr. J; Valentine, Grocery Stores, Ludlow Welsh cattle = and pigs, Mr. R. B. Smith, Ty-newydd, Bangor, Mr. I Ellis Jones, Llyngwyn. Afonwen, R.S.C.; cattle of any other breed, Mr. John Roberts, Wellhouse Farm. Chester, Mr. Robert Ellis, Bryndyffryn. Denbigh; 2 cart horses, Mr. R. Owen, Lledwigan, Anglesey, Mr. 1: R. Richards, Grocers' Hall, Llanfyllin light horses, s Col. G. Best, Col. Rivers Bulkeley, Whitchurch; sheep, Mr. Richard Thomas, The Buildings, Bas- church, Mr. R. Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgeiley, Mr. Rowland Edmunds, Talsarnau poultry and dogs, -Jr. James Dickson, Chester 8lite-splitting. Mr. H. j S. Jones, Biaeuau, Mr. W. T. Own. h & h About 2 o'clock a considerable number sat g luncheon, which was admirably served out in a i marquee on the grounds by Miss Edwards, Hotel. The president took the chair, and the several loyal and patriotic toasts, ju duly responded to. Col. Cornwallis West, proposing the toast of the Edeyrnion Agricult Society, made a number of most practical real in bearing directly upon the agricultural Illteres nd general, which the limited space at our cowni forbids us to include in our report. The Presi having briefly responded, Captain Best proposed judges, and in doing so strongly commented up the fact that the landlords did not come forwar show at these competitions. Colonel Best propo^_ the president and vice-president, and stro I reco mended the Welsh farmers to direct their attend to the breeding of horses for cavalry purpose3' j the WTelsh breed was admirably adapted for purpose. In the jumping which commenced at> 3 o'clock,there were ten entries, two of which, « did not make an appearanca. The first prize ol■ was awarded to Mr. Dodsworth's, of Notting" brown mare Topthorne the second, £ 7 a bay gelding belonging to Mr. J. Cliff, and the third, £ 2 10s., to Mr. Dyke Dennis, Hall, Ruabon. In the Local Stakes, for there were five entries, Mr. Dennis secured the and 2nd prizes, the third being awarded to Arthur Davies, Acre House, Llandegla. For trotting there were 15 entries, and the awards as follows :—1st, Mr. Owen Williams, Pen2? J, Corwen, chestnut gelding Tannie 2nd, Mr. W- Jones, Plaskynaston, Ruabon, brown mare P°.ay 3rd, Mr. T. Hammond Williams, Glynceiriogi mare Nancie; 4th, Mr. E. Jarrett, Plasynfar [ roan mare Midsummer. During the greater V of the day the weather was beautifully vy during the jumping trials frequent and be j showers of rain fell. Through the kindness thoughtfulness of the President, the Volunteer Band, under the leadership of Mr. Jfield Jones, played choice selections of music on the t during the day. The following is a detailed l13 the awards CLASS 1.—BUTTER. 1.—Pot or tub of butter not less than 50 lbs. 1st prize, £ 1, John Benjamin Jones, Penbedw, » 'B| eglwys; 2nd ditto, 10s., Rees Davies, Nant 5 Overton Bridge, Ruabon; 3rd ditto, 5s, John « Ty'nycelyn, Tre'rddol, Corwen. 2.—Six lbs. (separate) of fresh butter. John Jones, Penlan, Llangollen; 2nd, 10s., Dd. & eS| Waterloo Inn, Llangollen; 3rd, 5s., William JpeIJ. Penbedw, Ruabon; li. c., John Benjamin JoneS> bedw, Bryneglwys, John Ellis, Laethwryd, ^errJoO druidion, and Rees Davies, Nant Lladron, 0Y? Bridge, Ruabon; c., John Robert Owen, Ty \,0[}, Bryneglwys, Andrew Phillips, Tyddyn Ucha, Rua and John Jones, Ty'nycelyn, Tre'rddol, Corwen. CLASS 3.—WELSH CATTLE. pt. S.-Bull above 2 years old. 1st, £ 4, Class A, Best, R.N., Vivod, Llangollen; 1st, Class B, John Llaethwryd, Cerrigydruidion. ef11' 9—Bull under 2 years. 1st, JE3, Henry Jones, prys, Llanuwchllyn; 2nd, £1 10s., David Coedladur, Llanuwchllyn. ±aiP 10.—Cow in Milk or Calf. Class A, 1st, £ 3, Cap Best, R.N., Vivod, Llangollen; h. c., CaptainBes Class B, 1st, £ 3, Maurice Jones, Ty'nycelyn, s0| eglwys; 2nd, £ 1 10s., William Jones, Ashgrove H Llangollen; h, c., Wm. Jones, Penbedw, Ruabon- 11.—Heifer in Milk or Calf, under 3 years old- A, 1st, £ 2, Captain Best, R.N., Vivod, Liang0' 2nd, £ 1, Capt. Best, do. Class B, 1st, £ 2, Jones, Ty'nycelyn, Bryneglwys; 2nd, £ L Williams, Penybont, Corwen. 0, 12.—Heifer under 2 years old.—Class A, }.s Capt. Best, R.N., Vivod, Llangollen; 2nd, £ h Best, do. Class B, 1st, £ 2, Maurice Jones, Ty'uy0 Bryneglwys. 13.—Two Oxen under 2 years old. 1st, £ 2, Tn Jones, Brynmelyn, Corwen. CLASS 4.—CATTLE OF ANY OTHER Bm;EÐ. 15.—Bull 2 years old and upwards. 1st, £ 4, Alston, Llanrhydd, Ruthin; 2nd, £ 2, John Caenog, Corwen; 3rd, £ 1, Richard Alston, LlanrW Ruthin; c., D. R. Jones, Ty Cerrig, Corwen. T„,ie9i 16.—Bull under 2 years old. 1st, £ 3, D. Ty Cerrig, Corwen; 2nd, 30s., William iLyH' Ty'nyfron, Corwen; 3rd., 15s., Thomas Jones, ■*> 3 melyn, Corwen. -uord^i 17.—Cow in Calf or Milk. 1st, £ 3, Wm. Ri^Lni Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Ruthin; 2nd, 30s., Williams, Ty'nyfron, Corwen; 3rd, 15s., Wm.Wih1 ditto; h. c., William Davies, Newsroom, Corwe*1, 18.—Heifer in Milk or Calf under 3 years old- £ 2, R. Alston, Llanrhydd, Ruthin; 2nd, £ 1, Lie QQit Roberts, Manager Nantclwyd Hall Lime and 9,oa,euJ Ruthin; 3rd, 10s., Simon Williams, Penybont, Cor h. e., Wm. Williams, Ty'nyfron, Corwen. 19.—Heifer under 2 years old. 1st, £ 2, Rd- A-' 0) Llanrhydd, Ruthin; 2nd, m, W. Williams, Ty'ny Corwen; 3rd, 10s., R. Alston, Llanrhydd; h. 0., Jeffries, Pontcyssylltau. ) 20.—Two Oxen under 2 years old-. 1st, ^'TLeSi Jones, Brynhyfryd, Llangollen; 2nd, £ 1, M- eg, Ty'nycelyn, Bryneglwys; 3rd, 10s., Thomas J Brynmelyn, Corwen; h. c., Thomas Jones, ditto- s Ty 21.-Bull Calf born in 1887. 1st, £ 1, D. R- Jones. Cerrig, Corwen. aIjy 22.-Three Cows in.Milk for Dairy Purpose6) breed or cross. 1st, X3, D. R. Jones, Ty e Corwen. CLASS 5.—HORSES. 23.—Stallion for Agricultural Purposes, which £10, fairly travelled the District of the Society. ls^ Robert Hughes, Clawddnewydd, Corwen; 2nd, Evan Hughes, Highgate, Gwyddelwern. ,.iied 24.—Roadster Stallion, which has fairly tra the Society's District. 1st, £ 5, John Morris> Farm, Llanfair D.C., Ruthin. ist) 25.—Mare with foal for agricultural purposeS. vies, £ 4, R. Alston, Llanrhydd, Ruthin; 2nd, £ 2, R- ^Wcl Nant Lladron, Overton Bridge, Ruabon; h- c-i White, The Court, Llandegla. jsti 26,-Pair of horses for agricultural purposes. :6. £ 4, Thos. Jones, Brynmelyn, Corwen; 2nd, £ %> Jones, Ty Cerrig, Corwen; h. c., John Jones, Ca Corwen. t over 27.-Mare or gelding, not under 15.1, and not$ 16 hands high, and not less than four nor more t 51 six years old, suitable for military purposes. IS, Robert Roberts, Corporation Arms, Ruthin. 28.—Gelding or filly for agricultural purposes, two and under three years old. 1st, £ 2, S.Wn^jjj, Penybont, Corwen; 2nd, £ 1, E. Huxley, Caiah -ryyfi- Rhos, Ruabon; h. c., Owen Pugh, Pentrepoid, u gower, Bala. oSeS' 29.—Yearling colt or filly for agricultural purP onal 1st, £ 2, Edward White, The Court, Llandegla j Ci| £ 1, Ed. Huxley, Caiah Farm, Rhos, Ruabon) 'vj<J David Edwards, Bryndethol, Llangollen; c., V Edwards, ditto. d up- 30.—Cob under 15 hands, three years old slid wards. 1st, C2, R. S. Paine, Llanbedr Farm, (J., 2nd,n, Hugh Hughes, Penrhewl, Treg,eiriog; Robert Roberts, Maesgwyn, Bryneglwys; c., Williams, Glynceiriog. Me6 31.—Cob under 15 hands high, and under !j u; years old. 1st, £ 2, Maurice Jeffries, Poutcyssy" gS| 2nd, £ i, H. Stansfield, Graiglelo; h. c., J- v6n- Penbedw, Bryneglwys; c., J. Jones, Caenog, Gor\ jgj},. 32.—Cob mare, under 15 hands, with foal- j,, 'jjd' Wm. Jones, Newbridge, near IRuabon; 2nd, *-oryU' Edwards, Llyn, Llangollen; h. c., D. Edwards, j0g, dethol, Llangollen;~c., E. Evans, Pandy My118, Llangollen. t 0i 33.—Mountain pony, .121 hands and under. r)Jake> R. Williams, Plas Draw, Ruthin; 2nd, £ 1, Ja,s-rl;dge> The Cinders, Ruabon; h. c., W. Jones, NeW«^0lj near Ruabon c., Lewis Evans, Caellwyd, Llana D.C. A deri 34.—Mountain pony mare, 12J hands and I" xr, with foal. 1st, £ 2, -John Hughes, Blaenycwin, L' veri inonD.C.; 2nd, £ 1, O. Pugh, Pentrepoid, 1 J^,u £ bolJ' Bala; h. v., Daniel Owens, Gwernydd, near R 1, j., Sir Thomas Storey and F. W. Webb, Nanty1 Llangollen, CLASS 6.—PORE WELSH SHEEP, gg, 35.—Ram born 1883 or 1884, 1st, £ 2, D. B- 0 ry Cerrig, Corwen. •par1^' 36.—Ram born in 1885. 1st, £ 2, Godfrey Dlansantffraid, Corwen; 2nd, £1, Godfrey Parry, l. c., T. Jones, Hafodwen, Llanfihangel, Corwei y( 37.—Ram born in 1886. 1st, £ 2, Godfrey ^s, [jlansantffaid, Corwen; 2nd, £ 1, W. E- jwerclas, Corwen; h. c., Godfrey Parry, L*a fraid; c., W. E. Williams, Gwerclas. Ilt- 38.—Ram Lamb. 1st, £ 2, Godfrey Parry, I, vell I iraid; 2nd, £ 1, W. E. Williams, Gwerclas, Ji< l. c., Godfrey Parry, Llansantffraid; c., Williams, Gwerclas. jstj 39.—Pen of four ewes, over three years £ 2, Godfrey Parry, Llansantffraid; 2nd, £ }> Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llangollen h. c., Godfrey iryOi jlansantffraid; c., Edward Roberts, Fronny Llangollen.. ■. 1st) 40.—Pen of four ewes, under three years r'nA[t^ 82, Godfrey Parry, Llansantffraid; 2nd, r „yefl' Parry, ditto; h. o., W. E. Williams, Gwerela-s, oo* CLASS 7.—SHEEP or ANY OTHER 1'»EKI'' ^VELIJ 41.—Ram. 1st, £ 2, John Jones, Caenog, ^j+jjin' Hid, £ 1, John V. Williamson, Derwen Hall,, i. c., John Jones, Caenog, Corwen; c., J. v- on, Derwen Hall, Ruthin. A Alsto^' 42.—Pen of four ewes. 1st, £ 2, Richard eau- jlanrhydd, Ruthin; 2nd, < £ 1, John Jackson. ^e0; wynion, Chirk; h. c., John Jones, Caenog, John V. Williamson, Derwen Hall, 43.—Ram Lamb.— 1st, £ 2, R. Alston, _Lla luthin; 2nd, £ 1, J, Jackson, Caeaugwynion, j Yk c.) J. V. SaUilMw0» c'*