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Scale of Charges for Advertisements in Y 'CELT, WELSH NATIONAL NEWSPAPER. ID PER LINE (Type Scale) Parliamentary Notice, Election Adresses, Public Companies, Legal and Public ? Is. Notices, &c. •" "• ) Property Auctions and Private Sales, Fur- niture Sales, Eisteddfodau, and Local > 6d. Eisteddfodau. ••* •" j Paragraph Advertisement of any nature 6d. •Charities, Books, Lists of Subscriptions, Local Competitive Meetings, Enter- > 3d. tainments,&c. •" J ^Special arrangements made for a series insertions), PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES Bouses to be Let. Apartments to be Let Situations Vacant. Money Wanted. Apartments Wanted. Miscellaneous Wants. Situations Wanted. Lost or Found. Are inserted at the undermentioned eharges- One Insertion (20 words) 1/- Two Insertions 2/- Three Insertions „ 2/6 EGLWYS ANIBYNOL PORTH RHONDDA POB gohebiaeth yn dal perthynas a'r uchod, i'w hanfon i Mr Daniel Davies, 21, North Road. J. WILLIAMS. ONE Box OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all charges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (acquired constitutional), Gravel and PaiDS in the Back. Guaranteed from Mercury. Sold in Boxes 4s 6d eaih, by all CheJiista and Patent Medicine Vendors; er sent for aixcy stamps by the Makers. HE LINCOLN AND MOLT COUNTIES DRUQ co. Lincoln. Wholesale, Barclay dis tans. Parringdon St. aad *t the Wholesale Houses,