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DATE'MT HUGHES' PATENT a B E B! B F t a BLMN W B AV% EWE DROPSY PILLS IL a Yw'r unig Feddyginiaeth ag y gellir ymddiriecl ynddynt at y Dropsy, Diffyg dwfr, Gravel, Gwynt, Curiad y galon, Asthma, Chwydd yn y traed, oluniau, ac ymysgaroedd, Poen yn y cefn, Cramp a chwsg y cluniau, &e. Y mae tystiolaethau lawer yn fy meddiant yn dangos eu heffeithiau gwyrthiol, y rhai a ellir eu cael ond arifon am danypt. C — tt±3TSr&TJJDT>. Gofalm"gael y "Trade Marie" sef Linn Diamond, aV geiriau It Dropsy Pills" a "Jacob Hughes" ar bob Bl-wck; keb hyn twyll ydyw, Ar werth gan Chemists y Deyrnas, am Is lie, 2s 9c, 4s 6c. Drwy'r Post, Is 3c, 2s lie, 4s 8o, oddiwrth y Perohenog JACOB HUGHES, Apothecaries' Hall, Llaiielly. # — — — 1.— n ■: 'he Colt inpa 04 v Tke Cslt" Printing & Publishing Office, 6, NORTH PENRALLT, OARNiJRVON. A. DRIFFIELD RESPECTFULLY iriforms the numerous supporters and subscribers of the "Celt "that he is preparedtoexecuteeverydescriptionof > FANCY COLOR, COMMERCIAL, AND GENERAL PRINTING, With the utmost neatness and dispatch, at the lowest possible prices for cash. Having a large and well-selected Stock of New Type, &c., Ministers, Superintendents, and. Officers of Religious Societies and other Institutions will do well to send for estimates for printing of every descrip- tion for Anniversaries, School and Chapel Reports, Hymns, Placards (in one, two, three, or four colors), Contribution Cards, &c., Every class of Commercial Printing executed at short notice, including Circulars, Billheads, Note-headings, Memorandum Forms, Cheque Books, Programmes, Books of Words, Balance Sheets, fiandbills, Mourning Cards, Mourning Circulars, Business Cards, Address Cards, Concert Tickets, Labels (gummed or cloth), Envelopes (printed or plain). AUCTIONEERS' POSTERS and Catalogues; Posters for Concerts, Eisteddfodau,&c., any size and in several colors. ESTIMATES ON APPLICATION. s -n, Post Office Orders and Cheques to bemade payable to A. DRIFFIELD at Carnarvon,