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SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY. THE GRAND DISTRIBUTION OF FREE MUSICAL GIFTS Special! To be Given A way! A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE, Worth l100. Special! To be Given Away! A Handsome Pianoforte, worth £ 50. Special! To be Given Away! FIVE HUNDRED other Musical Instruments of every kind. PICTURES.—COPIES OF OIL PAIXTINGS. Purchasers of the following Lots will be present- ed with ONE Ticket in the above Distribution. LOT I. A Beautiful Oleograph, after Couldery's celebrated Painting entitled "The Little Stranger." Size 20 by 15in. Post free, 5s Cd. LOT II. Companion Oleograph to above, entitled "The Little Chess-pluvers," Post free, 5s Cd. LOT III. A Pair of Oleographs (Landscapes) after Hiller, en- titled "Castle on the Moselle" and "The Bridge," Size 16 by 12 in. Price 5s 6d the pair post free. Lots I., II" III., specially recommended. Cabinet Photographs of the trio, 9 stamps. LOT IV. A Pair of Pretty Oleographs (Figure Scenes) after Muller. Size 14 by llin. Post free, 5s 6d per pair. LOTV. Oleograph, "The Lord's Supper," 24 by 15 in, Post Free, 5s 6d. LOT VI. Oleograph, "The Storm at Sea," 24 by 15 in. Post Free, 5s 6d. oTw Lots of Pictures, 10s; Three, 14s Cd; Four, 18s tid. Seven Tickets given with the Six Lots of Pic- tures, 27s Cd. Post Free. POPULAR MUSIC (own Copyrights), price 2s each (a) "The Golden Gate" (Sacred Song) (A) "The Trooper's Vow (Baritone Song) (c) "A Lonely Heart" (Contralto) (ii) I., Blow my Laddie back to me" (Soprano Long); (e) 11 The Natural Histo- ry (high class Comic Song); (/) Only Look at this Picture and that" (Temperance Song); (g. ) Grand March for the Pianoforte by Dr. A. S. Holloway. m. One Ticket given with Two Songs, 4s Three Tick- ets given with Five, 10s; Four Tickets with Seven 12s Cd Post Free. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Two Tickets given with each of the following Half guinea articles LOT VII. Rosewood Concertina, richly inlaid, 20 keys, lOsJCd Carriage Free, lis Cd. Instruction Book, Seven Stamps. LOT VIII. Busson's Accordian, Rosewood, 10 keys, with chords and bass, 10s Cd. Carriage paid, lis Cd. Instruction Book, Seven Stamps. LOT IX. Piceolo, in cocoa-wood, D or E flat, with slide head 6 German Silver keys on pHlars, rings, tips, and 1 screw tuning cork. Carriage paid, 10s Cd. Instruc- tion Book, Is. Noth.—B flat Six Key'd Flute can be had at 12s 6d, carriage free. D Flageolet with Six Keys and extra piccolo head. 12s 6d. carriage paid. LOT X. Tambourine, 14 inches in diameter, varnished hoops, brass fittings, and 12 pair of jingles, 10s 6d. Carriage paid, lis Cd. Five Tickets given with each of the following Guinea articles LOT XI. Violin and Bow, full size, rich toned, 21s. Carriage paid,;22s. Instruction Book, Is. 0 1 LOT XII. Musical Album, roan leather, gilt^edges" and gilt brass clasp, plays two;popular airs, and holds two portraits on each page, 21s, Carriage paid,22s LOT XIII. A Pair of beautiful Oleographs (Landscapes) mounted, varnished, and Framed in handsome deep gilt frames. Size 21 by ICin. Equal in ap- pearance to the best of oil;paintings. Price 21s. carriage paid. LOT XVIII.. A Handsome and Useful Present.-The Family Gift Book.—A collection of Pianoforte] Pieces, comprising Christmas Music, Pastorals, Hunting Songs, Love Songs, Soldiers' and Sailors' Songs, Patrotic Hymns, National Melodies, Dances of « the Olden Time, National Dances and Modern Dances, many of them composed for this work. Selected, edited, and partly arranged by Earnest Pauor, with Illustratations by Egginat Laby, and Poetical Quotations by H. W. Nulclier, Ph.D. Magnificently bound in gold and colours. Price 21s.; carriage paid, 22s. 6d. Sis Tickets given with the following— LOT XIV. Concert. Flute in cocoa-wood, D, with slide head, 8 < erman silver keys, rings, tips, and screw tu- ning cork. Price 25s, carriage paid. Instruc- tlon book, Is. 1 1, LOT XXI. A Selection of One Hundred Popular Pieces of Music, including songs of all kinds, Pianoforte Pieces, Duets, and Harmonium Pieces. Each number forms a separate and distinct piece in full music size, printed from engraved plates, carefully edited and strictly correct. Price 25s. Carriage paid. LOT XXII. Another Selection of One Hundred Pieces of Music different to Lot XXI. Price 25s. Carriage Paid. LOT XXIII. Another Selection of One Hundred Pieces of Music. Price 25s. Carriage paid. LOTS XXI., XXII., and XXIII. would make one of the finest Musical Libraries an amateur or pro- fessional could wish for. When the three lots are ordered at once, Twenty Tickets are given with them. Seven Tickets are given with the following 30s. articles. LOT XV.. Superior Musical Album, to hold four portraits on page, on roan leather, gilt edges, and gilt brass clasp, playing two popular airs. Price 30s. Carriage paid. LOT XVI. Handsome Guitar, with machine head, a splendid Instrument. Price 30. Carriage paid. LOT XVII. Walnut or Rosewood Pianoforte Stool, carved triped legs, with telescope screws. Price 30s. Car- riage paid. LOT XIX. Superior Cornet, with detached bell, in case, com- plete, 30s. Carriage paid, 32s. LOT XX. A Superb Oleogragh, after Krause's renowned oil painting, The Storm at Sea," richly framed in deep gold, 2ft. Sin. by 1ft. llin., and is thus eulogised by 'The Yorkshire Post:' "The marine scene is one of the best things of the sort we have ever seen." Price 30s. Carriage paid, 32s 6d Twelve Tickets given with the following: LOT XXIV. A Pair of Oleographs, after "Couldery's," "Little Stranger," and "Little Chess Player," richly framed in deep gold, 2ft. lin. by 1ft. 9in. Price 50s. Carriage paid, 52s 6d. A list of Testimonials from Prize Winners in previous distributions, together with Press Opin- ions, may be obtained on application. CONDITIONS. 1. In ordering cut the following Coupon from this paper, as no other order will be attended to without it. I.. 'THE CELT' COUPON. TO MESSRS. E. A. POWELL & CO., 35, FORE-STREET, HEXAM-ON-TYNE. Please send me for which I enclose P.O.O. for < £ s. d. Full address by post (please write legibly). 2. Cash per P.O.O. or registered post to accom- pany all orders. 3. A stamped directed envelope to be enclosed for the List of Winning Numbers. 4. Money promptly refunded if goods are not satisfactory. The Drawing for Prizes will be Public, and the Names and Addresses of the principal Prizo Win- ners will be published with the List of Winning Numbers. N.B.—No Home Nursery or School Room should be without Powell & Co.'s Splendid Edition of THE LORD'S PRAYER AND" THE APOSTLES' CREED Printed in Six Colours—gold, blue, red, green, black, and brown, on thick paper, size 22 by 17 inches. Price, per pair, 2s post free. P.O.O., or Stamps. When stamps are sent, must be either halfpenny or three-halfpenny. Framed, 15s the pair. Three Tickets given with this pair when framed. ADDRES E. A. POWELL & CO.. 35, FORE-STREET, HEXHAMON-TYNE. 0 Bwys i'r Frawdoliaeth Fygyddawl o am ambel: bibell ber rwsippiawarolswper, OS YDYCII AM Y TOBACCO, PIBELLI,-A'R CIGARS GOREU YN Y DYWYSO- GAETII, COFIWCH MAl. GAN J. HOPWOOD, Y MAES, CARNARVON, MAENT I'W CAEL. IIEFYD RIIODDIR I FYWRDD WERTII £ 13 0 Bibelli Meerschaum ysplenydd yn wobrwyon i'r sawl a. dduant oreu wrth ysmocio y pibclli clai a worthir gan J. HOPWOOD am ddwy geunog yr un. Dyma gyfleusdra i gael pibelli ardderclicg yn rbad. Mae y gwobrwyon i'w gtfeled yn y ffenestr. Cofiwch y cyfeiriad- JOSEPH JPIOPWOOD, Y SHOP DYBACO ENWOG, YN Y MAES, CARNARVON. Am fanylion pellach gwel yr by s- bysleni. F 10 W PRINTERS NATIONAL ART UNION. By permission of Her Majesty's Privy Council. THE AAJYUAL DRAWING Will take place, at THE CANNON STREET HOTEL LONDON, On SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1879. UPWARDS OF £ 1400 WORTH OF PRIZES. PRIZE 1. Of the value of Sixty Guineas; Thirty Guineas worth of Illustrated Books, and a work of art value Thirty Guineas. (The whole to be chosen by the Winner.) PRIZE 2. An Oil Painting value Fifty Giiineas, Landscape—Autumn (Goring and Streatly-on- Thames), and SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY- EIGHT other prizes. Ø" Tickets One Shilling each. To ensure a chance in the drawing, send or apply for tickets at once to our authorised agent for Carnarvon and District, from whom prospectuses and every information may be obtained, J. BORER, Sec. to the Union. Authorised Agent for Carnarvon and District, A. DRIFFIELD, Celt" Office, Carnarvon,