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CERDDORIAETH, Cyhoeddedig gan D. L. JONES (Cynalaiv), Briton Ferry, Glamo^ansnire. CANIEDVDD Y PLANT yn cynA^ys Tonau Ne- wyddiun at wasanaeth yr Y«gol Sabbothol a. Chorau Plant, pris 4c. Gan J AMES PETBHS (Alan Alaw). "LLAWENYDD Y GWANWYN:" Rhan-Gan i T. B. B. Pris 4c.; Tonic Sol-ffi, 2g.. Gan W. A. WILLIAMS (Gwilym Gwent), America. Mae y dernyn newydd hwn yn un rhagorol iawn at was. anaeth Cynglierddaix ac Esteddfodau. CrMinj, GWLAD EIN TADAU: Can a Chydgan, yn y ddau nodiant, pris 6c. Gan D. L. JONES (Cynalaw). Gyda geirlau Cymraeg a Saesonaeg gan CREIDIOL, Derbynia y Gan hon ganmoliaeth nellaf ein prif gerddorion. Llyfr Newydd, pris Swllt, Y FFEAETHEBYDD, nen Gyniliortli i Ghwerthin, sef CAsgliad o Ffraethebau ac Ystoriau Difyrus, wedi on Casglu, eu Dethol, :,t'u Oyfieithu gan D. L. JONES (Cynalaw). IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. REVOLUTION IN THE PIANOFORTE TRADE! WHOLESALE PIANOFORTE CLUB- Manufacturers' Wholesale Cash Price, 30 Guineas. Manufacturers' Retail Cash Price, 40 Guineas, In Rosewood or Walnut, Trichord Treble, 7 Octaves, 4 Ft. high. Every Piano First-class and Warranted for Ten Years*. CHAS. HAMPTON & Co. (Limited) of 74* Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-sq., London, W., having manufactured thousands of Pianos for Wholesale London Houses since 1851, and having seen the Instruments, as a rule, doubled in price before reaching the customer, have determined to offer to Members of the Civil Service and the employes of large firms an oppor- tunity of dealing direct upon Co-operative prin- ciples. For this purpose a Wholesale Club of 30 Members is being formed, Each Subscriber to pay One Guinea per month for thirty months, and to receive in his turn (decided by ballot monthly) one of the 40 guinea Pianos. Subscribers may at any time on payment of 5 Guineas Subscription in advance, receive their Pianos without waiting for Ballot. No member need forfeit his Piano even by non-payment of Subscription, as provision is made in the rules to protect his interest in this respect. As the number required to form the club is limited to 30, early application is advisable. An. other opportunity for obtaining a Piano on such advantageous terms may not soon occur. To those notifying their intention of becoming Members, due notice will be given of the time and place for paying subscriptions. No ENTRANCE FBES, No FINES, No RISK. Agent-ALFRED DRIFFIELD, 6, Constantine Terrace, CARNARVON, N.W., Where sample Pianos may be seen. At 40 guineas (30 nett), and 50 guineas (37j nett), which you are respectfully invited to inspect. CHARLES HAMPTON, Managing pirectcr.