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ENTERED INWARDS February 15 Aarora 38, Watchet, flour 31, mangolds 15. Stoate and Sons TrevelW 97, Kuncorn, superphosphate 200, N EThemaa Exchange a 93, Treror, macadam 215, Swansea Corporation Bachi s 1377, Heysham, nil Anaie 54, Hideford, gravel 105, Rhepherd & Co Albert ZelcJ: s 3(>7, Cardiff, nil Abereraig a 162, Dundalx, nil Johanna > 887, St Nazaire. nil Apollo a 1111, Antwerp, general Bristol S. N Co general, not to be landed El Dorado a Ill, Barry, nil Tyria a 1383, Liverpool, gen, not to be landed Lum O'Dee • 282, London, cement £ 85, Topham Jones Had Fail ton Ren o B&3, London, nil James Postlethwaite 98, Wicklaw via Fishguard manure 133, Margrave & Co Princess Olga a 437, Hull &c, via Bristol and Cardiff, general, Tucker & Co; general, not to be landed City of Malaga 581, Bristol, nil Torstein s SIS, La Rochelle, nil Rundo a 696, Roehefort, nil Pioaeer 29, Newquay, ballast 16 Sir Galahad a 699, London, nil Herald a 839, Manchester, general, not to be landed Alice M Craig s 333, Rouen, nil Lnteee < 739, Rouen, nil Harvest Home 79, Dublin, superphosphate 188, Margrave and Co Fides s 1211, Genoa, damaged cotton 172, order; old yellow metal, Vivian and Sons

The cmaea of mans".

A Wonderful Coli.


I -THE--iSwansea Coal Market.…