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CLEARED FOB SEA. I Feb 12 Tasso s 1120, Watkins, Bristol, bnnKers 10, Glenavon Co Sunlight s 227, Dawson, L'pool, gen, bnnKers 5, J Bacon Ltd The Lany Belle a 100, Cornish, Liverpool, gen., bunkers 20, J Bacon Mrrthyr s 72, Everett, Bristol, nil Val de Travers s 276, McLean, Treporfc, general coal rjjO, bunKers 60, J Harrison Dewsland s 1245, Smith, Genoa, &c., coal 2300, E W Cook bunKers 360, J B Burges* Alastair s 156, Williams. Guernsey, coal 360, Cann and Glass bunkers 30, Harries Bros Camille s 501, Graffard, Rouen, coal 1360, bun- kers 65, Depeaux Amases s 1491, Tonge, Alexandria, fuel 1150, eoal 850, coke 200, Livingston & Co; gdteial, Whittingham& Co Finn s 268, Laureteen, Cueta, coal 420, Ed T Agitis Ltd Volpone 8 212, Hughes; Rouen, coal 640, De- peaux bunkers 40, J E Fisher The Fmperor s 234, McAllister, St Servan, coal 730, Depeanx gunkers 60. Lindsay, German Haralda 12418, Schmidt, Genoa, fuel 2200, coal 360, Livinwston & Co bunkers 400, T Fen- wick and Co Livietta s 1709, Pesanta, Genoa, coal 3450, C'eevesand Co bunkers 300, Oeean Coal Co Princess Thyra s 311, Hull &c, gen., Tecker and Co Lenora 29, Chichester, Barnstaple, coal 60, GIssbrooK Bros Portadown s 78, Neoth, nill, SnowHaKe s 36, Irwin. Combemartin, coal 60, Hainson Tidswell flour 10 Weavar {and C) drain pipef 2 ships account; potatoes 10 F Ley bunkers 10 G Shepherd Iron Duke s 62, Newport, bunkers 10 Harries Bros Tosca s 46'), Morrison Fecamp, coal 510 E W CooK; bnnkers 65 Heme* Bros Woodfield s 2306 Davies Rio Janeiro & Santos, gen T H Couch coal 200 E T'Agius New Pioneer a 320 Gemmell, Rouen gen bankrr ^0 M Jones & Bro eoaf 250 E W Cook City of York s 24 Weaver Avonmouth t'plates Pocketts Ltd Chicago City s 1478 Ranter, New York, gen, bunKers 60 Richards, lurpin & Co Annie Hough s 552, Lewis, So Malo, coal 1J00, fuel 350, Uraigola Co ,C


:;..oM THE Swansea Coal Market,