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CLEARED FOR SEA. Feb 10 Wm George 127, Vickers, Guernsgy, coal 250, T P Richards Rosa Harriette 91, Harper, Nenth, nil Isabelle 94, Ledd, London, copperas 170, David Matthews Clara Mennig s 1005, Dedow, Matanzas & Hav- ana a, coal 2000, Ingram & Co; bunKers 600, Norths' Navigation Bass Rock a 358, Boden, Rouen, coal 850, Wms & Behenna bunkers 50. J E Fisher Atoa a 475, Hansson, Norrkopping, coal 1000, A Andrews Forest Belle 99, Roberts, Guernsey, woal 220, Pwllbach Co Solis a 504, Russell, Barcelona, gen, coal 200, bunkers 150 J H Burgess Seriphos g 2034, Schultz, Batoum and Odessa, gen, bunKers 600, J H Burgess coal 250, E. T Agius coal 50 Emlyn Co Liverpool s 218, Tomliuson, Havre, gen T R W Mason 1, Tyrant 58, Chevalier, Granville, coal 120, IS V Phillips John Rees 59, Bryant, Pontrieux, coal 115, A Andrews Agnes 64 Hallect, Bnde. superphosphate 100, Vivian and Sons Stucley 32 Found, Hayle, ™superphosphate 60, Vivian and Sons Oliver 68, Silvey, MalpaR and Penryn, s'phos- phate 130, Vivian and Sons Kate & Annie 79, Stamp, Treport, coal 190, E. W Cook Ossian a 297, Thomas, Cardiff, nil Rhona 15 280, Candlish, J ublin via Cardiff, gen, f Michael Murpky Ltd Stuart s 725, vJogley, L'pool, gen, J Bacon Ltd Truthfnl s 280. Silvester, Manchester, general Wbittingham and Co Princess Sophia a 197, McDonald, Portsmouth, gen, TocKer and Co Cardiff Trader s 339, Rich, London, general, Tucker and Co Hero s 1164, Atherton, Antwerp, gen, B. S. N. Co coal 300, Western Valleys Co Orne s 445, Pierre, Trouville, coal 900, Tirdon- kin Co; coal 150, bunkers 60 W G Foy

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THE Swansea Coal Market,


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