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IEntered Inwardseontu. I

Microbe." and Digestion

Terrestrial Oases In the Chromosphere.


Terrestrial Oases In the Chromosphere. Owing to their proved relationship to helium; Professor S. A. Mitchell, of Columbia University, Suspected that the gases neon, argon, krypton, and ftenon might be found to exist in the chromosphere, and in order to test his supposition he compared tht Wave lengths of the lines in their respective tpectra with the wave-lengths of the chromosphork spectrum obtained by himself during the Sumatrt tclipse. As a result of his comparison Professoi Mitchell comes to the conclusion that lines due tf aeon and argon are present in the chromosphere spectrum, but the evidence as to the presence of krypton and xenon is, at present, inconclusive, lines which are due to the more volatile glxes 01 the earth's atmosphere (i.e., those which are un- eondensed at the temperature of liquid hydrogen), 4w published by Liveing and Dewar, and till Strongest argon lines, are also represented in the spectrum of the chromosphere. Professor Mitchell suggests that these gases may have come to tlM sartn's atmosphere from the sun, as suggested In lbs theory i>ut forward by Arrhenms, which sup* pests that ionised particles are constantly being npolfd by the pressure of light, and tttMn joumi IWB ens 188 to wotbat.


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