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IEntered Inwardseontu. I

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Entered Inwardseontu. I IFeb 8—continued. Giovanna a 933, Plymouth, nil Annan s 469, Glasgow via Cardiff, gen, M Jones and Bro Main s 286. Havre, nil Airasis s 1491, Liverpool, nil Feb 9. Larpool a 7S3, Cartuagena. blende ore 700, Vivian & Sons blende ore 530, English Crown Spelter Co; blende ore 320, Swansea Vale Spelter Co tin oie 9, R B James, Camille a 501, Caen, iron ore 1430, Baldwins' Ld Stuart s 725, Liverpool, gen, John Hacon Ltd Cardiff Trader s 339,London via Cardiff gen F H Tucker & Co; gen not to be landed Aquilia s 82, MilJom, piglron 451 o'der Leonia 99, Etel, pitwood 180, E W Cook Kurland 8 1220. Antwerp, nil Sylph 31. Bideford, gravel 38 Val de Travers 9 276, Treport, general, as per manifest Princess Sophia s 597, Middlesbro via Bristol & Cardiff, general, Tucker & Co Hopetown s 28, Britonferry, nil Pauline 88, Isigny, ballast 60

Microbe." and Digestion

Terrestrial Oases In the Chromosphere.


THE Swansea. Coal Market,


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