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SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. Monthly Meeting. The monthly meeting of the Swansea Harbour Trust was held on Monday morn- ing, under the presidency of Sir Griffith Thomas. Mr. F. H. Glynn Price, in moving the adoption of the report of the Finance Com- mittee, stated the trade of the port for the first mioaith o.f this year differed from pre- ceeding months in that it showed a consider- able shortage. Swansea had been somewhat silow to feel the effect of the depression more or less general throughout the country, but was now suffering in common with other ports. He could only hope it would be but temporary. In tihe imports the principal losses were as follows: Calamine, 2,400 tons, and wood goods, 11,000 tons. There were increases in pig iron of 2,400 tons; pyrites, 1,300 tons; grain, 2,300 tons. In tihe exports, coal, coke, and patent fuel declined 50,000 tons, tinplates, 6,700, and galvanised sfheetis, 1,600 tons. The result of the month's working was a surplus of P,483 as compared with B990 dur- ing the corresponding month of last year. Mr. Geofpge Cook seconded, and the report was adopted. The Executive Committee in their report recommended the appointment of Mr. David Culton, of Stockton-on-Tees, to the position of electrical engineer aft a salary of £250 pr annum, to dfevote the whole of his time to the work, and the engagement to be sub- ject to a three months' notice in writing on either side. The committe also recommend the accept- ance of the tender of Mr. Griffith Davreo, Swansea, for the erection of six workmen's cottages, and that a sub-committee consist- ing of the chairman, the Mayor (Councillor Morgan Tutton), J. Glasbrook, J. P. Cook, and Dd. Davies (two to form a quorum, and with power to add) appointed to take such steps ai> they may think necessary with regard to the Taff Vale (Cardiff Railway and Rhymney Railways) Vesting Bills, threat Western Railway Bills. The recommendation was confirmed. upon the motion of the Chairman, seconded by the Mayor. The report of the Pilotage, committee, re- commended the appointment of James George Chapman, as sea pilot, and George Dawley, "s harbour pi'ot, both having passed their examinations, and was agreed to on the proposition of the Mayor, seconded by Mr. Proiheroo.