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South DockI

Prince of Wales Dock. I



DiKTifi'Uw ft was &A the little junction tovm ot Weal Liberty, Iowa, at the indecent hour of 0 a.m that a traveller who had just arrived entered as alleged restaurant near the railway deodt and said? 'Bring me some bacon and eggs.' "Got. ye," said the young behind manger. In fifteen or twenty minutow the same young man returned with a piate containing something. The traveller examined it critically, making n4 motions towards attacking the viands there dia played. Finally he pushed the plate carefullj tod gently away from him and said: "Now, son, don't think for a minute I've k)% my temper, for I have not done so. Don't thint. I'm trying to roast yvu, either, for nothing <• further from my thoughts. I simply want to give you some fatherly and much-needed advice This stuff you have Drought me is not Edible, you know, means that may be »:aton This bacon, for instance, is not cooked at all it is cut, to begin with, half-an-inch thick. :4' stead of a sixteenth of an inch thin, as it should be cut. Then it has simply undergone a Turkish bath until its pores are nicely opened. It is no* oooked at all. That, my eon, renders 3t inedible, which means 'that may not be eaten.' If it haft been rendered more it would have been nearof edibility. Do not feel for a moment that I arr. dia appointed. X am not. I was not hungry. ] never would have come in here if I had bpaii hungry. I have been in here before. When 1 am hungry and should not eat I sometimes come in here to have my appetite reroded, which ;q always promptly accomplished by one glance what you bring me when 1 order something tha» is elsewhere served in edible form. So I am no disappointed or in any way hurt in my feelings. I remembered that I had at various timff Brdered almost everything else on your bill of fare except bacon and eggs in my previous An- voluntary visits to your junction. I was curioui to know what you would serve under that head in this ironical place. My' curiosity has been fully satisfied, and I have had the worth of, my money. Here is your quarter. «I charge you nothing for my lecture on dietetics. Look that word up. Good-morning, my son, for I think J toar th« train from Minneapolis whistling in." —Judge