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Swansea Harbour Trust.


Swansea Harbour Trust. Weekly Trade Report. Officially Communicated, The improvement in the trade of the port displayed in the previous week, although the figures fall short of the corresponding week of last year by 5,500 tons was main- tained. There was more or less activity in each department, the general trade in par- ticular, being larger than for sometime past Tonnage was in better supply, and ship- ments of patent fuel were satisfactory. The import trade was moderatly brisk. The shipments of coal and patent fuel were 84,097 tons. Imports include—France 800 tons iron ore, Holland and Belgium 1105 tons gen, Italy 2260 tons calamine, Greece 840 tons calamine and 312 tons arsenical refuse, Ar- gentine Republic 2692 tons wheat. Imports 14,104 tons, exports 96,447 tons and total trade 109,551 ton3 compared with 109.885 tons the previous week and 114,096 tons the corresponding week last year. Shipments of coal were- Russia 150 tons. Denmark 840 tons, Gemany 5930 tons, Holland and Belgium 1120 tons, France 29,485 tons, Spain 8880 tons, Italy 16,945 tons, Alg eria 560 tops, Cape of Good Hope 1850 tons, Brazil 8258 tons, New York 500 tons, Straits Settlements 900 tons Home portl4689 tons, total, 69,957 tons. Patent fuel—Holland and Belgium 250 tons, France 2290 tons Spain LOO tons, Italy 1700 tons Algeria 4700 tons, Brazil 6100 tons, total, 14,140 tonsl Tinplates and general goods 11,850 tons, the latter for Russia, Germany, Denmark, Holland and Belgium, France, Cape of Good Hope Ita'y, Straits Settlement and home ports. Shipments of tinplate 96.728 boxes, and receipts from works 86,927 boxes. Stocks in the dock warehouses and vans 208,821 boxes compared with 218,117 boxes this day week and 148,986 boxes at this date last year To loai—Juno for Amsterdam, Hero for Antwerp City of Cadiz for Hamburg, Mer- cury for Bordeaux, Amasio and Demetian for Mediterranean ports. Solis for Spanish ports, Bavarian for Italy. Seriphos for Batoum and Odessa. Chicago City for New York, Woodfield for Rio de Janerio, Camma for Villa Real. Vessels in dock-Steam 47 sail 40 tot 1 87.


Local Chartering. I

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Phosphorescent; bacteria.

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