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Swansea Harbour I

Nofth Dock.

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Nofth Dock. Dock Master D. G. DAVTE8. o Algarve s 680 Boieis, Copenhagen Amasis s 1491 Young, Liverpool Argo 41, Chedgey, Rideford Cervin s 1173, Park, Dunkirk Countess of Derby 79, Nurse, Ce:k Doris 77, Chidgey, Plymouth Dewsland s 1244 Smith, Carloforte Forest Belle 99 Roberts,. Wicklow Helen Londen s 626 Anderson, Brest Harald s 1207, Schmidt, Antwerp Isabella 94 Lee, Bowling Idaho s 363 Hem, Rouen Ingar 97, Storm, Cartagena John ClarK 86, Salt, Belfast Lily Green 78, WicKlow Kildare s 1549, Davidson, Aidrossan Laura Williamson 75 Nurse, Eling M E Johnsson fig, Hughes, Queensferry Maria McM:llan 79, Fiynn, Dungarvon Oliver 67 Silvey, Falmouth Prosper s 4n9, Steinarth, Cardiff Snsannah 91 Langmaid, CorK Wm Goorge 127, VieKerj, Connahs Quay AUKIV bD Feb 9 a.m Cardiff Trader s 339, Rich, Cardiff Princess Sophia s I98, McDonald, Cardiff Larpool a 783, Fisher, Carthagena Feb 9 p.m Atos s 475, PanseD, Cardiff Rhona s 280, Candlish, Dublin Lenora 29. Chichester, Barnstaple SA I5, E i > Feb 9 p.m Trevorian s 1442, WoolcocK, Venice Erimus 105 Rowe, Neath Feb 9 p.m The Viscount s 151, Finlayson, Lydney Oagland s 684, Foyn, Bordeaux Aladdin s 449 We-tergsard, Aquilas

South Dock. I

Prince of Wales Dock I

Vessels in River. o

Fish Marketr .---.----

Graving Docks.