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ENTERED INWARDS Feb 8 Mary s 620, Belfast, nil M, ndful s 221, Plymouth, nil Lycidas s 322, Hentleur, nil Eleanor s 268, Middlesbro; pig iron 729, order Speedwell s 579, Roueo, nil Start s 341, Rouen, nil Gransha s 486, Rouen, nil Alacrity 8 531, St Malo, nil Rene 70, Binic, pitwood 60. E W Cook Mary Waters 89, St Ives, ballast 45 Stucley 32, Bude, ballast 14 Agnes 54, Bude, ballast 16 Clara Mennig 8 005, Liverpool, nil Alice M Craig s 333, Rouen, nil Ulla Boog s 1029, Pan iliac, nil Aladdin s 449, London, nil Idaho 8 363, Rouen, nil Helene Lobden s 626, Brest, nil Edvard Greig s 59.1, Marans, nil Erimue s 105, Hayle, copper ore 199, Vivian and Sons Doonglen s 50, Bristol via Neatb, gen, Michael Murphy Ltd Sallust s 2301, Antofagasta via II r. vie, general, T R W Mason, gen, not to be landed Livictta s i709, Genoa, nil Havariaa s 1949, L'pool' gen, not to be landed City of Roche ter s 806, Rochester, nil City of Munich s 794, Dublin, general, not to be landed Corbeil s 76, Bristol, maize I39, Weaver & Co Solifc s 504, London, general, not ;o be Jahded Seriphos s 3034, Hamburg, gen, not to be landed Camma s 477, Birkenhead, nil City of Liverpool s 657, Bristol, nil Giovanua s 933, Plymouth, nil Annan a 469, Glasgow via Cardiff, gen, M Jones and Bro Main s 288. Havre, nil Arrasis s 1491, Liverpool, nil


------THE Swansea Coal Market,…