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South Dock. r

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South Dock. r Dock Master D. EVANS, R.N.R. Congress s 697 Ddbbert Rouen City of Rochester a 806 Hardy. Rochester Dozoifcy s yl nodLdjrpu sea Erroioie s 1251 Lewis, Vigo Ed Greig s 597 Gregersen, Marans Finn «68, Louriteen, Barrow via Cardiff Golgata 244, Pielemund, Milford Hero (yt) Bond, sea J liS W Fisher s JE3 G-ariefct Garston John Hejs59, Bryant, Southampton Kate & Annie 79, Stamps, Port: mouth Lydia Cardelll70 Tyr: ell, Presion Lewismsn 58, Slade, Bneford Lycidas s 321 Gorley, Honlleur Mindful s 221 Bell, Plymouth Mary Waters 89 Stevens, St Ives Malaga s 555, Salhstcrna, Rouen Marie Anna 119, LeQuellec, Lcrieut Noimar.dy p » 2S1, Combe 'I, New Design 66, 5 nud'.idge, Tralee Ospiey Cy t) Tarpons, Ha"ry Printimp- ] 77, Josse, Lorient Rena^d 145, Ganelt, London Rosa Elauiet 9i, Htiper, Portsmouth Susannah 6U Wiight, Porthcawl Stuc!ey 32 Found, Bude Violet 124. TyneiJ, Arslow Vivian (yt) Shea, Port Talbot William } t 1, C ranhatr, **■<% ARRIVED Feb 8 a.m Agnes 54, Hallet,, Bude Rene 70 Sechaat, Benic Collier s 114 Wright, llfracombe Feb 8 p.m Stuart s 725, Cogley, Liverpool AquiJla s 82 Skilholm, Millom Sylph 31 Fowler Bideford Hopetoun s 28, StoKes, Britonfeiry SAILED Feb 8 a.m Nil Feb 8 p.m Collier s 113, Wright, Padstow

I Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in Biv?r.

Fish MarKetr



Graving DOCKS.

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