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-,-------.-..---Swansea Harbour

.-_.------, - -m....-17 -North…

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-m. .17 North Dock. Dock Master D. G. DAVTES. -0- Algarve s 680 Boieis, Copenhagen Aladdin s 449 We'tergpard, London Amasis s 1491 Young, Liverpool Argo 41, Chsdgey, Ridtford Cervin s H73, Park, Dunkirk Countess of Derby 79, Nurse, Cork Doris 77, Chidgey, Ply month. Dewsland s 1244 Smith, Carloforte Dagland s 684, Foyn, Newport Erimus s 105 Rowe, Hayle Forest Belle 69 Roberts, W icklow Helen Londen s 626 Anderson, Brest Isabella 94 Le?, Bow ing Idaho s 363 Kein, Rcuen Ingar 97, Storm, Cartagena Jehn CiatK<SG, So1^, Bufast Kildare s 1M9, Davideon, Aidrossan .Laura Williamson 75 Nurse, E!i-o, M E JoliTsssou PP. Hughes,Queer<?ferry Maria MeMiran 79, Flynn, Longarvon Olive;' 67 Sisveyt Fain outh Prosper s 459, Suiriarih, Cardiff Susannah 91 Lanpmaid, COIK Trevoiian s IHS. WoolCOCK, Odessa Ths Viscount s J51, Anderson, II vine Wm Goorge J:17, VicKery, Connahs Quay A R.K1V fcD Feb 8 a.m Corbell s 76, Cock, Bristol Doonglen s SO Payne, Neath Feb 8 p.m Nil SAILED Feb 8 a.m Nil Feb 8 p.m Corbeil s 76, COOK, Port Talbot Doonglen s 50, Payne, AAonmouth

South Dock. r

I Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in Biv?r.

Fish MarKetr



Graving DOCKS.

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