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Swansea Harbour

North Dock.

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

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Prince of Wales Dock Dock Master 1". GREEN, o- Actif s 436, Magrin, 'Caen Brooklyn City s 1045, Fitt, Bristol Bellerby s 1976, Reah, Liverpool Chatfield s 1904, Hunt, Port Nolloth Cheriton s 685, George, PomaroD City of Dortmund s 458, Tyndall, Bristol Drot a 1802 Evegenth, Avonmouth Duchess of York s 1648. Storm, Antwerp Dunsley s 1254, Roper, Bordeaux Elakoon 605, Gronross, Risor Eccleaia a 2385 Dormand, Dunkirk Harald a 1207, Schmidt, Antwerp Hugo s 869, Lund, Sharpness Isabella 94 Lee, Bowling Jas W Fisher s 163 Garrett Garston Llandaff City s 1198. f itt, Bristol Lizzie 63, Nicholas, Watchet Milo s 897, Hant. Bristol, Bristol OaKdale s 836 Trattles. Genoa Oliver 67 Silvey, FtJmouth Phonix s 1276, Lareen, Tilt Cove Priam s 2905, Lewis, Cardiff RotherReld s 1843 Farrart Port Nolloth Tudor s 670, Higgins, Rouen Trafalgar s 996,|Samuel Rivadeo Thor s 997, Wannet, Bona Tyrant 58, Chevalier, Falmouth Village Bell 79, Grimes Dublin Veghts fcroom s 829, Vos, Bristol Ville d'Eu s 305, Cook, Pt T*lbofc Zephyr 119, W hyntt, London ARRIVED. Nil February 4 p.m. Ancon s 777, Mitchell, London Feb 5 a.m Madeleine s 661, LeBasnier, Rouen j; SAILED February 4 p.m Greenhill a 1205, Oats, Boulogne Alma s 632, Boldrod, Rooen Laura s 443 Pedersen, Reval and Riga Martha a 1293 Hannavig, Venice Wermland s 1473 Sandberg Stettin Gran s 67J>, Andersen, Barcelona February 5 a,m Baron Selborne & 545 Cameron Rouen Aleppo s 1371, Crathorne, Mediterranean pte City of Brussels s 625, Harper, Hamburg I:

Vessels in. River. n

Fish Market, ---

Graving Docks.