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Swansea Harbour

North Dock.

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North Dock. Dock Master D. G. DAVTE8. Argo 41, Chedgey, Rideford Anne 77 Caran, Perros Guire A I s 66. Poole, Bridgwater Braham s 1270 Miller, Rosario Burmah 57. Cake, Bideford Cervin a 1173, Park, Dunkirk Doris 77, Chidgey, Plymouth Dewsland s 1244 Smith, Oarloforte Ensign 96 Styles, Treport Forest Belle 99 Roberts, .,Wicklow Kildare s lb49, Davidson, Aldrossan Laura Williamson 75 Nurse, Eling M E Jobnsson P9, Hughes, Qneeneferry Maria McMillan 79, Flynn, Dungarvon Orinon s 1627 Deymes, Bilboa Ruby 42 Brueford, Bideford Sosannah 91 Langmaid, CorK St Andrews s 2333, Mutters, Antwerp Snowflake s 36, Irwin, 'Combe Totstein 8 695, Olsen, Brest Trevorian s 1442, Woolcocr, Odessa Wm Goorge 127, VicKery, Cennahs Quay W H L 89 Doyle, Dublin ARRIVED February 4 p.m W.Ish Trader a 437, Harsfcon, Cardiff February 5 a.m. Zillah B 76, Summerslioid, Liverpool Princess Patricia s 275, Mclsaac, Cardiff 8AILED February 4 p.m. Gustav Bogel s 700 Berg, Bayonne Agra s 62 Jones. Bristol Cartsdyke s l'»40 McGlashan, La Roehelle Gertie s 83, Ravenscroft, Belfast Doonglen s 50 Payne, Avonmouth Eebruary 5 a.m 1 Welsh Trader s 437, Harston, Britpnterry

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in. River. n

Fish Market, ---

Graving Docks.