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Swansea Harbour

North Dock.

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in. River. n

Fish Market, ---

Graving Docks.





HINTS FOR THE ROJO. am TON WON'T BELIBTN M. Mo trae woman values the Attention, af Hi the cares for for their material woWL that hie gift, oost twelve pence or twelve pN^b MIMS maoh lees different* to her thaa uakW ttXMmtly MppoeM. k1Im thing is that he thinks of her—<jr ftkfei Ife mm not think of her; that his lore prompt. 6 spend generously—or that it is ol • spMM^ ■legating nature. 11M books, mag axines. the occasional fiowwt tttjt the loves, the conceit or play planned ti tjb< her pleaeure-all these are priceless to bM W given by the right man; because they Mt Hioeaoes not so much of inoner spent, osl at § tfKWfhtful consideration for her. And this is meat and drink to a woraaa's lOlL ? is not that øhe is vain and thirsts for admim OtML It is a deep, M'cret longing to to ippn^ tied by ths one Ixiing of all others from whMB A* dsfires approci^noTi. It is the average lot of women to see (ksM •MMtions gradually fade away, when »ffisl*s» MO0OMS a. affected thing oa both sides. Ill iMn is no woman on earth who is not deefJf vwnnded by this change in the men's aMitad* the would do as much for him as STS»' HW.KL of his welfare more oonstantly and tenderly. I*. m the other hand, is infinitely leea eouNM afawt girins her happiness. Hr dn;<s no* MM th. uikind, but by hi* tlrvicrln* ^Ml • ftkoueaaH <OM».