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- Cleared for sea-eontinued.

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Cleared for sea-eontinued. Feb 2 Boileau s 103S Stephany, St Nazaire, coal 2380, ban <eis? 70, L Gueret Ltd Raillease 83 Mahar, Vannes, coal 160, Cwma- man Co Wermland s 1473 Sandberg, btettin, coal 2800, Inter. Anthra, Assoc bunkers 260 Letricheux and 'avid Ettrick s 465, McMillan, Glasgow, general, M. Jones and Bro CattsdyKe s 1041 McGlashan, La Roche lie, coal 1250, fuel 1200, Societe Commerciale Hansa s 695. Haaland, Arzew, fuel 1400, Societe Commerciale bunkers 230,. Letricheux and David Wells City 8 1136, Newton, New YorK, general, r bunK rs 500, Richards, Turpin und Co Gustav Bogel s 701, Berg, Bayonne, coal 80J. fuel 700, Sir G Thomas; bunkers 100, H. J. Marshall J W Fisher 153, Garratt, Guernsey, coal 290, E W Cook Foy s 91, Edwards, Plymouth. coal 380, Aber- pergwm Ce; bunKers 30, P Marrow Gran s 678, A narssen, Barcelona, fuel 100, Paei- fic Co coal 1300, A Andrews Bellerby s 1979, Reah, Ancona, coal 3800, Clee- ves & Co bunKers 700, North's Navigation Co Holmlee s 1143, LnnK, Naples, coal 2200, G Thomas bankers 27O, Lindsay German Troina s 373, Sorensen, Odense, coal no, Clee- ves & Co bunKers SO, Williams & Behenna Martha s 1293, Honnevig, Venice, co 1 2600, CleeveR & Co bunkers 30 VVilliams and Behenna W H L 89, Doyle, Ark low, coal 17., Dillwyn Co A I s 66, Poole, lilwatei-, llour SO, feeding cake 20, Weaver and 00 Carlston s 232, Clint, Tiouville, coal 780, W. G Foy; bunkers 46, Lindsay German

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