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To Mothers.

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PI ^pftore^cem Iracteria.

Micro-Photography and Armour…

Diamonds and X-Rays.


Diamonds and X-Rays. A diamond when exposed to the violet rays 011 light becomes fluorescent, the most brilliant diamonds giving out a clear blue fluorescence saO less brilliant ones becoming violet. A yellow diamond submitted by Sir William Crookes to thtOt rays gavp out a red light, and rather to the dittnaj Of its owners subsequently tuined a dingy broWII when exposed to daylight. The brownishnea proved, fortunately, only a temporary effect. ThflM experiments have suggested to Mr. Fuchs, of Chicr,go, the treatment of diamonds with Z-rays, And he s.-rys that he is able to bleach brownish ana yellow diamonds by such isseans. This does not. exhaust his claims regarding the possibilities of the By directing them through various inet, -ml chemicals before they penetrate the diamo. he believes that colour can be permanently Imparted to the stone and that it will be possible to reproduce thu3 the famous blue of the Hop" diamond or the brown of a well-known diamond in the British rpgniia. In view of the other experi. ments which have been mentioned, the JllustraUi Science ]Ÿeun i-A extremely doubtful, however, of the permanency of Mr, Fuchs's methouti

The Mystery of the Echo