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To Mothers.

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PI ^pftore^cem Iracteria.

Micro-Photography and Armour…


Micro-Photography and Armour Plate. The application of micro-photography to metalxc And its revelations of the changes of metaHit Structure produced by various methods of work- Ing, have resulted in very striking improvements and discoveries in hardening steel. One of thf most remarkable is the" Holzer-Frith" process-ix which the alteration in the texture of the metal 11 produced by rearranging its molecular 'structure. Heat and electricity are uti'.sed as exciting agentl on the crystals of which the metal is composed, Mid are employed while the metal is surrounded bj mercury in a hermetically-sealed vessel. No great alteration in the metal is perceptible to the unaided eye; but when examined under the microscope it U Wen that the crystalline structure is very much more regular &nd uniform than before. This mean; Seater toughness, greater elasticity; the metal, af 0 Horoloyical Journal points out, will withstand greater, more sudden, and more continuous IUIÙDI throughout Its mass.

Diamonds and X-Rays.

The Mystery of the Echo