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To Mothers.

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PI ^pftore^cem Iracteria.


PI ^pftore^cem Iracteria. At a meeting of the Academy of Sciences 61 fienna, Professor Molisch, of Prague, communi- cated a paper upon phosphoresceut bacteria. He has been able to photograph the colonies of a phosphorescent micrococcus by means of its owt l,igbt. By inoculating large glass flasks of 1-2 Sltres capacity containing a suitable culture medium with the organisms, a ''bacterial lamp" is obtained with which it is quite possible for an observer at a distance on one to two metres to read a thermometer or to see the time of a watch. On a dark night the "bacterial lamp" is visible at a distance of more than sixty paces. It is suggested that such cultures ef phospnort- cfcent bacteria might be employed is powder magazines, or for attracting fish, as ths flask might be sealed up and lowered into the water. Under suitable conditions the phosphorescent properties cf the cultures last for two or thw Weeks.

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