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ENTERED INW-ARD& Jan 27 Printemps 117, L'Orient, pitwood 155 Merchant Ltd Sundet s 509, Oporto, pitwocd 950, F R Howe & Co Eller s 53, QueeDsferry, pitch 203, Atlantic Co Thor s 996, Bona & Bougie, calamine I 46 Vivian & Sons; calamine 400, English Crown Speltel Co Brooklyn City s 1045, New York, gen Richards Turpin and Co Stucley 32, Padstow, ballast 14 Truthful s 280 Manchester via Bristol & Cardiff, general, Whittingham & Co; general, not to be landed Anrora 36, Watchet, flour 40. mangolds 15, S toate and Sons Frida Horn a 647, Manchester, ni] Doris 77, Plymouth, pitch 165 order Adolf s 485,IGothenburg via Bristol, general, H Goldberg & Co; gen, not to be landed Apollo s 1111, Penartu, gen, not to, be landed Eiherald s 304, Belfast, nil Laura Williamson 77 Eling, pitch 150 Atlantic Co Glynn s 412, Rouen, nil Volpone s 186, Dublin, general, Michael Murphy Limited geneial, not to be landed. Kings,eey s 342 Rouen, nil Achroite s 710, B'ferry, nil Jan 28 Moray Firth s 87, Wexford, nil Kintail s 127, BarrovV, pitch 424, Atlantic Co Made Anna 119, Lorient, pitwood 169, E. W. Cook & Co Stokesley s 419, Havre, nil Skrim s 275, Lisbon, Oporto and Gharente via Bristol, spelter asees 36, B Petkins & Co gen T H Couch; general, not to be landed Cumberland s 158, Dublin, nil Express 95, London, steel scrap 182, order Colwith Force s 196, Penzance, nil Cardiff Trader s 339, London vio Cardiff, gen,, TucKer and Co; gen, not to be landed Brescia s 2058, Liverpool, gen, T R W Mason & Co; general, not to be landed Maywood s 478, Havre, nil Pine s 56. Rostrevor, potatoes 2S8. Allen & Co Lockwood s 676, London, nil Jessie 42, Bude, ballast 16 Minnie Flossie 46, Bideford, gravel 80, Shep- herd and Co Forest Belle 99, WicKlow, iron pyrites 215, Vivian and Sons Gauloiie 99, Morlaix, ballast 50 Christina Seil s 469, St Malo, nil Findhorn s 461, Glasgow via Newport, general. M Jones & Bro. Sunlight s 705, Britcnferry, nil Jan 29 Kate & Annie 78 Portsmouth, steel scrap 140, order Ouistreham s 149, Rouen, nil Sir Galahad s 5P9, London, nil Start s 341, Rouen, nil Loughbiow s 427, Plymouth nil Violet 124, Arklow, macadam 215, G Shepherd St Patrick s 245, Ronen, nil New Pioneer s 320, Garston, gen M Jones & Bro Alacrity s 531, Rouen, nil Princess Thyra s 311, Glasgow, nil Oakdale s 836, Genoa, calamine 1600, English Crown Spelter Co Isabella 94, Howling, steel turnings 150, W. H. Francis Juno s 825, Amsterdam via Bristol, ren, Bristol Steam Navigaton Idaho s 363, St Brieux, nil The Monarch s 232, LimericK, nil Marie Louise 75, Fecamp, nil Oliver G7, Falmouth, scrap iron 135, W. H. Edwarde Eastcheap s 762, Cork, nil Jan 30 Rundo s 696, Woi Kington nil Bellerby s 1978, L'pool, nil Rossmore s 229, Ellesmere port nil Achilles s 136 Giusgow, nil Doonglen 50 Bristol, gen, Michael Murphy The Lady Beile s 99, L'pool, nil Sunlight s 227, L'pool, g?n, John Bacoa Anglo Dane s 481) Londoa. nil Mayflower s 78 Killough, potatoes 204, England Holmlea s 1143 Cardiff, nil Wells City s 1136 New York, gen, Richards, Turpin & Co gen, not to be landed Ed Greig s 596 Maran?, nil Abbot s 72 Kirkcuubin, potatoes 234 E England AshLon s 76 Ardglaas, potatoes 220, F Ley A I s 66, B'water, general gate s 66 Kenmare, nil Val de Travers s 2;6, Manchester gen not to be landed Miles Coverdale s 1474 Sharpness, nil Clifton Grove s ::>9 Bristol, oil, not to be landed Alice 30 Pt Dino) wic, slates 6U Davie3 Bros Newport Feb 1 Hero s llr-3 Antwerp, geo, B. 8. N. Co; gen, not to ce landed Gias^alt s 360 Galway, nil Eppleton s 575 Rouen, nil Gieeuhi'ls t205, Antwerp, nil Hoifeau s 10->8 St 'Nazdre, nil Bramnam s 1290, Rosa io wheat 269- Weaver & Tromos 373, Prestop, nil C- rtsdyKe s 1l>4o Ayr. I) il Guardian s 16: Porthreath, nil Laura s 442 Giouceste' nil Ruby 4-i Bideforu, ba lasi 20 Baron Se-borne s 545, Grimsby, pig iron 1070 iron plat s 4P order Zephy r 119, London stee' scrap 26"^ W Buck'and Susannah 60 f'ortticawl, nil Susannah 92 Co k, steel hxrap 170, Douglas Stewai i, Drot s 1802 Aronmout;), nil Gusiav Bogfl s 0) St SarVaJI, nil Asteria s 19a, Cork, nil Vadso s 77, L'pool. gen, Geo Lennard Auricula s 412 Pon:smorth, uil Gran s 67S South Shi. Ids, nil Bodil s 450 Esbjerg nil For later shipping see page 7.