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CLEARED FOR.SEA, -0, Jan 27 Ivonstic 79, Naga, Morlaix; eoal1701 Evans and Rogers. Jeanie s 1114, Pollard, Arzew, fuel 2200, Societe Commesciale; bunkers 300, Cory ros & s o. Oav Branch s 2061, Orford, Chili via Newcastle on Tyre, bunkers 19u0„ Cor Bros & Co Kolozsvar s 1210, Blazevich, Venice. fuel +00, coal 186n, T P Rose Richards; bunkers 470, Emerald b 305, Leftch, Rouen, coal 880, South Wales Anthracite Co; bunKers 60, W. H. Jenk ins Ossian s 298, Thomas, Rouen, coal 760, Blaen Cae Gurwen Co; bunKers 45, Harries Bros Mourne s 60, Jones, Larne, coal 210, bunkers 20 Cory Bros & Co Ocean Wave 119. Nielsen, Guernsey, coal 260, Harrison, Tidswell & Co Agnes 54, Hallett, Bude, superphosphate. 100, Vivian and Sons Madeleine s 562, Le Basnier, Rouen, coal 1470, bunkers 65, M. Depeaux Rose 97, Hobbs, Guernsey, corl 230, T. P. Rose Richards. Sarah 43, Knight, Bridgwater, coal 120, Glas- brooK. Bros Marie Eugenie 37, Allen, Bridgwater, coal 80, Glasbrook Bros Stucley 30, Found, Bude, superphosphate, 60. Vivian and Sons. Eller s 53, Bennett, Cork,coat MO. Sir G Thomas bunkers 15, P Marrow Apollo s 1112, Poole, Antwerp, coal 600, Mer- chant and Co; bunkers 200. Western Valleys Co Aebroites 710, Crawford, Havre, coal 1500, L. G. Jeffreys; bunkers 70, W. P. Jenkins, Irene 77, Lee, Cork, coal 160, Sir G. Thomas, William Gilmore 98, Kearon, CorK, coal 200, Sir G Thorny Volpon.e s 185, Hughes, Dublin via Cardiff, gen, Michael Murphy Truthful s 280, Silvester, Manchester, general Whittingham and Co Jan 28 Adolf s 485, Konigson, Gothenburg, coa! SCO, F H Tncksr & Co coal 250, Blaen < ae Gurwen Co coal 60, Cleeves and Co; gen, bunKers, 110, H Goldberg Maria 39, Hervis, Lezardrieux, fuel 75, Graigola Co Frida Horn s 647, Krapohl, Valencia, fuel 1010, coal 200, Graigola Co; bunKers 250. Lindsay German and Co Cheapaide s 752, McKeer, Havre, coal 1600, L Gueret bunkers 60, S Williams Cumberland s 159, McN icol, Dublin, coal 46o, GlasbrooK Bros; bunkers 20, W H JenKins Glynn s412, McKinty, Roaen, coal 1450, E W. CooK bunkers 60, T Fenwick ^Isrim s 275, Christoffersen, Lisbon and Oporto, Qpal 14o, C Fuog coal 20, Western Valley&Co coal 70 R L Morgan coal lOo, Burgess & Co tinplates bunkers 140, T H Coach Cardiff Trader s 3H9, Rich, London via B'ferry, and Lianelly, geu, F H Tucker Moray Firth s 98, Nelson, Guernsey, coal 380, T P R Richard- bunKers 40, G Shepherd Kintail s 127, McCracken, Guernsey, coal 420, Cann & Glass bunkers 40, G Shepherd Lenora 29, Chichester, Barnstaple, coal 65, E W Cook Stokesley s 449, Alexandria, Rouen coal 1250 M Depeaux bunkers 60 T Fenwick \Iaywood s 4 78, Norie, Rouen, coal 1550, Wms & Behenna bunkers 60, T Fenwick Colwith Foree s 196, Gorry, Rouen, coal 700, bunkers 35. G H Mitchell Deli 75, Mendal, Iregnier, fuel 135, GraigoJa Co Findlom a 461, Glasgow via Belfast, general, M Jones & Bro Jan 29 Lockwood s 677, Martin, London, coal 1500 bun kers 50, Cleeves and Co Sir Galahad s 599, Scarnelle, Rochester, coal 1150, E T Agius bunkers 50, Cleeves and Co Saxon Briton S'8$2, Sim, ttouen, coal 1750, Les tils Chirvet bunKers 30, Harries Bros Start s 341, Olsen, Rouen, coal 850, Les iJLls Char vet; bunkers 50, Goldberg and Co Christine Sell s 469, VierecK, Valencia, coal 850, E W Cook bunkeis 130, Goldberg and Co New Pioneer s 32C. Gemmell, Rouen, coal 320, E W Cook. gen, bunkers 20, M Jones & Bro St Patrick s 245, McMillan, Dieppe, coal 740, E W Cook bunkers 50, Howell and Jenea Ganloise 99, Briand, Morlaix, fuel 205, Graigola QQ. Ouifitreham s 149, Luco, Casn, coal 540, E. W, Cook bunkers 50, Stockwood Rees and: Co Loughbrow s 427, McGregor, Dieppe, coal 900, Evans & Rogers bunkers 20 G W Rutherford Alacrity s 531, Colvin, St Malo, coal 1250, Les fils Charvet; bunkers 70, S. Einstein and Co Aurora 36, Hole, Neath, nil Sunlight s 705, Welch, Sables, coal 1100, fuel 3QG, E, VI Cook bankers 80, P Wedlake Snndet s 509, S.tendahl, Newport, nil Princess Thyra a 311, Hull, gen, Tucker and Co Brescia s 2058, Rostom, Mediterranean ports, gen T R W Mason and Co The Monarch s 257, Neill, Rouen, coal 723, In- ter, Anthra. Assoc bunkers 60, Harries '-ros Idaho s 363, Hern, Rouen, coal 730, Sth Wales Anthra. Co bunKers 40 Harries Bros Je sie 42, HopKins, Bude, superphosphate 100, Vivian and Sons Lycidas s 322, Gorlay, Honfleur, coal IOO,), Wms & Behenna; bunkers 40. T Fen wick Burmah 58, CaRe, St Servan, coal S20, Williams and Behenna Jacinth 100, Searle, Appledore, nil Juno s 825, Owens, Amsterdam, gen, B. S. N. Co coal 650, Western Valleys Co bunkers 120, Ocean Co TorQtein s 695, Olsen, Brest, coal 1400 L Gueret bunkers 70, Letricheux and David J an SO The Lady Belle s 99, Comish, L'pool, gen bun- 10 John Bacon Sunlight s 227, Dawson, L'pool, gen, J Bacon Achillas s 137, itioppett, Nantes, coal 700, Grai- gola Co Ensign 96, Stile3, Tieport, eoal 195, E. W. Cook Ed Grieg s 597, Gregerson, Marans, coal 1200, bunkers 6J, Graigoloa Co Louise 79 Golvep, Lesmonard?, coal 140. Cn ma- man Co Eastcheap s 762, Gibson, Bremerhavencoal 1520 Ingram and Co bunKers bOG W Rutherford Clifton Grove 9 99, Gladwell, Barrow, bunkers 40 Shepherd & Co Mayflower 8 78, Hughes, 3arry, nil Abbott s 73, Mulree, Britonferry, Dit Minnie Flossie 46, Rees, Bideford, s'phosphate 80, Vivian and Sons Rossmore o 22!1, McNeill, Caen. coal 710, E. W. Cook bunkers 60, Harties Bros Agate s 66, McGi'p, CorK, coal 180, W H Essery bunKers 10, Harries Bros Fe i) 1 Arnedee 120 Lazoo, Auray, cos1 "20, Cwmainan Co [ Glfisi&lt 360 W Havie, coal 7^0 Williams & &ebft3Da i bpr,Ke-s 5. ) a 'hs Bros G,ree*i.biil) s 1205.0.aus, Boulogne, coa! 2S50 Wn>» & H.ehe.oud.bunkers 60. Bab ies Bros Eppleton s 575 Evans, Rouen, coe'.1 !1 ¡) Les tils Cfidi'tet: bunke;s 50 Hanies Bros Aurjcul g 4U Ive.v, Rouea, fOcO E P Jones byt/kei s 60 Oaaries Bros Asleria s 1.99 NpI%op, London, coal 5rU £ W. Cook; bunkeis 20, W B JeuK^ns Marjtue.ife Goegot, Sables, (.-oal R. E. James Elakoon toe Gronross. Maranham, coal 960 Cory Bros Val, de Trove's s 276 Mcl ean, Tr.port, gen, coal ;,Ü, J no Hat', ison Dodil s 4S0 CoioubicD, coal 9¡,;) Ccry Bro tjUPKers J00, r Bevnou Ferrara a.71,8 Si.B.c!aic, Carihaaeoa, coal 1300 C. Frog btja^exs iSO G Leonard Vadso s 757, Paulsen, Copenhagen and Stettin, general G Lenoard Rvido s 69{> Oisea, Cardiff, nil Ruby 42 Brueford, Falmouth, coal 80, Gwaati Cae Gurwen rishf.ou a 77 Hollywood, BiilonfeTy, ta Doongian s 60, Payne, Biisiol, peo, M Marphy Hefo s 1164 Atherion, Bristol, nil E «iohr>?on 99 Edagh^, Lye, cot'I. 190 Norton and Co Guaidian s 162 Coonett, Guerasey, coal 34* bun ers 30 P Marrow Tevioc s 443 MciVfulan, Gla-taw. geo, M Jones and Bro F