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Ami., Swansea Harbour

North Dock.

South Dock.

I Prince of Wales Dock

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I Prince of Wales Dock Dock Master T. GHEEN. ———r» — Baron Selborne & 545 Cameron Grim sby Boileaus 1938 Stephany St Nazaire Brooklyn City s 1045, FiLt, Bristol Bellerby s 197 6, Reah, Liverpool Chatfield s 190 4, Hunt, Poit Nolloth Cheriton s 685, George, Potnaroc Drots 1802 Evegenth, Avonmouth Duchess of York s 1648, Storm, Antwerp Dunsley s 1254, Roper, Bordeaux Elakocn 605, Gronrcss, Risor Express 95, Smith London Ecclesia s 2385 Dormand, Dunkirk Greenhill s 1205, Oats, Antwerp Gran s 67s, Andersen, Newcastle Hero s 1164, Atherton, Antwerp Ferrara s 717 Sinclair, Glasgow Holmlea s 1143 LUKes, Cardiff Isabella 94 Lee, Bowling J as W Fisher s 153 Garrett Garston Kate & Annie 79, Stamps, Ports mouth Llandaff City 9 1196. Fitt, Brstol Laura s 443 Pedersen, Gloucester Martha s 1293 Hanaevig, Cardiff Marie Louis 75, Clement, Fecamp OaKdale s 836 Trattlee, Genoa Oliver 67 Siivey, Falmouth Fhonix s 1276, Larsen, Tilt Cove Rundo s 696, Olsen, Workington Rotherfields 1843 Farrani Purt Nolloth Tudor s 670, Higgins, Rouen Trafalgar s 996,|Samuel Rivadeo Thor s 997, Wannet, Bona Village Bell 79, Grimes Dublin Violet 124. Tyrrell, Ariclow Vad«os 757, Paulsen, Liverpool Wermland s 1473 SandberggManchester Wells City s'1136, Newton, Bristol Zephyr 119, Whyatt, London RRIVED. February 1 r.m. Tyrant 58, Chevalier, Falmouth Alma s 632, Boldrod, Rouen Feb 2 a.m Actif s 436, Magrin, Caen SAILED Feb 1 p.m Nil Feb 2 a.m Auricula s 412 Ivey, Rouen Eppleton s Evans, Ronen Alacriiy s 532, Colvin St Mf:\Jo Val de Travers s 275 McLean, Treport

Vessels in River. n

IFish Market,

I r,Graving Docks.