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'--'-------Swansea Harbour

North Dock.

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North Dock. Dock Master D/G. UAVlHib. o A I s 66, Poole, Bridgwater Ashton s 76 Hollywood, Ardglass Burmah 57. Cake, Bideford Cervin s 1173, Park, Dunkirk Doris 77, Chidgey, Plymouth Ensign 96 Styles, Treport Hansa s 695, Haaland, Manchester Laura Williamson 75 Nurse, Eling Mi'es Coverdale s 1475 Freeman, Sharpness May Flower s 78 Hughes, Killongh M E Jolmsson 99, Hughes, Queenef erry Minnie Tiossie 46, Rees, Bideford St Andrews s 2333, Mutters, Antwerp Wm Goorge 127, VicKery, Connahs Quay ARRIVED January 30 p.m. Ossian s 297, Thomas, sea put back Braham s 1270 Mutter, Rosairo (Jifton Grove s 9S Gladwel), Avonmouth Guardian s 162 Connett, Portreath Orinon s 1627 Deymes, Bilboa Ruby 42 Brueford, B;deford January 31 a.m Cartsdyke s 1040 MoGlashan, Ayr January 31 p. m Snsannah 91 Langley, CorK Asteria s 198 Nelson, Cork Bodil s 450 TIddall, Esjborg Foy s 91 Edwards, Preston Feb 1 a.m Nil SAILED January 30 p.m I Sunlight s 705, Welch, Sables Lerora 29, Chichester, Barnstaple Rose 97, Hobbs, Guernsey Loustic 79, Naga, Moilaix Doonglen s 50 Payne, Bristol Clifton Grove s 99 Gladwell, Barrow Jan 31 a.m. Kintail s 127, McCracken, Guernsey Anglo Dane s 486 Wienok, Bordenux Jan 31 p,nt, Gauloise 99, Brind, Morlaix Abbot s 72, Mulree, Britonfai ry Feb 1 a.m

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in River.

Fish Market,


..Graving Docks.