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-------Swansea Harbour]

Morth Dock.

South Dock.I

I I Prinoe .; Qf; Wages Dock…

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I Prinoe Qf; Wages Dock Dock Master T. GREEN. ).¥.- Alaoriiy s 532, Colvin Rouen Brooklyn City s 1045, Fitt, Bristol Breseia s 2058, Roetron, Liverpool C & F Nnrse 97. Mitchell, Portsmouth < Chatfield s 1904, Hunt, Port Nolloth Cheriton s 685, George, Pomaroc Duchess of York s 1648 Storm, Antwerp Dunsley a 1254, Roper, Bordeaux Elakoon 605, Grontoss, Risor 'j v. L Express 95, Smith London Jas W Fisher s 153 Garrett Garston Kate & Annie 79, Stamps, Portsmouth Llandaff City s 1196 Fitt, Bristol Perim 851 Port Liverpool Phonixal276,Lai-8en,Tilt Cove Rnndo s 696, Olsen, Workington Rotherfield s 1843 Farrant Port No lloth Tudor s 670, Higgins, Rouen Trafalgar s 996,(Samuel Rivadeo Trevorian s 1442. WoolcocK, Odessa Tors'eins 695 Olsen Bilbao Thor s 997, Wannet, Bona t Th- Lady Pelle 99 Cornish,, Pt Talbot Village Bell 79, Grimes Dublin Violet 124 Tyrrell, ArKlow > W II L 89 Doyle, Dublin W m Gilmore s 97, Kearon, ArKlow ARRIVED 4 Jan 29 a. m Ed Greig s 597, Gregersen, Marans Juno s 820 Owens, Bristol OaKdales837 Tjattiea. Genoa Marie Louis 75, Clement, Fecamp Isabella 94 Lee, Bowling j; Oliver 67 Silvey, Falmouth Eastcheapa 762 Gibson. CorK The Monarch s 232, McNeil. LimericK Idaho s 363 Hern, St Brleux January 30 a.m. Holmlea s 1143 LuKes, Cardiff Ferrara s 717 Sinclair, Glaigow Rossmore s 229 McNeill, Eilesmere port Bellerby s 1976, R-ah, Liverpool Wells Cfty s 1136, Newport, Bristol Val de Travers 3 276 McLean, Manchester SAILED Jan 29 a.m Adolf a 485, Konigson, Gothe2brfrg .:3' 91$ ul Lock wood s 676, Martin, London Nettleton s 1534 Webster St Nazaire January 30 a.m Skrim » 275 Christoffersen, Lisbon and Opor to Sir Galahad s E99 Scarnelle, Rochester Storesley 8 441, Alexander, Rouen Start s 341, Olsen, Rouen

Vessels in River.

Fish IVSarftcetr II

Graving Docks.I



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