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^Wbore rtroag aea htn «fe%. Mk A «aa seldeas hegtns to Aew hla IBM it. Ik# rising geaeratioa awei aBMh o tMm IwmmM m the alarnm cleek. lulwlwi nay lead bllssfal Maa* tort fWaM* ..w a spiaater believe k. Ubaarlng under a mistaka la the aMat aaMflfc we of all employments. Herre is requited to mtaiifr a Mm, afcl 4tm tmmmtj to manage a woman. There is certainly enough bmmt SMrt is Mp ftod te ruin to keep It la attillart ligslM may "Next te a man; what's the feltfMI MiM pa know ef fn Ethel: My", it bX sift. Stea whea a wethan M wefriei to daMh Ml ftm-f, ferget to eee Chit her hat to an shraMfc Mttysaith: "I Mn ofered MlM for mylafcMl sentimental song." Grimshaw; "Hush-moriey p- AS4ae vmmlt built ia a day, you know." MM| Cw" put ap aader a •oVenaaea* eaatraot, #n What everybody it wUMag to do le fee MkllH am a raaa to get away from Mai soascthftag (Mf fe WI. It's easy enough to write cheque ea the Saafc 4 fceep^ MfacS has te he properly ll sallied to Kaepgjftar taeuttes to yaunali; wjtoaya* Mi *eai m are taking up tfco Mae atf mm vlM w to foil bit. Kngllah TeasMIt *1 understand yaa Awseissa* Meet aft year rulers by ballot* Cltiaea i"Tee all except our wivas." Mies Manias:4 My lather Is very gaed al fM^ tog f aces" Mr. Kiss Am: "Then t aaa bettor aat fnat aay kisses here." Mr. Blbern: "By what aalt of awasa«eaM«| ••uW you praperly estimate a man's JiriMl to fou P" Miss Lowe t "The carat." The Bashful Lover: "Miss Emily, T so She (sweetly): "Do you, Mr. MammaedeerP -9tm. Wouldn't you like to Joi» ow sewing class The Reiress "Am 1 tit" only rfrI ia thewiMia wide world you lovef" Ile i "Me, dear; beH jm lie the only gie I kuew, who eould afford to mm BM." not "ThM I may live upon hope until asset Saa tay erealngP" aht. It Oh, poer fellew, is it eahaA to that t BsN, I'll lead you enough to hap a tinal." Two Qplaioa*,—8be; "No matter Imt. ana te ha Is SUM to mftt some other man wha II amaner." He: Tee; and abciut 10.000 wownb wha ttfatttsraw' Printed hy T. Lew» at Va^ghatt's PrJtffiig Works, I, Salnkrieua Place, Swassea -ni the CMaty oPGlaaawgaa.