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CLEARED FOR SEA. -0- Jan 27 Lonetic 7\1, Naga, Morlaix, eoal 170] Evans and Rogers, Jnanie s 1114, Pollard, Arzew, fuel 2200, Societe Commeiciale; bunkNIII 300, Cory Bros & Co. Oa), Branch s 2064, Orford, Chili via Newcastle on Tyne, bankers 1800, Cor f Bros & Co Kolozsvar s 1210, Blazevich, Venice, fuel 400, coal 186n, T P Hose Richards; bunkers 470, Emerald b 305, Leftch, Rouen, coal 880, South Wales Anthracite Co; bnnKers 60, W. B. Jenkins Osstan s 298, Thomaa Konen, coal <60, lilaen C&e Gurwen Co; bunKers 4:fi, Harries Bros Mourne 15 60. jiones, Larne, coal 210 bnnkers 20 Cory Bros & Co Ocean Wave 119. Nielsen, Guernsey, coal 250, Harrison, Tidswell & Co Agnes 54, Hallett, Bude, superphosphate 100, Vivian and Sons Madeleine s 562, Le Basnier, Roueu, coal 1470, bunkers 65. M. Depeaux Rose 97, Hobbs, Guernsey, corl 230, T. P. Rose Richard. Sasah 43. Knight, Bridgwater, coal 120, Glas- brooK. Bros Marie Eugenie 37, Allen, Bridgwater, coal 80, Glasbrook Bros Stneley 30, Found, Bude, superphosphate 60, Vivian and Sons. Eller s 53, Bennett, Cork, ooal ilO, Sir G Thomas bonkers 15, P Marrow Apollo s 1112, Poole, Antwerp, coal 600, Mer- chant and Co; bunkers 200. Western Valleys Co Acbroite a 710, Crawford, HaSre, coal 1500, L. G. Jeffreys; bunkers 70, W. P. Jenkins, Irene 77, Lee, Cork, cool 160, Sir G Thomas William Gilmore 9b, Kearon, Cone, coal 200, Sir G. Thomss Volpone a 185, Hughes, Dublin via Cardiff, gen, Michael Murphy Truthful s iSO, Silvester, Manchester, general Wbittingbam and Co





-.-j-...-.--THE Swansea Coal…


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