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Entered Inwards continued.…

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Thb SaSbificiai. Stonb C591…


Thb SaSbificiai. Stonb C591 ANCIENT MEXICO, The sacrificial stone is inseparably connected witfc tfiA name of Huitzilopotahli, the Aztec war god, iImca it was upon \t that the victims gave up their lives. It is nine feet in diatrver, three feet in height, carved on top and sides, ith a deep bowl in the centre, and a channel leading tc the edge as gutter for the blood of the victim. The great objec'" of war with the Aztr s was quite M much to gather victims for their sacrifices as IP extend their f/npire. Hence it was that an enem1 was never slain in battle if there were anv chanoft W taking him alive. These tortures, however, were not the spontaneove •Uggestious of cruelty, but were all rigorously prescribed in the Aztec ritual. All the important festivals were of a religious character, and required ftuman sacrifices. A handsome youth was chosen a year before the intended sacrifice to represent soms particular deity, a captive without a blemish on Ids body. He was flien arrayed in splendid dreos, •egaled with incense, an 1 went abroad in regal State, attended by a crowd of who frequently prostrated themselves before him, and indeet Worshipped him. In this may he led an easy, luxurious life until the vime for the sacrifice, .beIL his short-lived glory was at an end- He was tbea •tripped of feis gaudy apparel, and to a %mple outside the citv. They led him to the Aerificial stone, when hi neart was taken out tod «Mt at ",he feet of the oeity to whom the templt 88 dnoUft and afterwards burnt wit> his b«4»


--------THE Swansea Coal Market,


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