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Cleared for sea-eontinued.-

Entered Inwards continued.…

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xHk 'HTrtrrvm, The following pen-portrait. thh stranr MWtture has beev given by a recent viiter Sot)M- times you will see one crawling from one pool to another in search of prpy: .ts greeny-grey eyvi regard you with defiant tnalevrlence. Strike If Heavily with a stick 01 thrust it open with a spear, And in an instant its colour, which a momepi before was either a dark mottled brown or t mingled reddish black, changes to a ghantlv- fcorrible marbled grey; the horrid tentacles writhe and cling to the weapon or spread ort and adjher<! to the surrounding points of rock a black inky fluid is ejected from the soft, puiyy, and bitty I body, and then, after raining blow after blow_ upon it, it lies unable to evawl away, bi>* still twisting and turning and shewing its red anrt 7hite suckers -a thinf. of horror indeed, the embodiment of all Mwt ia hateful, wicked, and ijiallgnant in nature."

Thb SaSbificiai. Stonb C591…


--------THE Swansea Coal Market,


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