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Cleared for sea-eontinued.-

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Cleared for sea-eontinued. J an 2b Doonglen s 50, Payne, Bristol. gen, M vlurphy Wheatear s 113, Proctor, C'diff. bunkers 5, Harries Bros Agra a 62, Jones, Barry nil Collies s 114, Wright, Wadebridge, gen Pockett Ld Velocity a 62, Bullock, Bristol, gen, Pocketts Lt Speedwell 8 597, Leddra, Rouen, coal 125o, ban- Kers 40, P H Coward and Sons Ni"be a 583, LeHoy, Caen, coal 870, buuKers 60, Depeanx coal 370, L Gueret; coal 410, Lewis Stephens Argo s 239, Robertson, Bordeaux, coai 700, Cleeves & Co yen, bunkers 80, J H Bnrges8 Emiiy s 91, Bennett, L'pool, coal 210, A Thomas bunkers 15, P Max-row Four Brothers 75, Lathom, Dublin, coal 150, Gwann Cne Gurwen Stuart s 7^5, Copley, L'pool. eren, John Bacon Talbot s 28o Owens, Liverpool, general, bunkers 12 John Bacon Ltd Bishop Kock s 198, Candlish, RoueD, fuel 580, Atlantic Co bnnKers 50, J E Fisher Alwyn 67, Hoes, Cowes, coal 110 Cleeves and Co Clanstad s 408, Morland, licante, coal 751, E W Cook bunkers If 0 Redgrave & Co Veratyr s 889, Velladsen, Leghorn, coal 2000, E, A Cleeves bunKers 320 Cory Bros

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--------THE Swansea Coal Market,


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