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Swansea Harbour Trust.


Swansea Harbour Trust. Weekly Trade Report. Officially Communicated. The returns of the trade of the port in ^he week just closed again shows a heavy decrease compared with the corresponding Week of last year, the loss being no less than 39,000 tons. The number of vessels in dock has seldom beeirso small. Extreme depression continues to dominate the coal trade, and the imports are again much under the average. There was a fair ship- ment of patent fuel, but there was a very quiet period in the general trade, there are however, several vessels to load next week. The shipments of coal and patent fuel were 59,798 tons. Imports include-Russia 1600 tons maize and 1420 tons barley, Holland & Belgium 810 tons general, New York 86 tons gen. Imports 10,890 tons, exports 64,812 tons and total trade 75,702 tons compared with 84,984 tons the previous week and 115,103 tons the corresponding week last year. Shipments of coal were- Norway 100 tons. Germany 3210 tons, Holland and Belgium 1200 tons, France 27,735 tons, Spain 4047 tons, Italy 5195 tons, Greece 1050 10118, New York 1170 tons, Brazil 1400 tons, Home ports 2928 .ons, total 48,058 tons. Patent fuel—France 1710 tons Spain 2840 tons, Italy 2000 tons, Greece 8210 tons, Brazil 1980 tons total 11,740 tons. Tinplates and general goods 5,014 tons, the latter for Germany, Holland & Belgium, France, New York, and home ports. Shipments of tinplate 22.584 boxes, and receipts from works 81,209 boxes. Stocks in the dock warehouses and vans, 219,528 boxes compared with 160,903 boxes this day week and 132,977 boxes at this date last year To load--Apollo for Antwerp, Juno for Amsterdam, City of Malaga for Hamburg, Adolf for Gothenburg, Vadso for Copen- hagen and Stettin, Laura for Reval &c, Princess Alexandria for Nantes and Bor- deaux, Perim and Skrim for Oporto & Lis- bon, Andalusian for Italian ports, Segontian ^nd Brescia for Mediterranean poHs Brook City for New York, Priam for China & Japan. Vessels in dock-Steam 40; sail 8 tot tl 48.


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