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I ENTERED (NWAROb I Jan 20 Gransha s 487, Rouen, nil Teesdale s 191, Dundalk, nil Start s 341, Rouen, nil Apollo s 1111, Antwerp, general, Bristol Steam Navigation Co; general, not to be landed La Fontaine s 1338, Chantenay, nil G flayer s 242, Caeo, nil Annie Jones 76, Watdhet, flour 107, mangolds 16, Stoate & Sons City of Liveryoul s 657, Bristol, nil Tt Patrick s 245, Rouen, nil Astillero s 895, Troon, nil Volpone s laö, Dublin, general, Michael Murphy Limited general, not to be landed. Ouistreham s 149, Caen, nil Annan s 4o9, Glasgow via Cardiff, general, M. Jones & Bro. Jan 21 Slateford s 88, Belfast, pitch 380,BGraigola Co Alacrity s 531, Dartmouth, nil Elemore s 549, Liverpool, uil Aranci s 78, Queeneferry, pitch 140, Atlantic Co RavenBberg s iUS, Aviles, nil A 1 a 66, iiritontarry, nil Spes a 525, Rotterdam, nil Aquilla s 1407, Antwerp, hil Juno s 356, Mostyn, nil Marie s 67, Bowling via Fishguard, coal 65, not to be landed Truthful s 280 Manchester via Bristol & Cardiff, general, Whittingham & Co general, not to be landed Westtnanland a 916, Manchester, nil New YorK City 11895, New YorJt via Bristol, general, Richards, Turpin & Co; general, not to be landed. Boconnoc 37, Aberthaw, limestones 68, New Cut Lime Co. Constance s 76, Conway, lead ore 200, Dillwyn and Co Princess Patricia s 275, Hull &c, viaBriatot and Cardiff, general, Tucker & Co general, not to be landed Jan 22 Ravensworth s 480, Grimsby, pig iron 975, W, Gilbertson and Co Newent s 613, London, nil Pulteney 8 78, Bayle, nil Tasso s 1120, Bristol, gen, not to be landed Burmah 57, Appledore, gravel 125, G. Shepaer 1 Vivienne s 713 Newport' nil Trevorian s 1442, Odessa, maize 1600 blrl?V 1400, Th mas Evans and John Dyer Lackenby s 1347, Rotterdam, nil Norseman s 86, Porthgain, granite chippings 160 Topham Jones and Railton Milo s 896, Antwerp and Rotterdam via Bristol, S igen, Bristol Steam Navigation Swansea Trader s 247, Llanelly, nil Hematite s 302, WorKington, crop ends 860, Rd. BUCK! and .» Veghtstroom s 829, Amsterdam, gen T H Couch The Lady Belle s 99, L'pool, gen, John Bacon Talbot s 28, L'pool, gen, John Bacon Malie Eugenie 37, B'water, general Sarah 44, B'water, gen Jan 23 Nettleton s 15S4, Bristol, nil Corneille s 1438, Liverpool, nil Sagontian s 736, Marseilles via Liverpool, gen R E James Perim s 851, L'pool, gen, not to be landed Madeleine s 561, Caen, iron ore 1515, Baldwin's Theory s 186, Whavan, pig iron 800, R Hardy Princess Alexannra s 319, Garston, gen, not to be landed He) mine s 246. Bordeaux, pitwood 430, Evans & Rogers Alica M Craig s 333, Rouen nil Dunrrd s 56, Wexford, nil Freternity s 269, Garston ferro silico 10 M Jones and Bro Jas W Fisher 153, London, steel scrap 234 order Reward 146, Lounon, cement 130, J Probert steel scrap 150, order Castro Urdiale s 1146, Newport, nil City of Malaga s 598 Hamburg, gen, Burgess & Co ( yclone s 638 L'pool gen not to be landed Tweed s 498 Glasgow via C.diff, gen iVl Jones & Bro Tori-item s b95 Bilbao iron ore 1500 S Stephens Jan 25 C laustad s 408, Antwerp, nil Princess Helena iii 246. Middlesbro via C'diff, gen rucker & Co; gen, not to be landed lees s 222, London, gen, Tucker and Co Pelow s 519. London, nil Olivia s III, Bayle, nil Vectis s 567, Dartmouth, nil Jeanie s 1113, Newport, nil Cap Spartel a 581, Newport, nil Jno Clark 86, Belfast, steel scrap 166, order Ocean Wave 119, Southampton, loam 220. Jones and Smale Alwyn 67, Bideford, gravel 115 Reperton s 25. Cardiff, nil Railleuse 83, Vannes, pitwood 120, Inter Anthra Association Saxon Briton s 832, Bayonne pitwood 15s3, E W Cook Marguerite 127, Sables, pitwood 160, Inter Anth- racite Association Defi 75, Morlaix, ballast 20 Niobe s 582, Ardrossan, nil Mistletoe 45, Mumbles, nil Kolozi-var s 1210, Bordeaux, gen, not to be landed Andalusian s 1142, L'pool, gen, not to be landed Ensign 96, Treport, phosphate 195, Vivian and Son Moorish Trince s 1426, Liverpool nil Doonglen s 50, Brisroi, gen, M Murphy Loufctic s 79, Brest, sand 70 Herrington s 776, St Nazaire nil Orne s 445, Troaville nil Irene 77, Folkestone, gas refuse 149, F W. Berk W H L 89, Dublin, steel scrap 51 Forester and Co &teel scrap 44, W "uckland Wm Gilmore 27. ArKlow, macadam G Shepherd Ardchat^an s 65, Kilkeel, potatoes 202, England Village Belle 79, Dublin, steel scrap 93, W Buck land G A Savage s 67, L't.ool, pitch 370, Graigola Co OaK Branch s 2063, Chil: vi t L'pool. silver ore 11 Wm Foster & Co silver ore 8 H Bath and Sons copper ore 263, Vi- ian and Sons Amedee 120, Cherbourg, ballast 5U Boconnoc 37, Aberthaw, limestones 68, New Cnt Lime Co Jncinith 99, Glasgow, bricKs ISO, W G. Jeffreys I

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